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  1. Does anyone know of any inserts available for these capsules so the half sovs are more snug?
  2. I love this book! I want to read the millionaire next door
  3. @Darr3nG the latest version of the website is BRILLIANT!!
  4. Hatton garden are good, i also use atkinsons regularly. No issues with either
  5. I think also the thing with these beautiful coins is that unless you have something brand new, the colour and condition really does vary - all adding to it’s story and history.
  6. I agree #8 is the closest but i think as @Roy says it’s missing that golden warmth in all of the pics. If that’s the style & format you need then #8 is the one for me!
  7. Ahh excellent!! That is exactly what i wanted to know!
  8. Thanks @Bullionaire i get that but is it a simple case of just transferring it or can you set it up to go directly into your bank account, or does it depend on the platform your using?
  9. Im curious but is it possible to generate an income from ISAs and take them as a tax free income into your own personal account? How would it work if you decided not to reinvest? I do want to build a significant ISA pot by maximising my allowance but i feel the need to build my knowledge first!
  10. I always think it’s easier to get mugged on the way to or from a safe deposit box than it is to burgle a house and break into a safe
  11. @Goldbrittanialover welcome to the forum. You have had some good advice so far, my advice is utilise the resources and free advice on the forum before you buy or sell anymore gold/silver. It will save you time and money, and also add to your enjoyment of stacking/collecting.