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  1. MikeOxlong

    for sale 98,99,00 Britannias + other little bits

    Price drop £60 - Think i was mislead by an errant ebay listing! Xd
  2. MikeOxlong

    for sale 98,99,00 Britannias + other little bits

    Price drop £65 + pp
  3. MikeOxlong

    for sale 98,99,00 Britannias + other little bits

    Price drop for Britannia's to £70
  4. MikeOxlong

    for sale 98,99,00 Britannias + other little bits

    Just the Britannia's available
  5. MikeOxlong

    for sale 98,99,00 Britannias + other little bits

    These are the two millennium coins, forgot to upload them in the op
  6. *Just the Britannia's available* Britannias trying to sell the 3 together - 98 is sealed, 99 and 00 in capsules - £70 + your choice post The other coins are silver proof 925 £1 coins weighing 9.5gms, mintage 50,000 in sov style screw capsules £8 ea or 2 for £15 + Post 1999 Guernsey silver proof collar 20.69g 50,000 mint, slight ring like mark round centre hole (Toning?). Millennium 2000 silver proof gold plated nugget 7.36g to fit in the centre of the first coin. There is reddish spotting on this coin aswell which can be seen in the photo. Asking for £25 for the pair + postage 1998 1/25oz gold queen mother £35 + Post Pre decimal coinage 8 piece set £4 + Post Thanks for looking!
  7. MikeOxlong

    Cautionary Tale

    Oh yeh they do a great job but in general people are untrustworthy ime
  8. MikeOxlong

    Cautionary Tale

    Sad but you cannot trust people, especially people who peddle urine therapy
  9. MikeOxlong

    My budding stack

    Awesome how come you go rummaging round through rivers?
  10. MikeOxlong

    for sale Queen Mother silver proof coin collection

    Yeah I looked and saw them going for around that individually but with the lack of individual coin info it would be a lot more work + many sales v one . Will see if anybody wants the lot and if not can always go that route! Appreciate the heads up mate
  11. MikeOxlong

    for sale Queen Mother silver proof coin collection

    Afraid not
  12. Relative recently passed and turns out she had these coins. Im not sure what the collection is whether its all 36 but they are all themed on the queen mother. All bar 1 coin seem to be in nice unhandled condition, I suspect she put them in the loft upon receiving them! I think the majority of these coins are .925 and weigh around 28-31g's although the coin sizes and weights do vary (There is two very small coins that only weight around 10g) I have listed them below so you can google and get an idea. Looking for £360 + postage (Special Delivery £10) via Paypal ff or bank transfer Any questions or more photos just ask 1. Gambia 1996 “Young lady Elizabeth" 2.Niue 1997 “Blitz on London 1940" 3. Bermuda 1996 “Coronation George VI" 4. Pitcairn Islands 1997 “Noble order of Garter" 5. Tuvalu 1997 “Opening of federal parliament Canberra" 6. Bhutan 1995 “ Her Parents home St Pauls Walden Bury” 7. Tonga 1996 “Coronation of QE2” 8. Gibraltar 1995 “Her Majesty queen Elizabeth the Queen mother” 9. Malawi 1997 “Young girl guide” 10. Bahamas 1997 “Charming lady Elizabeth 1908” 11. Papa New Guinea 1997 “Death of King George VI Sandringham" 12. Fiji 1995 “Move to Buckingham Palace” 13. Tokelau 1995 “Birth of Grandson Prince Charles” 14. Belize 1995 “Summer in Balmoral Castle” 15.Vanuatu 1994 “End of Victorian era” 16. Falkland Islands 1995 “Birth of Princess Elizabeth” 17. Bank of Nauru 1994 “Inspecting bombed Buckingham Palace” 18. New Zealand 1994 “Birth of Princess Elizabeth” 19. Cayman Islands 1994 “Born 4th August 1900” 20. Vanuatu 1995 “Birth of great grandson William” 21. Cook Islands 1995 “Silver wedding anniversary St Pauls” 22. Gambia 1994 “The year of the 3 kings” 23. Seychelles 1994 “Wedding of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon” 24. Barbados 1994 “Engagement portrait” 25. Tonga 1996 “The crown of the queen mother” 26. Samoa 1994 “Her youth in Glamis castle” 27. Ascension Island Elizabeth queen mother 1995 28. St Helena Elizabeth the queen mother 1995 29. Turks and Caicos Lady of the century 1995 (Badly damaged uneven and toned rim) 30. Alderney “Elizabeth the queen mother 1995” 31. Elizabeth Balliwick of Guernsey 1995 32. Isle of Man 1995 “95th Bday of Queen Mum” 33. Turks and Caicos 1997 “1937 Coronation” 34. Fiji 1994 “Her london home Clarence House” 35. Turks and Caicos 2001 The queen mother 36. Barbados 1994 “Born 4th August 1900”
  13. MikeOxlong

    Gold playing cards

    Added to the stack amirite?
  14. MikeOxlong

    Stacking goals

    Incredible piece