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  1. I can't stress how flexible coingallery are with the trays. I've emailed them in advance and told them what combination of trays I want. They reply by asking me to place the order and follow it up with an email. I do and they supply exactly what's required. The trays for the 10oz coins are red and the smaller coins are blue. That's not an issue if you look at the longer term picture; which is to fill a whole case with 10oz eventually.
  2. LOL; BU, I'm off to bed now. I'll have a look at this tomorrow.
  3. The Eurozone will fall apart because of Italy. Their target2 deficit is far too high for a bailout. The only question is will the Eurozone fall apart before Brexit? (If Brexit happens). Will Gary Windass get away with his crimes? Will Mr Trump get another 4 years? Will I get a 1oz QB Lion? Will Liverpool win the Prem? So much uncertainty.
  4. I have 4 cases from CoinGallery which I am very pleased with. As an example, see https://www.coingallery.co.uk/lighthouse-l6-cargo-coin-case-with-trays-3330-p.asp In the past I have contacted them and they have supplied any combination of trays I have requested.