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  1. Hello, I am looking to spend about 3000 euros on 2 gold one ounce queen's beasts. Ideally two of the first 3 releases (griffin, lion, dragon), but am open to any suggestions. Let me know if you are selling! Am based in France. Merci
  2. Wahak

    closed Withdrawn

    Hello, Is this a UK only deal? I am in France, and could be interested please let me know the euro price if ever. Merci
  3. Hi, Is one of those gold griffins still available? Thks
  4. Ahhh am to late. What a shame... Great looking coins, let me know if ever someone cancels Thks
  5. @Cornishfarmer thank you!! I will keep you posted if I make the purchase. Merci!
  6. Hello everybody, I might have the opportunity to buy some Rwanda wildlife pre 2013 1oz BU silver coins (lion, rhino, elephant ...). What would you say is a decent price for them ? Is this a series the wise stackers of the forum think is worth it? And do you believe there is a market to flip these coins? Merci beaucoup i appreciate any imput
  7. Thank you @Lr103 Shame it will come last..
  8. Thank you sovereignsteve. I was just thinking that myself. Cheers
  9. Thanks, No specification for the proof dates, but i doubt it would be a jubilee or a rare date. Decisions, decisions ...... 🙄
  10. Hi Guys, I have the opportunity to buy a sovereign gold coin, but I have a choice to make. Either the 2019 bullion coin or a Proof Gold Sovereign - Grade B. Also a 2012 Gold Sovereign Diamond Jubilee. All at 10 euros difference in Price. What would the wise in this community advise ?? Thanks a bunch !
  11. Thank you guys. #augur : I'll stay tuned for more info on the forum. Smart of them to release it last I guess, they will sell like hot cakes. Thanks again!!
  12. Hello everybody, Does any one have an idea on the release dates for the proof versions of the Gold griffin? And where would you suggest is the best website to pick one up? Thanks a bunch!!