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  1. AuricGoldfinger

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Thanks guys! I think i will phone atkinsons - its got to be worth the question. Otherwise bullion store seems like the next best thing - ive seen this place on previous trips to the jewellery quarter. Ideally i want to pick up the BU Falcon & Bull - i know atkinsons stock these - not sure about the others. Otherwise I’d settle for 10 Sovereigns or a couple of brits. Suprised at how many responses this topics generated so really appreciate everyones input.
  2. AuricGoldfinger

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Ok thanks guys - so rocking up with paper money is a no then? It would only be for around a 2k purchase. Is Atkinsons the only place you can walk in in brum?
  3. AuricGoldfinger

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Is that the Atkinson Jewellery store and they will just get stuff in? Does the same apply if it litterally CASH though and not a card? These days hard to spend actual cash on anything without having to give a dna and dental records!
  4. AuricGoldfinger

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Can anyone recommend a bullion dealer i can actually walk into and pay cash in Birmingham? I know atkinsons and bullion by post are based in the jewellery quarter but im only aware of their online presence and not aware of an actual shop. Also do you need ID or is there an amount you can pay cash upto without ID?
  5. AuricGoldfinger


    How low can you go! Lower please 😬
  6. AuricGoldfinger

    QB Falcon BU

    Why are they charging more for the falcon than the bull? Is it because the falcon has literally just dropped?
  7. AuricGoldfinger

    QB Falcon BU

    Gimme gimme gimme
  8. AuricGoldfinger

    QB Falcon BU

    How can a proof version be so wrong but a BU version be so right!?!? 😀
  9. AuricGoldfinger

    RM James Bond coin + competition

    @kimchi i guess its impossible to police. Seems ridiculous that there are 26 different ones though and i havnt seen a single one
  10. AuricGoldfinger

    RM James Bond coin + competition

    It should be illegal for post office staff to intervene with the currency they are handling
  11. AuricGoldfinger

    RM James Bond coin + competition

    Thanks! Yep think so. But yes it is a shame. Its the whole white chocolate creme egg scandal all over again!
  12. AuricGoldfinger

    RM James Bond coin + competition

    I think its going to be difficult to collect a full set. I know a couple people who picked up the full sets for about £56 of the mint not sure how well they’ll do. Hopefully il win the competition wish me luck 😀
  13. AuricGoldfinger

    RM James Bond coin + competition

    That one of the new 10ps?
  14. AuricGoldfinger


    I’ve ordered from them. They use yodel who we all know are useless. Packaging is marked as “medical supplies DO NOT leave with neighbour”. Yodel ignore this lol. Also package is usually huge and wierdly my last one had a 1.5 litre bottle of water in it. But i guess thats just to give it some weight and make it seem more substantial and less likely to be lost. All precautions that get a thumbs up from me and il continue to use them. Just try not to p*ss them off which ive heard is really easy!
  15. AuricGoldfinger

    Why are the Queen’s Beasts so popular?

    Yeah what i mean is the only way I’ll never sell is when i have kids i may decide to keep some to pass on which i know is what a lot of people do