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  1. Blockhead

    How do you enjoy your gold/silver?

    I've never actually handled 22 or 24ct gold. The few bits of gold I own are either in their original sealed certicards or left in their capsules, even though they're only bullion grade. This is because I've left them attached to whatever paperwork they came with. I don't know if it'll help but I thought it might help with their authenticity. I've never sold any gold so don't know how useful it'll be.
  2. Zero hours contracts are very common. Work when they want you to work and if you can't/won't they can get rid of you with no notice period or pay in lieu of notice. Every little helps.
  3. Blockhead

    Plan B

    The OP is clearly Snooker Loopy about silver
  4. Blockhead

    taste in music

    Love camel in their early years. Superb mainly instrumental prog rock. The intro to the Snow Goose album is great. Hope I have done the link correctly https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=_J0drGQJHjY&feature=share It continues straight into this: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=mpL52h7VtH0&feature=share I'm definitely more of a fan of lyric-less mood albums, unless the lyrics are witty or subversive
  5. Blockhead

    How do you enjoy your gold/silver?

    I love getting something new - browsing, deciding, paying, waiting. Love getting the new item and I tend to keep it till I have a few purchases to store safely away from home. Does anybody ever get the tiny niggle in their mind that the item will get lost in the post? I've only had it with some Paddington coins - no PMs yet. But I do get a slight niggle after ordering, although not enough to really spoil it.
  6. Added 0 minutes later... Recycled tech!
  7. Very cool IMHO. Your amp looks a bit like mine; certainly from the same era. I'll upload a photo when I'm home. I toyed with getting a chromecast audio (being discontinued, sadly) but I like to keep hold of the music I have - not depend on the Internet connection and a company to control what's available and its sound quality. I use vlc on the laptop and a vlc remote app on my phone to control music via WiFi.
  8. I'd love to see it! I always wanted one when they were new but didn't have the money. Used to have a nice tape deck with dolby b and c and my chromium tapes from Richer Sounds! No tape deck now though. Not even a cd player; I rip my cds to flac on the laptop using a cheapo external cd/dvd drive.
  9. Got a Cyrus sound key digital audio converter hooked up to a USB port of an old laptop. That dac goes into my mum's old kenwood amp with her old mission speakers so I can play my flac files through my hifi. Got a rega planar 1 turntable for when I want vinyl. No work-based gadgets I'm afraid. Can't even get a work laptop nor a secure dongle to work from home...
  10. I DO NOT - I REPEAT DO! NOT! - HAVE ANGER ISSUES! I think the packaging as part of the brand has an additional premium, but only for those who are prepared to pay for it.
  11. Pamp and Geiger. I am not actively stacking silver at the moment (just when I see a bargain I fancy) but I do keep a particular eye out for the Geiger Edelmetalle 1oz squares in the security UV casing.
  12. Blockhead

    about goldsilver.be

    Simply watch Rab C. Nesbitt with subtitles on. I remember him being confronted and saying "This is a case of STPWO." While the chap was trying to figure out what it meant he headbutted him (Glasgow kiss) and said "Stitch That Pal - We're Offski!"
  13. Blockhead

    I FINALLY own an oz of gold!

    I've been stacking for 18 months and I don't have an ounce of gold yet! Keep on keeping on
  14. Blockhead


    And why they're surrounded by lots of sea men
  15. Blockhead

    What's your average silver price

    £0.55/g average on 4,330g.