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  1. NikolaAnne

    Boycotting GS.be

    I have ordered from GS.be before - I found the process the first time painless. However, they shipping me the wrong Brit privy in that order - I asked them to send me the right one, and I'd pay to also keep the erroneous one. They didn't initially reply, and then on my second email said, oh yeah, been meaning to reply, that's OK, here's how you can choose free shipping and thanked me for being lovely to deal with. And that order went through, , with no hassles, although they used a HUGE box to ship one coin - the box was the size of an A4 paperbox. So, I'd have pause to use them again... BUt for a group order? Safety in numbers as it were... the George Knight valiant is very tempting
  2. NikolaAnne

    Today I Received

    It is very pretty! Where is it from? I know even though it's a RM coin, the RM aren't selling it...
  3. NikolaAnne

    Gold Britannia Bars

    very tempted by the Silver 10oz... https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Bars/BBO10ZS
  4. NikolaAnne

    Today I Received

    Not strictly "today" but certainly this week... Combo of my Group order (10ox QB and 1/10th Gold Brit) and an order from GoldSilver.be (Figure 8 dragon, 1/10th Platinum Brit, 20th anniversary Brit, Privy Rooster Brit (Although I ordered the snake privy) and the St Helena Trade dollar) Although, now I have the Figure 8, I'm not actually sure I like it... The relief design isn't as raised as I thought it would be, and also the capsule block it comes in isn't closed to the air!
  5. NikolaAnne

    Worth returning?

    Will they have another to replace it though? this is v.low mintage is it not? Very pretty coin, that is for sure.
  6. NikolaAnne

    Expression of Interest Platinum

    I bought one the other day form goldsilver.be, Cos I could 😉 It definitely looks different to silver, it's more blue to my eye. and it rounds out my stack, having the three PMs in it, that's my excuse, I'm sticking to it.
  7. NikolaAnne

    100g Water Buffalo size discrepancy

    Can you do a ping test or a magnet slide test? Off diameter can be a sign of a fake... (not to alarm just yet) Looks to be a beautiful coin
  8. NikolaAnne

    Chards are Giving it away for free

    Hey, this one is -£24, https://www.chards.co.uk/2006-gold-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-proof-london/287 At least the back end of the website prevents a monumental loss - kudos to the coder
  9. Mine arrived today, with one very dinged up corner, but the content is fine. 10oz Beasts are heavy! 🙂 And you are right, the capsule makes it feel like a drinks coaster! It's not great that they don't seem to be doing the falcon in a 10oz though! 😞 Also, slightly miffed that the 1/10th gold Brit I bought has a slight ding on the edge, but then, it's in an original RM blisterpack, not a capsule, and it's only bullion, so not really a big deal. Thank you so much for coordinating and distributing @BackyardBullion 🙂 BTW, if any of the monster boxes from the order are going spare and need a home, I could use something to keep my growing coin stack in! 🙂
  10. The notes are not real - that's for sure - the back of the £50 doesn't look that washed out at all.
  11. *sarcasm* What a charming examples of London Humans... *sigh* The notes didn't look real at all - they are the Colour of £50, but given the safe looks "old" - they might not have even been made when that safe theoretically last opened. That, and the flat cap looks 100% new.
  12. NikolaAnne

    I so want to buy this...

    I have one of these, 1oz bullion grade - just the coin in the capsule - it's very pretty! 🙂
  13. NikolaAnne

    I so want to buy this...

    I went with goldsilver.be, for €115, as well as some other stuff from there to make the shipping worth it, including a 1/10th platinum Britannia, because, hey, why not! Oops...
  14. NikolaAnne

    2014 1/4 oz Britannia PF 70 valuation

    very beautiful!!!
  15. NikolaAnne

    Perth mint pig 2019 design.

    That Royal Oz mint is one happy piggy! 🙂