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  1. I recently sold my 10oz beasts - reluctantly, as they are gorgeous coins, but hey, gotta pay the mortgage eh?!
  2. Platinum is now Sold! 🙂 Also reduced the price on the 1/2 sov as well. Any takers? 🙂
  3. Thank you for your integrity. 🙂 It is appreciated. If I could give you feedback based on that, I would do so! 🙂
  4. hmm if that is the case, I've undervalued! And yes, looking back at that conversation, it is a half! I will go edit and revalue - thank you for saving me from myself! 🙂 Here are the pics I was sent when I purchased - my phone camera isn't great at macro shots 😞
  5. For sale - All of these prices are plus the postage of your choice 🙂 I'm open to negotiation as well. 9x Royal Mint Roosters bought as a bulk silver purchase from Chards. I put them into capsules wearing cotton gloves myself, however some have developed milkspots 😞. £18 each or £155 if you take all 9 1x Royal Mint 1/10oz Fractional Gold 2015 Year of the Sheep - purchased in capsule via another forum member The capsule is quite scratched, but the coin itself is dandy. £150 SOLD - 1x 1/10oz Fractional Platinum 2018 Britannia - purchased direct from RM Never opened/taken from original capsule £100 1x Gold 1982 half sovereign - purchased in capsule via another forum member. Slight discolouration around the coin rim. £150
  6. And Sold. Thank you all for interest.
  7. Perfection! Sometimes it's where you simply don't see it! I checked my profile and everything! Thank you all !!!
  8. Hi there, Someone's asked me for my reputation proof. I remember when I did a trade a while back that we both gave each other a recommendation But, can I find where that is now to show someone else? no! :-) Help please!