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  1. NikolaAnne


    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! 🙂
  2. As a total aside, Revolut is rather awesome if you travel a great deal, or pay for things with a card directly on the internet not in your own currency. Definite fee saver! And I personally think the group order is fab, and thank @BackyardBullion for his efforts! 🙂
  3. Is it worth adding Gold to the group order? Their prices seem better than for gold generally on the bullion sites... but I presume it's the lack of VAT that really drives the value for the group order? I'm torn between 2x 10oz silver Beasts or a 1/4 Oz Gold Britannia!
  4. NikolaAnne


    🙂 You have a lovely channel. I'm just figuring out how to join the group order - I presume when you say "give me a list with links" I presume you mean via private message? 🙂
  5. NikolaAnne


    Hello all, Found this forum via @BackyardBullion and also i have a friend already here (@PansPurse) that said to come on and dive in! I've been very casually grabbing a Silver BU Britannia since 2012, as well as some BU silver coins like the £20 pieces, and the 1/40 Gold Britannia BU. But the presentation boxes take up so much space! I recently discovered the Royal Mint Bullion site, and thought, "I'm really not getting much bang for buck with the BUs I've collected" - so I want to change strategy, as I now want to collect for inherent value, not for numismatic effect... (Although pretty is pretty! 🙂 ) So, any advice on how best to sell the boxed Britannia BUs I have for the most value gratefully received! Happy to be here!