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  1. My packages arrived Monday morning, really speedy delivery. Everything in order and expertly packaged. Many thanks to byb.
  2. That's quite a hoard there! Can't wait to get my hands on my share, I'm feeling like a pirate now!
  3. It's all personal choice, so no one on here can tell you what the right thing to do is. However i believe I'm in a similar situation to yorself as I just started collecting around a month ago. I've no interest in collecting coins per se, and so wouldn't pay the high premium for proof coins or special collectors editions etc. But then again I wouldn't want my collection to be boring by having all the same coins. I therefore buy various cheaper end coins to give me something to look at, including Britannias, Owls, Philharmonikas, Kangaroos, Maples, Noahs Ark, Dragon bars etc. Oh, and just a few bars of various weight & some 2 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz coins. I also buy a little gold too, for more interest in the collection. Just the same as with silver, I have Britannias, Soverigns, and a Queens Beast. Don't give any credibility to anyone who gives you advice to only stack one kind of coin.
  4. If you go to goldsilver.be they have some aviation coins -
  5. No real progress on the box due to been too busy working. Still need to scrape off a little more of the blue felt, its not all going to disappear but it won't cause a problem. I've thrown away the four lats that the tray sits upon, it wasn't worth trying to refurbish them. I've bought some more wood to make new ones with. I've also got the new material and some padding. Oh, and Brasso is the next thing on my shopping list! I found the date scribbled on the inside of the lid, 92 years almost to the day from when it was made to when I acquired it!
  6. Of course the internals will need sorting out, a project I'm on with at the moment. I'll update with photos as and when...
  7. I was searching for a storage solution for my newly aquired shine. I trawled the internet and searched for ideas. I wanted a smallish box, just big enough for my hoard, and to present it in a nice way whenever I wanted to look at it. Pelican and Zarges boxes are available, these are secure and waterproof and come in various sizes, but are essentially black plastic boxes, and don't hold the sense of quality becoming of a gold/silver collection, or indeed, sate my penchant for the aesthetic. My mind turned to sewing machines, or rather sewing boxes! And I'm not talking cheap tin or plastic things from Aldi. No, I mean ones that are maybe 100 or 200 years old, made by craftsmen from solid wood and strong enough to stand the test of time. These little things can be really beautiful, often made from birds-eye maple or solid oak etc. They have a lock and key, and usually a lift out tray. This is ideal for me as I could have have my coins and small bars on display in the tray, and keep larger bars and tubes in the bottom section. However these boxes tend to max out at about 12" to 14" in length. My collection may need a little more space... My search had also turned up cutlery boxes. Again, old, solid wood designs, and with lift out trays. They're available in many sizes and configurations, and it's what I finally decided upon.
  8. The packaging is maybe a nice little extra that other suppliers don't have. But it means little to me really. The bars will be going into my silver box and I'll keep the packaging in the loft or something, it may add some value for someone when I come to sell.
  9. Certainly cheaper bars are available, but I may have these for many years, and as with any hobby, I'll get a certain enjoyment from looking at them from time to time. Same reason that I'll only buy coins that i like the look of.
  10. No, it wasn't a shock at all, not until you just pointed it out! I never even noticed it 🙂
  11. I started collecting silver about three weeks ago and had my heart set on aquiring some Umicore bars, as to my eye they looked the best, just how a bar should be. However, these 9Fine bars came to my attention, a new release on the market, and my envious eyes turned to these. Mmmm, very shiny, very chunky I thought, and so they had to be mine... They come in hard/stiff plastic wrappers, either singular or in 'box sets'! I'm glad I went for these chunky little buggers, the weight of them is quite impressive for their apparent small size.
  12. I ordered one of these yesterday, my first gold coin, anxiously awaiting the post!
  13. I read this book last year, and it's probably the best book I've ever read. Although it's about the Fed, every country (except 3 now I think) has a Central Bank, so it's the same thing really. The Fed's just half a private enterprise and half government. It's an amazing eye opener to how the world really works and who's really in charge of everything.