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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from Pampfan in How has the Silver Forum changed your buying habits/ collecting of precious metals and coinage   
    Planned to stick to Sovereigns but this placed turned me into a Queens Beasts addict. Now i need my next fix!
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to ogb777 in I just bought the cheapest house in France?   
    Just got back from signing with the French notaire last week so it’s officially mine and have the keys.one thing to look out for is the notaire fees which came to £1200 on top of the purchase price and that includes a ‘diagnostic’ that says no asbestos,fungus major building defects etc.electric and water being put back on the 10th of may and then will start work estimates as follows:
    -roof £2000
    -electrics £750
    the rest of the decorating etc will doing myself so will update when completed.but looking at around £2000 hopefully 
    all in all it was not at all as bad as I thought.looking at a July/August finish date.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to matrawr in Anybody thinking about a safety deposit box......   
    One reason not to own one although uncommon you just never know.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Abyss in Anybody thinking about a safety deposit box......   
    Not related to Safety Deposit boxes. Review of GS4 as an employer let you know why this has happened
    "Transporting your cash. At G4S we collect and deliver cash for thousands of organisations, big and small. We're actually the largest cash services company in the UK & Ireland. It means our fleet of armoured vehicles can pick up and drop off cash wherever you need."
    I have safety deposit box at Saint James and I have never seen GS4 van pickup and drop off anything from the vault. With a safety deposit box you as the customer collect/drop off your valuable items into your personal safety deposit box not a third party.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to fastrhino in Bringing Gold Bullion Back to UK   
    Ironically gold coins and bullion is tax free in australia except Sovereigns / Krugerrands and US Eagles which attract 10% GST (like VAT) because they are not regarded as investment grade gold at 22kt.....go figure 🙄
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to StackerNoob in Eldorado   
    Ive been debating whether or not to point out the price of their 10 oz Lion before I get the chance to snap one up....
    £170 vs £220 on coininvest and goldsilver....
    If anyone reads this and goes and snaps them up please keep one for me and Ill pay you next month!
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from Stu in Keeping track of your stack value   
    I keep it written in my “grubby little red book”
    Also keep any receipts/invoices
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Abyss in Where should I start?   
    If I was starting out I know exactly what I would do with 3 to 4k to invest in PMs.
    Buy 3x 2019 United Kingdom Gold New Uncirculated Sovereign for £229 each free delivery (buy 1 first take delivery see how it feels buy the other two later).
    (PS. Opt out of all marketing communication from Harrington and Bryne)
    Look at all the different silver coins available from the European Mint https://www.europeanmint.com/silver-bullion/ and join BYB group order for the coins that you like to buy (I would buy
    5x of the following coins from the European Mint via Group order
    2019 1 oz CAD Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
    2019 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin
    2019 1oz UK Silver Britannia Coin
    2019 1oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin
    2019 1oz $1 USD American Silver Eagle Coin
    You will have purchased some of the cheapest government minted Silver from around the world and Sovereign coins with cheapest delivery option available. Total cost 1k for the above and it will give you a taste if you wish to proceed with investing the rest into PMs. I would not advise someone new to spend all their money at once into PMs. I would also recommend someone new to PMs to stay away from graded/numismatic coins IMHO.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to HawkHybrid in Where should I start?   
    I vote bullion sovereigns
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to HelpingHands in Where should I start?   
    Here is a collection of topics
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to lightjaw in Today I Received.....   
    Merlion, symbol of Singapore apparently
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to DarkChameleon in Today I Received.....   
    oh right.
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to sovereignsteve in Would you buy sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    I have previously mentioned the coins my late father in law purchased from these cowboys. He and his friend were both roped in to their up-selling to the extent that his friend remarked to my wife after the funeral that "xxxxx (their H&B salesman) has been really good to us"!🙄
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Goldmick in Would you buy sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    Ive had 9 already off them. They came fast and in nice capsule.s good price to. 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Downs523 in Tubes for gold sovereigns in capsules??   
    Does any such generic tube exist? I would like to put my full sovereigns with capsules into a tube. 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Gildeon in I made a huge mistake - assay test failure!   
    I know how I would feel after something like this and I understand. However let it cool for a few days and try to look at everything with a clear mind, before any final decisions. 😉
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Madstacks in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    Haha cheers mate😁 unfortunately I have been on strict limits to five bottles
    finally time to cash in and send to auction! 
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Danny-boy in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    Well done buddy. 
    I bought one in September and we have been away about 10 times since. Love it. 
    Just packing to go away now actually, can’t wait to get there.
    Towing is nerve racking but you’ll get used to it mate, every time you tow lol.
    Anything you need to know, give me a shout. As always, I have researched to death and know pretty much everything 😄

