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  1. @Madstacks and @Bullionbilly i counted what i had in there when i had less than half of whats there and i THINK it was about £400 so i recon MAYBE upto £2.5k although i am being really optimistic lol.
  2. Im trying to fill this bottle with £1 coins! God its taking ages lol! Going to spend the lot on gold when its full. Either sovs or 1oz QB/Brits. Anyone know how much these bottles can hold?
  3. AuricGoldfinger

    Today I Received.....

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    There goes the neighborhood.

  5. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    @Madstacks its shame its not as good in the flesh but at least you have answered your own question with a definitive answer! Good luck sourcing the right piece for you!
  6. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    Didnt they stop producing the quartz a few years back? Im guessing this has bumped up the used market. Really wish i never sold mine now 😂
  7. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    Ok - literally just did 5mins of research and holy smokes! I stand corrected seems £1300-£1500 is more of a realistic GOOD starting price for a used. I should know better - i sourced a good friend of mine a brand new quartz black seamaster for £1200 around 5 years ago - list price was £1500 at the time. - also have a friend who picked his up used for £850 but that was a few years ago thinking about it! God time flies blink and u miss it!
  8. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    This is one of the latest Seamasters, i think its likely to be the next bond watch. (This isn’t mine its a sneaky pic i took when i tried it on!) It also has a crystal back and i think its a new movement to the previous Seamasters. I tried it on the day it came out and loved it. Good value aswel compared to what Rolex are trying to charge for a their models with a rubber strap.
  9. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    @Madstacks the dial is really nice and has a lot of depth to it. I don’t know much about the used market for seiko - you know more than me! The main thing is if you love it - if its also going to hold value/gain thats just a bonus. My other watch is a Rolex Submariner: The depth of colour in the dial is something that makes me love it as much now as the day i got it - around 8 years ago. Actually i love it more now. But its the dial i love as its got a so much going on. If you feel the same about the seiko then i just think go for it!
  10. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    Looks great. I know its probably not what your thinking of doing but you COULD pick up a nice used Omega Seamaster 300m (Quartz though not automatic) for under £1000 and it would hold its value/slowly appreciate in value. I bought one used for £550 without a box probably 10 years ago now and then bought a box and sold it for £850 a few years after owning it - something i now regret as it was a great watch. Or an Omega de ville is maybe more up your street. I just think if your a little undecided then going for a used watch takes out the initial purchase premium and means i you decide you dont want it anymore you can sell it on without taking a hit. Just a thought! ***ignore my misinformation! Shows the last time i checked out the prices of a Quartz!***
  11. AuricGoldfinger

    Lets talk watches!

    This year i purchased what i would describe as my “dream watch”. It’s not something i wear every day but its something I appreciate every second it’s on my wrist. I’ve wanted it since before i had a pot to piss in as they say so to me it was a really special purchase. Plus... ITS GOLD! So @Madstacks if you think you will get £1000 worth of enjoyment out of it then i say go for it!
  12. AuricGoldfinger

    New "maple"

    Haha 😂
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    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    @westminstrel = Legend
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    Safe Deposit Birmingham

    Nope not one thats anywhere near me!