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  1. Beautiful coin, I think I will have to seek one out.
  2. medgasguy

    American Gold 1$ 1873

    There is definitely something about these small gold coins, I had an 1851 $1, overall it looks like an AU(ish) example however I'm not sure it will grade with the scratch on the obverse. Maybe just keep it and enjoy it for what it is. Still a nice pick-up.
  3. medgasguy

    Quarter sovereign No love for the Quarter Sovereigns

    I am curious to see if they come up with something for the 10th anniversary of the quarter sovereign. Probably not seeing as how they've already released the coin along with the other sovereigns.
  4. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    You are right sir, my eyes are not what they were in my youth. I will have to give that some thought.
  5. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    It looks like that's already sold.
  6. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    I think the piedfort sovereign is a gorgeous coin (I have the 2018) so I probably will pass on the 2019 but I am still searching for the 2017 to add to my collection as well as all of the key date proof sovereigns.
  7. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    Yes I did, it's a beautiful example of the RM quality and craftsmanship. Same with the piedfort sovereign as well.
  8. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    I like the George's 5th b/d sovereign especially with that plain edge. Earlier this year I was really unfortunate not to have scored one of those sapphire coronation sovereigns. That among many others are on my want list.
  9. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    Yes I was referring to that, I hope that they don't release any more strike on the day sovereigns this year, then that would make the George's 5th more collectable but we will have to wait and see.
  10. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    I see that delivery for the BU version will be in 7-10 working days. Does this mean that they do intend to release a strike on the day version soon? And if so, will it be what we saw with George's 5th birthday sovereign? Should be fun to find out, or not.
  11. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    I think I will pass on this particular range and wait and see what comes out in the next few months; which is perfect for me because there are plenty of back issues that I need to catch up on.
  12. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    I wonder if it will be a standard proof sovereign or something like they've been doing over the last several years? I also am curious to know if the mint will come out with a special sovereign for PC 70th and if so will it be the same as George's 5th birthday sovereign?
  13. medgasguy

    Royal Mint - VIP tour review

    Very cool, thanks for posting.
  14. Do you think they will come out with a sovereign similar to what George's 5th birthday was?
  15. medgasguy

    Queen`s 80 birthday gold coin with diamond

    For $2500 I would rather buy a nice pre-33 U.S. gold coin, slabbed of course.