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  1. AuricGoldfinger

    How not to do a 1kg gold pour

    Yeah but what a way to go. In a flaming ball of molten gold. Thats how i wanna go!
  2. AuricGoldfinger

    How not to do a 1kg gold pour

    Ha i watched the vid of him crushing it the other day.
  3. Id like to pick something up abroad for a cash purchase. Takes a lot of research though and worries me about having a weight around my neck. For 4k well worth a go!
  4. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    Well it looks great. Identical to the model i had except this is an automatic mine was quartz. Very comfortable watch to wear. Its the model with the waves on the face, for some reason they dropped the waves for a few years and now have gone back to them! As for price in all honesty I couldn’t tell you what a good price was (you can tell by how out of touch i was on some previous pricing). Looks like all the box and papers are there and condition looks good so it will certainly drop less in price than a brand new model. Also although you may find a quartz cheaper, automatic movement is the way to go anyway in my opinion, its what your paying for really. Prices tend to creep up and buying used, mint condition, and from a reputable dealer is just about as much as you can do to take the sting out of any initial depreciation. To me thats an iconic omega and i dont think you would regret the purchase.
  5. You can be upper class and poor, working class and rich. Whichever you are be proud of where you come from and understand money doesn’t buy class. Don’t worry about being considered rich. Work out what YOU need personally to feel well off and set about achieving it. I know people who earn £100k + a year with no assets and don’t own a stick of furniture. I also know people who earn around £20k who own their own home, eat out and holiday as much as they like. They aren’t travelling the world or living lavishly but they are happy and live within their means. Wealth is all subjective to a point.
  6. AuricGoldfinger

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Nope! We did exchange messages a few weeks ago and he said he would send but nothing since
  7. AuricGoldfinger

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

  8. AuricGoldfinger

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Still not received my prize yet
  9. I do this every 6 months or so just go through my whole list of direct debits and see what can get the chop. Always worth seeing if sky/virgin will cut your bill, same with gas elec, home insurance. I did a really thorough sorting out once and it saved me around 4k a year although one major factor was i was able to switch my mortgage rate for a much better deal. One thing i REALLY should cut back on is buying food out. I do it literally every day and always spend between £5 and £10 on my lunch. BUT it’s a luxury that I really enjoy so i still do it as if you can’t enjoy the small luxuries in life then whats the point!
  10. AuricGoldfinger


    B0llox missed out!
  11. AuricGoldfinger

    Today I Received.....

    Thanks to @Pritchard for these!
  12. AuricGoldfinger

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    All of the above. My sovs arrived today so a big thankyou to @Pritchard for packaging well, sending quickly and being all round decent guy to deal with.
  13. AuricGoldfinger

    for sale 2018 Britannia 500 Coin Monster Box for Sale

    Nice one pleased it worked well - why wouldnt it!