    Added 0 minutes later...
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from Madstacks in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    Woahhhhh! You did it! Love to see someone achieving a goal. Nice pad! Plenty of storage space for the whisky! 😝
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to Madstacks in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    A new home on wheels:)

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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from Wolves in 2019 1 oz Gold Royal Arms   
    Just ordered one! Will post pics once I receive it. Think its a nice coin and worth a buy
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from OllieClem in Lets talk Whiskey   
    The glenfiddich ipa is quite nice. I have all the other bottles in the experimental series although not opening just yet - they’re not rare but they wont run forever

    Added 0 minutes later... Also i wish my morisons did good deals like this
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    AuricGoldfinger got a reaction from MickD in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Better late than never, only just had a chance to get everything together. Full gold stack, been exactly 6months, im 2 sovs shy of aprox 30oz which is my short term target. Will continue to pick up the remaining beasts and also some sovs but slowing down a lot unless theres a major dip in prices as have other projects starting soon. 

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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to richatthecroft in Queens Beasts Topic   
    Not really much more to be said than what's already being written here on the Forum thus far.
    Wish I had a suitcase full of 10oz and 2oz Lions- but having said this- I'm still a firm believer that in years to come the Lion will be much easier to come by in all weights proof and bullion than other releases.  The mintage figures appear to be dropping dramatically on each release- the Yale is a prime example.
    The Yale might well be the new Lion!
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    AuricGoldfinger reacted to BackyardBullion in Good & Bad news from Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion   
    Hello everybody!
    Mrs Backyard Bullion and I have some good and bad news to share with you all.
    First, the good news. Backyard Bullion (the business) has been growing well and we are excited at what the future may bring.
    This leads us onto the bad news. With such success and growth comes the inevitable attention from the tax man. As such Backyard Bullion is required to register for VAT (Sales tax for those non UK/EU readers).
    This will of course have some significant effects on our business but more importantly for you as our customers.   We have always been and always will be, fully committed to the strength and quality of the Backyard Bullion brand and products. The pieces we make are and will continue to be of the highest possible quality. We are a small business (Mrs BYB and myself) and have no plans or desire to hire staff. Each piece we make, be it small or large, will be unique and have been made by us with the same love, care and attention we have always put into our work.
    This means that effective from 1st April 2019 we will be increasing our pricing to accommodate for part of the VAT liability we incur for our sales. 
    Any items that have been pre-ordered but not paid for will have their original prices honoured even though the payment date might be after 1st April 2019. This seems the fairest thing to do for these pre-ordered items. However, for items ordered or purchased after the 1st April 2019 you will notice the price change. The most obvious product to be affected at this stage is the “1 oz & 250g Silver Forum Bars” that have not yet been reserved/paid for already.
    VAT registration is something we never envisaged happening at the outset of this business but it is now a reality that cannot be ignored.
    Whilst the bad news is certainly bad and only time will tell the true effect on the business we are confident about our brand and are excited about future projects we will try to bring to you.
    We want to finish this announcement with a very large and heartfelt thank you to everyone out there that has supported the brand, be it through our hand poured silver, YouTube channel and group orders over this last 3 years. Your support means the world to us and we will endeavour to continue to bring you the best quality video entertainment and hand poured silver in the future!
    If you have any comments or questions then please feel free to ask them here on this thread or contact me directly.
    All the best to you all!
    Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion