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  1. £1152 now! Hurry up and sell before it goes up more! Lol
  2. @mr-dead haha that made me laugh, so true! Although i think your stack in sovereigns would be around 1600 sovs which is certainly enough to roll all over the floor on top off while cackling insanely
  3. So i have seen the pics of your stack - what happened to your strategy moving forward! Lol
  4. A good friend of mine bought a fake rolex a few weeks ago and was adamant that it’s EXACTLY the same as the real thing (not sure why he thinks he knows this). I looked it over and could see a few tell tale signs straight away but overall it wasn’t a bad fake - it cost a few hundred. I saw him last weekend and he was constantly re clipping the bracelet on his wrist as the clasp kept unlocking. This watch was only 3 weeks old! I’ve had my submariner for 10 years nearly and it’s still as crisp as the day i got it. I can’t afford a ferrari but I wouldn’t buy an MR2 with a ferrari body kit as it defeats the whole point of owning/driving the real deal. It’s the same with watches in my opinion. I buy it because I appreciate the workmanship that goes into it, and the value of the work which isn’t lost over time - this is why these watches hold their value.
  5. I do have to agree with @MrGeorge. It makes as much sense to me as knowingly buying fake gold.
  6. @Coolsmp i see premium bonds as cash - and I’m taking a punt that I’ll get a similar return to any other instant access accounts, with the possibility of something better. Even with the maximum I’m not expecting anything great, 1mil would be nice though!
  7. Im also with H&L for my sipp, looking to open an S&S ISA as soon as I’ve maxed out my premium bonds
  8. To a point yes, but gold has thousands of years of history unlike crypto. Gold isn’t really an investment its a store of wealth, the price of gold COULD half tomorrow, but it will still exist and be worth something. Bitcoin could fade into the abyss. I honestly don’t think Bitcoin will be around in a thousand years (neither will i so who cares) BUT gold will be. Nothing against Bitcoin at all, in fact i wish i bought some earlier this year, but its still a gamble on something so new and volatile. If i put all if my money into bitcoin when it was at around £2.5k earlier this year i would now be a very wealthy man but I’m still glad i didn’t as it’s a lot riskier than other investments. Getting rich quick rarely works but getting rich slowly does.
  9. @JosephM 100%! Buy what you love, not what others want you to love! The world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things!
  10. @JosephM I’m just not sure about the jubilee bracelets on a 40mm case/ceramic bezel, same with the President bracelet when they are on 41mm, look better on 36mm in my opinion but maybe i just think that because its a more classic look
  11. Got a few major problems with my Lambo too. The main one being it doesn’t actually exist!
  12. Blimey you gradually getting enough to build a house lol?
  13. Looks like we might be back in the game anyway!