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  1. Yeah but it’s not all the UKs!
  2. Got home from spain late last night, opened a drawer looking for some mozzy bite cream and found this which I totally forgot i had! Just funny it was pretty much the first thing i stumbled on after getting through the door 😃
  3. It does make me wonder if there’s value in some of these modern cars which could soon be the last of their kind, making them future classics - if we are allowed to actually drive them in the future that is. In 30 years i might be kicking myself for not buying and keeping a certain car but who knows which one!
  4. @Stuntman NICE! I like the porche. The car collection i went to is in Malaga if your ever in Malaga, or near it’s worth a look - although the ones pictured are the ones i was interested in, the rest were a mix of old american cars or the sort of thing Mr Toad used to drive.
  5. I have a newish audi and i like them, good build quality. A mate of mine has an old A4 with 290,000 miles on the clock and it’s still going strong! Not sure if that’s relevant or helpful but it’s my 2 cents. Good luck either way
  6. Just a few more pics for the car buffs. In terms of modern cars if i was to treat myself it would be a Ferrari California T - in black or grey.
  7. For me, i prefer classic cars. I think there’s just something about owning things that are heirlooms and also won’t age/depreciate. Yesterday i spent the day looking at a car collection and 2 of my DREAM cars were there. When i say DREAM i used to have a picture of these 2 cars together as my computer background for years when i was in my early teens. Colour of both exactly the same as the picture i had - it’s possible they were even the exact same cars as the collector had various photoshoots for all his various cars. They don’t make ‘em like they used to.
  8. 3 min time slot wouldn’t be enough. I need at least 5 times that....or more fibre in my diet....
  9. I was going to post this story. If it’s solid gold how stupid to allow the general public to use it. If i was left alone with a £1million chunk of gold behind a locked door it wouldn’t be difficult to shave off a few thousand pounds worth, how they stole the whole thing is a mystery. I wouldn’t mind using it though. Lol.
  10. Gold is yo-yoing and so is the Pound against the dollar. This is why the two don’t always correlate. Gold in GBP has reached ATH but In dollars there’s still some way to go. This is because the pound is so weak at the moment.
  11. Don’t know what happened there lol!
  12. Gold is gold.....is gold. Put it in a pair of you old pants and it’s worth the same 😊
  13. Gold is gold.....is gold. Put it in a pair of you old pants and it’s worth the same 😊