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  1. medgasguy

    Royal Mint - VIP tour review

    Very cool, thanks for posting.
  2. Do you think they will come out with a sovereign similar to what George's 5th birthday was?
  3. medgasguy

    Queen`s 80 birthday gold coin with diamond

    For $2500 I would rather buy a nice pre-33 U.S. gold coin, slabbed of course.
  4. medgasguy

    Official Premiere GOLD WHISKY COIN

    For $10,000+ I'd rather buy a Charlotte or Dahlonega gold coin, slabbed of course.
  5. medgasguy

    2019 proof sovereign

    Well let me ask a newbie question, what do you guys want to see the mint come out with the 2019 design? A plain ole regular proof sovereign or something new and exciting to whet collector's appetites? I don't wish to see the Royal Mint become like the Royal Canadian Mint but it would be nice to keep collector's interests high. Just my 2c.
  6. medgasguy

    Gold Proof Sovereigns

    I wonder if they would ship to the States? Could not find an answer either way on their site.
  7. medgasguy

    completed PF70 2017 Piedfort Sovereign

    Can you ship to the U.S.?
  8. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    Have they ever done that for anyone? I see ads on eBay for them but gee whiz 9 or 10 pounds for one capsule? I have also seen the capsules on the mint's website for their capsules for sovereigns also. On my next order I think I'll pick up a pack.
  9. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    Thank you @Xander I also was wondering what the time limit is for returning an item to the mint? I am leaning towards not returning b/c the coins look good to me. It just looks to me that the scratches are just on the capsules.
  10. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    I really need to find out how much it would cost to ship it back safely to the Royal Mint. Then at least both coins would be sealed and could go straight to NGC for grading. I joined up over there just so I could get submission privileges.
  11. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    Great point, but I'm happy to leave it in it's original mint packaging for now. Thank you for the info on the push type capsules- I hadn't heard that but it sure is good to know. The more I think about it the more I'm leaning towards not sending them back just for capsules although I'd love to know where you can get brand new official mint capsules for sovereigns. I'd buy a few of them.
  12. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    Maybe for Charles 70th they'll come out with a plain edged sovereign with edge lettering or something to keep the sovereigns differentiated, who knows.
  13. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    Yes I'm still deciding what to do as it's a long process to send back and then wait for replacements. They are the 2018 Piedfort Sovereign and George's 5th Birthday Sovereign. Both capsules have several scratches and the George coin is in a capsule I've never seen before. It does not unscrew and it also has a tiny little half moon cut-out on one side of the capsule. (Maybe an air-tite type of capsule, idk) I think they suspended sales of this sovereign to resolve some packaging issues, maybe changing the capsules was one of them.
  14. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    Thank you for the suggestion I had never heard of that before, but I do use that Meguiar's PlastX polish on NGC and PCGS slabs and it works well.
  15. medgasguy

    Returns to The Royal Mint

    Yeah I just got off their live chat and customer service said to send both coins back in their original packaging and they will fix it. Also he said that they will re-imburse postage once I have sent it and can provide proof of postage paid back to the U.K. I live in the States.