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  1. Im holding tight for now. Maxed my isa allowance and going to wait to see what happens.
  2. 100 packs would last me 6 years not 6 months
  3. @Wonger was right! All hail Lord Wonger!!
  4. I have the max, i win most months but nothing big I’m averaging 1.6% return. To be honest i just see them as cash with the added bonus of being able to win something and loose nothing (other than purchasing power!) - but thats why i also have gold. For me it’s all part of diversification and SAFE cash should be part of that - in times like these I’m glad i have it as theres always a risk of losing money with any investment.
  5. Its not going to crash its heading to the moooooooooooon
  6. Gold isn’t far off it’s all time high (GBP) it was at BEFORE the pandemic. The aftermath will last a lot longer than the end of the pandemic. My “buy buy buy” was a but tongue in cheek, but i do think now is a great time to buy - or even better - already own gold.
  7. Basically you need to have filed 18/19 tax return, then including that year and the previous two years will give you an average of earnings. If you don’t have previous years they will just take what you have as the average. So if you only have 18/19 filed you will get the monthly average of what you earned that year up to £2500 pcm
  8. @Cornishfarmer I totally agree with you. In 3 months someone can claim up to £7500 but still continue to work. From what i can gather i am only entitled to £800 a month if i don’t work at all. I don’t intend to work i want to stay safe and keep my pregnant partner safe but does seem quite unfair some people could be quids in when others are hung out to dry
  9. For anyone interested. Martin Lewis Twitter: CONFIRMED self-employed limited company directors CAN be furloughed as employees on their PAYE element, even if theyre sole employee. Technically they can't then work for the firm, but can continue to perform their statutory obligations as directors eg official legal filings etc Twitter · 28 mins ago
  10. I don’t disagree with this statement at all - all I’m saying is if there are no perks to becoming self employed over being employed due to some tax parity they are cooking up between employed and self employed it may be less encouraging for people looking to take the plunge. Of course we don’t actually know what Sunak was implying so we will have to wait and see what he has in store for us.
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