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  1. @frenchie how have you managed to get your mitts on one I thought they sold out ages ago!
  2. I forgot i posted on this thread, i had about £2500 out the bottle and it wasn’t even full!
  3. When sovereigns were £240 I thought blimey - not paying that. Lol
  4. I probably will. There will be a day when £1200 is a low that we will never see again
  5. Gold to be £100000 an oz soon! Only problem is it will be radioactive for a few hundred thousand years
  6. Noooooo! But also... Yesssssss!
  7. Ideally i want to reach my overall target for gold this year which is: 100 x Sovereigns 10 x 1oz Queens Beast Full Set 10 x 1oz Britannia (or similar british coins) It’s around 10 oz i need to add to my existing stack which is achievable but i have lot’s of other thing’s going on - plus I’d like to see a dip in spot price - not bought any gold for months so will just see what happens - i have other goals and targets outside of PMS and as long as i am progressing towards the bigger picture I’ll be happy.
  8. I don’t know any forum members who are alchemists.
  9. I think it’s just because it’s direct from the royal mint. Making it much more widely collectable and desirable
  10. @kimchi i don’t need to at these profits 😀
  11. @AppleZippoandMetronome I’ve had my eye out for a few years and certainly the last 2/3 years that has changed a lot - in north wales anyway. It used to be houses would be sat for weeks, months even years before selling. I think a lot has to do with the tax changes and benefits for fully furnished holiday lets over standard buy to lets. Add brexit into the equation and the the terrible exchange rate and you have a good mix for bumping up the prices and demand from a holiday letting perspective - after all, its not the locals in rural wales who are buying them. I agree with you, prices tend to be all over the place. My DREAM would be to buy say an old farmhouse/cottage in north wales with plenty of land and outhouses that can be converted to holiday lets. Stick some glamping pods or something similar on the land to also let, and dig out a pond (unless i can buy somewhere already with one), and and encourage wild duck and geese for shooting, and also maybe even some fishing. Basically have somewhere that can fully earn its keep. All of the above is a lot of work, commitment and a lifestyle change which if I’m honest I’m probably a few years off - not to mention the expense to set it all up.