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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from OllieClem in Lets talk Whiskey   
    The glenfiddich ipa is quite nice. I have all the other bottles in the experimental series although not opening just yet - they’re not rare but they wont run forever

    Added 0 minutes later... Also i wish my morisons did good deals like this
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from MickD in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Better late than never, only just had a chance to get everything together. Full gold stack, been exactly 6months, im 2 sovs shy of aprox 30oz which is my short term target. Will continue to pick up the remaining beasts and also some sovs but slowing down a lot unless theres a major dip in prices as have other projects starting soon. 

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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to richatthecroft in Queens Beasts Topic   
    Not really much more to be said than what's already being written here on the Forum thus far.
    Wish I had a suitcase full of 10oz and 2oz Lions- but having said this- I'm still a firm believer that in years to come the Lion will be much easier to come by in all weights proof and bullion than other releases.  The mintage figures appear to be dropping dramatically on each release- the Yale is a prime example.
    The Yale might well be the new Lion!
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to BackyardBullion in Good & Bad news from Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion   
    Hello everybody!
    Mrs Backyard Bullion and I have some good and bad news to share with you all.
    First, the good news. Backyard Bullion (the business) has been growing well and we are excited at what the future may bring.
    This leads us onto the bad news. With such success and growth comes the inevitable attention from the tax man. As such Backyard Bullion is required to register for VAT (Sales tax for those non UK/EU readers).
    This will of course have some significant effects on our business but more importantly for you as our customers.   We have always been and always will be, fully committed to the strength and quality of the Backyard Bullion brand and products. The pieces we make are and will continue to be of the highest possible quality. We are a small business (Mrs BYB and myself) and have no plans or desire to hire staff. Each piece we make, be it small or large, will be unique and have been made by us with the same love, care and attention we have always put into our work.
    This means that effective from 1st April 2019 we will be increasing our pricing to accommodate for part of the VAT liability we incur for our sales. 
    Any items that have been pre-ordered but not paid for will have their original prices honoured even though the payment date might be after 1st April 2019. This seems the fairest thing to do for these pre-ordered items. However, for items ordered or purchased after the 1st April 2019 you will notice the price change. The most obvious product to be affected at this stage is the “1 oz & 250g Silver Forum Bars” that have not yet been reserved/paid for already.
    VAT registration is something we never envisaged happening at the outset of this business but it is now a reality that cannot be ignored.
    Whilst the bad news is certainly bad and only time will tell the true effect on the business we are confident about our brand and are excited about future projects we will try to bring to you.
    We want to finish this announcement with a very large and heartfelt thank you to everyone out there that has supported the brand, be it through our hand poured silver, YouTube channel and group orders over this last 3 years. Your support means the world to us and we will endeavour to continue to bring you the best quality video entertainment and hand poured silver in the future!
    If you have any comments or questions then please feel free to ask them here on this thread or contact me directly.
    All the best to you all!
    Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to lubi29 in Lets talk Whiskey   
    Just went to local Morrison's for few eggs and spot these  on shelf and put them straight to my basket . They have Glenfiddich IPA and few others as well .
    I am thinking to go back and take few more.

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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to HighlandTiger in Investing in Irish Whiskey   
    I have a little bit of cash in there, and I must say I'm quite pleased. Hitting about 8% returns per year, and I was able to liquidate some cash out of there within a few hours. You only need to invest about £200 to start off with, in order to minimise the storage costs. 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Mcgrimes in Son wants to start investing   
    Did you just suggest crypto as investing?
    I’d suggest people put no more than a few percent towards crypto, its volatility is more like gambling at this point.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to KitboyE17 in Son wants to start investing   
    I suggest a Junior ISA so he can withdraw the money earlier for a house deposit or something similar. 55 is a long way off for a 15 year old but 20-25 might not feel too far away. 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to vand in The Permanent Portfolio   
    You make money exploiting the spread between buying AND selling, and not until you have done both. This is just a truism. Anyone who claims otherwise is only seeing half the picture.
    The difference between the price of your entry position and the current market price is equity. It doesn't actually become money (profit or loss) until you have closed your position.
    The only exception to this is when you receive a dividend payout from the stock; this is profit from holding the stock, and is very real.
    If you want to challenge this, I suggest you try filing a tax receipt with your theoretical profits/losses from your open positions
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from 4thelongrun in The Richest Man in Babylon   
    Already leant it to 3 family members to convert them to my new babylonian religion 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to DanShanks in House prices post Brexit fallout?   
    Its the uncertainity that is the worst.
    Maybe things would have been better to just leave on the 29th with no deal and then get on with things,
    the uncertainty being extended is worse for everybody
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to MancunianStacker in House prices post Brexit fallout?   
    Huge shortfall in property numbers so unless all of a sudden thousands of new homes get built overnight I can’t see a 35% drop happening. I can’t see thousands of houses coming into the market over night on exit either.
    A discretionary fund manager told me that if we stay in Europe interest rates will go up quicker than if we exited. If we exit they’d likely stay lower for longer to help the economy. Lower rates mean higher demand for mortgages and make buying more affordable. It depends on what the BOE do with interest rates upon exit really. 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Pampfan in Today I Received.....   
    Today I received an amazing 250 gram pamp Rosa bar.

