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  1. So they are basically trying to dictate the market price.
  2. @TopHatsTales thanks, im not too far off the maximum but have only been in for one draw so far and won 1 x £25. Around £100 a month would be worth it - not expecting great returns but its good to have some money put away thats not really tied up as an investment and is next best thing to cash. Hoping to max it out in the next few months if all goes well. I had around 10k around 7 years ago and used to win 1 or 2 x £25 a month on that! I do enjoying the anticipation of checking if you’ve won anything!
  3. That’s a lot of money, would anyone here pay it if they had the spare cash? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/sovereign-coin-1-value-royal-mint-for-sale-a8928191.html
  4. Just wondering what kind of prizes anyone with the maximum amount is getting? And is it on a regular basis?
  5. I would say taking out and subsequently paying your own mortgage off (rather than your landlords if you rent) is an investment that would far out weigh any potential gains on silver. House prices go up and down in the usual cycles but there is always a stale mate that is reached when prices drop to a level that basically no one can afford to sell at.
  6. I don’t mind you asking at all, i am interested in diversification, which in my opinion is what precious metals are for. I don’t think PMs are a particularly great investment but its a good hedge and it is one of the places I choose to put a portion of my money. Obviously thats my own take on it due to my own personal circumstances and I understand everyone is different. I certainly won’t be selling my house and going all in on silver any time soon.. Will you?
  7. There is not correlation between silver prices and house prices, you might aswel look at the ratio of houses to tins of baked beans
  8. Yep! Gotta happen at some stage! One day maybe we will see £2000 per oz!
  9. I would say the “All time price” we are looking to beat would be in dollars. Given the weakness of the pound now compared to 2011. If you look at a gold chart in USD theres a big difference in how close it is to the all time high. This makes the UK price to beat around £1375 per OZt in todays exchange rate. Hope we get there!
  10. Is that the hole the russians dug just to dig the deepest hole lol?
  11. I do commend your efforts and i also live well within my means. However i choose to live a comfortable lifestyle rather than that of someone who isn’t necessarily earning a decent wage, but like you i turn saving and investing practically into a hobby. Not knocking you at all i admire your commitment, i just know theres certain money I will enjoy more now than when i am in my 60s. I think your approach to being so tax efficient to suit your specific needs is excellent.
  12. Found how much eventually (I really dont think the mints website is great lol) anyway... £95pp for Gold vip tour and not available till mid September at earliest. Might book it for next year 😬
  13. Amazing! Thats great exactly what I want to do! Sounds good to me! How much lol?
  14. @terakris I thought that was invite only?
  15. Great link and also really good pictures! I’m deffo going to go next time in Wales!
  16. https://apple.news/AR4zrgWOxSpKjp2_w741fpg
  17. Terrible. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone. And I’m not having a go at the guy but keeping a safe like that in direct view of your front window and anyone who ever enters the house isn’t too clever. People talk. And the people they talk to talk. Loose lips sink ships. I really hope he gets his stuff back and they catch the c*nts who did this.
  18. I still can’t get over it lol
  19. 😮😮😮😮 why do things like this never happen to me! Great find!!!
  20. Any bars atall? The Perth Mint has awsome tour by the looks of it on YouTube wish we had something similar here! Been to the BOA which was cool
  21. My plan is to get to 50oz This will include: Full 1oz QB series Full Perth Mint Dragon & _____ series (not sure how many of these there will be - i think 4) 120 Full Sovereigns Some 1oz Brits/British 1ozers After that not sure but likely hold tight for the next 20 years and see what happens. If i do ever liquidate it’s likely to be the Brits and Sovs as they are just generic bullion.