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  1. I know someone who melted a fair bit of scrap 9ct gold into bars. Not the best looking bars although he didn’t have the experience byb has. They were assayed and came back with the drillings in a sealy bag from where they drill it out i guess to make sure its solid etc. A good way to turn a load of scrap into something else!
  2. Wow awsome, how heavy is it? Looks great
  3. Is that in the bank of england museum? If so im going to go this weekend lol
  4. How do I get my grubby hands on that
  5. @MickB it must be, its one of the main ones that comes up. Be interested if you manage to get more info
  6. I’ve looked briefly into similar £5k minimum whisky investments. It’s something im interested in too but I also have reservations about it being too good to be true. I asked one company to send more info but wasn’t impressed with the minimal info they sent
  7. Happy days i paid £1025 and its coming tues! 😬
  8. Thanks i just edited my coment as only just saw yours, that’s promising though i ordered mine about a week ago from atkinsons so im hoping maybe early next week now!
  9. Looks great! Mines coming soon although I ordered it with the yale so they will send them together. Not sure when that will be hopefully soon considering i see a couple on this thread!
  10. Nice! Ive just had planning approved to add 2 bedrooms and an orangery to my house (the money i put in should double in value added to the house) once this is done im going to hammer the mortgage and try to pay it off over in about 5/6 years. Ive always chose to invest in more properties rather than over pay on the mortgage, but i can now use the returns on those investments to pay off my house. I see both sides of the argument for investing vs paying off mortgage so feel il be getting the best of both worlds by doing this. Investing for me has given me a far better return compared to what i would save by being mortgage free, however i dont want to push my luck and i dont think paying your mortgage off can ever be a bad financial decision, especially since no one knows what the future holds.
  11. Nice one @vand your a man with a plan like myself so now what? Or is the nursery fee just swallowing any accomplishment lol
  12. Just ordered one! Will post pics once I receive it. Think its a nice coin and worth a buy
  13. Hope this was no one on here! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6757145/amp/Rambler-stumbles-gold-coins-worth-3-000-boxes-hidden-tree.html
  14. So the pounds surged today. What do we recon, good buying opportunity till it goes t*ts up again
  15. @MickB I’m afraid thats just superstition. If you withdraw and re buy you’ll be loosing out on a months worth of draw each time. I keep most of my “cash” percentage in premium bonds. Easy to get to, average return is near enough same as a typical easy access account but the possibility to win something substantial. Plus 100% safe
  16. Is there any threads on bonds? I’d like to get into bonds but not sure the best way to go about it as its new to me.. Not got the spare funds to jump in straight away but like to do a lot of research before i jump into anything.