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  1. Avoid eBay and gold silver.be Start small because your tastes may change! Have fun!
  2. Lol this thread is wild. The GSbe email should be stickied at the top of every thread on this forum so everybody is prewarned what they are dealing.
  3. People always talk of the gold silver ratio which is higher these days than historically. In general gold and silver follow each other but not step by step, certainly not in the 4 years or so i have been interested in PM'S
  4. Oh yeh they do a great job but in general people are untrustworthy ime
  5. Sad but you cannot trust people, especially people who peddle urine therapy
  6. Awesome how come you go rummaging round through rivers?
  7. Added to the stack amirite?
  8. MikeOxlong

    Gold down

    It will go up and down and the painted ponies go round and round We're captive on the carousel of time
  9. Is the demand for Platinum in industrial uses still similiar to what it has been? Will the demand for platinum in future industrial uses still be there? Electric cars seem to be the future, wont that reduce platinums demand?