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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to SILVERFINGER in Brexit status ...   
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to KDave in At what point do you stop buying?   
    Can't stop until the beasts are finished!
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to blindedbythelight in House prices post Brexit fallout?   
    I think there is very little chance of a house price crash, the worst may be a slight dip or a period of very low growth and some regional variation  but as above its supply vs demand. Looking at the official statistics from the ONS its seems very unlikely that supply will keep up with demand so possible the prices could rise further even. They say:
    "In mid-2017, the population of the UK was an estimated 66 million – its largest ever."
    "The UK population is projected to continue growing, reaching almost 73 million by 2041."
    "Sustained UK growth results from births outnumbering deaths (by 148,000 in 2017) and immigration exceeding emigration (by 282,000 in 2017)."
    And even if we do leave the EU, "net migration of non-EU nationals in the year to June 2018 was 248,000 - the highest total in 14 years." So roughly they need to build the housing stock equivalent to the city of Bristol every year.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to BackyardBullion in Hand Poured 999 Gold is a go!   
    The assay testing is a hard process for bars. They have to drill to the core to be sure that it is all the way 9ct or in this case 24ct.
    You can have the holes repaired though, so it is not all bad!

    Added 0 minutes later... This made me giggle, thanks for sharing!
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to BackyardBullion in Hand Poured 999 Gold is a go!   
    2.244 ozt
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Coolsmp in What portion of savings should be in PM   
    Gold and silver are money everything else is credit. Said some wiseman.
    Its always good to diversify your portfolio. Having more than one property is helpful, premium bonds are another but only worth it if youve got the maximum amount, investing in cryptocurrency is another. And prehaps buying some euros in cash from time to time throughout the year. Its stops you spending your pounds and is helpful when you go on holiday and then realise youve got all your spending money already. These are just a few of my investments but they work for me. I know other people will have lots of ideas and this thread has revealed.
    Keep stacking people!!!
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to motorbikez in Brexit petition   
    Anyone sick of this farce sign the petition to leave the EU without a deal. It is pathetic that the biased media is in overdrive trying to scupper Brexit by publishing only cancel Brexit petition.
    Here is the link to Leave the EU without a deal petition.https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/229963
    I could go on a rant but these pathetic scum politicians are a waste of airspace.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to dicker in Nearly had a 400 oz gold bar   
    It is a cracking and unvisited museum - well worth a visit. 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to QStack in The Permanent Portfolio   
    @vand @KDave what resources do you guys use to research what ETF to invest or what bonds to buy or shares to buy?
    I'm interested in starting to invest but want to do a lot of research before i do.
    At the moment im looking at using either AJ Bell, Interactive Investor or Vanguard as an investmet platform. I think one of these 3 should be good starting out, im just dont know how to do the proper due diligence and research.
    Grateful for any advice  
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from MANJSK in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Better late than never, only just had a chance to get everything together. Full gold stack, been exactly 6months, im 2 sovs shy of aprox 30oz which is my short term target. Will continue to pick up the remaining beasts and also some sovs but slowing down a lot unless theres a major dip in prices as have other projects starting soon. 

  24. Haha
    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from DarkChameleon in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I usually cover myself in baby oil and roll around on my coins. 
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from cliveb13 in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I usually cover myself in baby oil and roll around on my coins.