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  1. And Sold. Thank you all for interest.
  2. Perfection! Sometimes it's where you simply don't see it! I checked my profile and everything! Thank you all !!!
  3. Hi there, Someone's asked me for my reputation proof. I remember when I did a trade a while back that we both gave each other a recommendation But, can I find where that is now to show someone else? no! :-) Help please!
  4. Yes, not gone as yet. I'll PM you 🙂
  5. SOLD! Silver Valiant, in Mint Condition £180 Plus Postage Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed® (Which has insurance that covers precious metal)
  6. The thought occurs... get yourself some new sandpaper and possibly ditch that mold - otherwise, you might well end up with gold contaminated silver bars! 🙂
  7. if the buyer is happy, who are we to comment... Interesting about hallmark requirements, I remember you saying that before about bullion bars.. my curiosity is peaked as to that quirk enough to go research... 🙂
  8. NikolaAnne

    Brexit lol

    Hopefully then, might squeak by on getting that one cheaper than the rest of the series will cost (20% VAT etc etc)
  9. oooo... I take it that you have started to pour shiny things? Lovely!
  10. NikolaAnne

    Brexit lol

    Another group order? That's cool - I just saw the 2019 Valiant, as well as the Royal coat of arms... Still waiting for the 10oz yale as well - hoping RM release this before we Brexit. 🙂
  11. Ooof! It's now £51.80. So spot must have been over double what it is now! It was about 20 years ago, and I had no conception at all about PM metal worth. Or the seller wasn't that honest in her price for selling by weight... *Sad face* for depreciation. Still happy I own my lovely necklace though!
  12. I bought a long time back a chunky 925 silver necklace in Brighton. Total impulse buy, and I didn't really have the cash for it. The piece sang to me.. I said to the seller that if it was still on the stand on my way home I was meant to have it. And there it was, waiting for me... I paid "weight price" for it, which all those years ago was £120. An utter fortune to me back then. The thought hit me just now as I looked at it in my drawer, how much is it worth now? So, I weight it. It's 140g. But, if I multiply that by 13 (rounded current £ silver price) the calculator tells me 1820. Which given I know my 10z rounds at 312g were around £13 an ozt and only £160 in the recent group order, I'm doing my maths very very wrong. Ah! As I type that I figured out what I'm doing wrong... I'm multiplying by the ozt price, not the g price! D'oh! It's late, don't mind me. Enjoy the picture of my necklace (cos I did all this typing on my phone, so it seems a shame not to post!)
  13. Congratulations on achieving so much success that you now have to VAT register. This means that your business is thriving. It's a good thing. 🙂 Here's to more success!
  14. *sigh* I've lost money. Ah well... HODL!!! 🙂