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  1. I totally picked the wrong time to finally leave the day job and go all in! I have LTD, all the money goes through that - it currently owes me money, where I've been supporting it the last two years from my salary, so I've been paying myself back... I'm not on payroll, it isn't "paying me" as yet. I suspect that my accountant has not been helpful, in that he told me I needed to register myself, but not how or under hat status, the HMRC website wasn't helpful and I'd not got around to calling HMRC to sort it before Virus hit. I also did my financials, and the amount of personal debt I have is staggering! Anybody want to buy some silver? *sigh*
  2. I definitely want one, to go with the first two - but the cash is short right now. 😞 Which is so annoying!
  3. That's rather depressing 😞 Maybe I should pay my next batch of council tax with my £50 and £20 coins! *chuckle*
  4. Oh yes, I would sell here if I ever did - it's simply I had no idea as to value, which makes anything difficult to sell eh?
  5. Hmm - that's a touch more hopeful. I take it a live auction, not eBay. And yes, the £50 is a very pretty coin for sure. Added 0 minutes later... Where's that? eBay, or a live auction site?
  6. 🙂 I didn't want "mega bucks" when I purchased, I was thinking about the "saving for rainy day/retirement" type stuff when I started on buying these, not knowing any better about how to stack. - but ROI that isn't a loss is all the a person needs as a minimum. and from the above, these don't sound like a great investment eh?
  7. Also:
  8. "Anti bacterial soap" only has "extra" effect on Bacteria. You need "antimicrobial" to kill viruses and fungi. Any soap works on viruses - because Soap and water don't kill germs. They work by mechanically removing them from your hands. Running water by itself does a good job of germ removal, but soap increases the overall effectiveness by pulling unwanted material off the skin and into the water. In fact, if your hands are visibly dirty or have food on them, soap and water are more effective than the alcohol-based "hand sanitizers" because the proteins and fats in food tend to reduce alcohol's germ-killing power. This is one of the main reasons soap and water is still favored in the food industry. keep calm and wash your hands.mp4
  9. So, if I did want to sell them at some point I'm still essentially looking at Spot? Meh, bad investment! 😞 Ah well.
  10. So, in terms of value? What ish am I looking at? I presume not recouping anywhere near purchase price at all? (Which does seem unfair if RM knowingly sell at a price a buyer can never hope to recover 😞)
  11. OK, the boxes all say "Brilliant Uncirculated" and yes, I spend ~£50 on the 2015 and 2016, and ~£80 for 2017 and 2018 - direct from RM. 2015 (twice for some reason, one in card, one in box - two different designs I think) and then 2016-2018 2019 was when I discovered the RM bullion site and then this forum! 🙂 You also have the 2012 in a slip, and two boxes (2010 and 2011) that say "Silver Bullion" - can't remember how much I paid for them, sure I could find it in my account though. No proofs.
  12. I have 8 BU Brits in their presentation boxes, from when I "didn't know any better" and bought one a year for 8 years as I thought that would be a good investment... I'm guessing they have numismatic value, but how much? How do you quantify that? I know I bought a couple of the later years ones from RM at around £80, where are previous years had been £50 or so - are they still worth that? Or is is like a car - once you buy a BU coin, it depreciates noticeably immediately... I also have 3 BU Silver £20 coins in their sleeves - again, what's the deal? They are obviously worth £20 - that's their face value, regardless of the spot price of Silver - but if I want to sell, apart from going and looking at Google, how do you assess something like that? I'm also aware of the maxim "Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it" Thank you in advance for your wisdom.
  13. Thank you to the three people that now have the silver and the 1/2 sov (That's a book title right there!). The Sheep is still available. 🙂
  14. Lovely! 🙂 Let's go to PM for details 🙂
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