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  1. They were at 2.11% above. It changes by the day, usually it's between 1,5% and 2.85% for latin union coins like vrenelis, napoleons and belgian leopolds. Usually the swiss coins have a higher premium than the others but not always, so i wait for the right moment. Check goldforex Brussels for prices and premiums. Prometheus
  2. I got my first 2 swiss 20francs in the mail last week and loved them so i decided to splash some cash and went to the local coinshop this morning, this is what i got, 4 vrenelis, 1 helvetia and a napoleon(since there were only 5swiss francs). Sorry for the bad pictures, i prefer a cheap phone and 5 of these instead of an iPhone.
  3. Basically you ordered something you couldn't pay and cancelled it. So now they want you to pay their costs back, wich is easy now because you payed for another order... Nothing to do with bad customer service if you ask me, unless you were a trusted longtime customer.
  4. Two vreneli restrikes and a napoleon at 2% over spot. These are my first swiss 20francs and they are just beautifull.
  5. Bad day for stocks worldwide. Gold up 3% in dollar.
  6. Hi all, i was wondering if there is a way of enlarging your attachment quota, 5mb is not much. Or if not, when does it reset?
  7. I bought this at the local coinshop today.
  8. Gold Eagles at www.the-house.be. The cheapest out there. Also only 15€ for deliveries under 5000€.