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  1. Wahak

    Queens beast griffin gold proof coins

    Thank you guys. #augur : I'll stay tuned for more info on the forum. Smart of them to release it last I guess, they will sell like hot cakes. Thanks again!!
  2. Hello everybody, Does any one have an idea on the release dates for the proof versions of the Gold griffin? And where would you suggest is the best website to pick one up? Thanks a bunch!!
  3. Hi guys. Thank you for the response! Ive decided not to go ahead with them for now as it looks a bit fishy and outdated. Thanks again!
  4. Hi guys, This site proposes good deals, but I cant find any info about them. Has anyone ever dealt with them ? http://www.auksoinvesticija.lt/en/ Thank you very much !!
  5. Wahak


    Thank you for the answer @sixgun Much appreciated info
  6. Wahak


    Hi guys, New to silver stacking here I would love some advices on a few coins. Your thoughts on them and if these are coins you would consider buying or have bought yourself. These two have a 50 000 mintage and are below 20euros. Would you consider these collectable with potiential or pure investment? _Pegasus vigin island 1 OncecePegasu. i_Hokusai wave 1 Once fiji And this 999,0 silver Omnia Scottsdale 1 Once? Thank you very much Happy stacking
  7. Wahak


    Hi @jultorsk, Thanks a lot for the fast answer !! Also thanks to @Pampfan
  8. Hello to all, I am new on the forum and this would be my first question to you knowledgeable members out there : Is there any recent information on the mintage numbers of the Queen Beast series (2 Oz silver in particular) ? I have been searching online but havent found anything conclusive.. Thank you very much and I look forward to your answers.
  9. Wahak

    I'm new on the forum.

    Hey, Thank you everyone for the warm welcome :) BYB, let me rephrase. I have watched most of your videos posted in the last year ( which is still about 200 vids haha) please keep up the great work as they are very informative. I will now create a new topic with my first question to the forum. Is there any recent information on the mintage numbers of the Queen Beast series (2 Oz silver in particular) ? See you there, Thanks !!
  10. Hi everybody, I am from France, new to stacking and have acquired a full 2oz queens beast silver collection + a few other coins. i must admit I have watched all most every video on the Backyard Bulion channel I look forward to learning more about the precious metal world on this forum.