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  1. Today dealers have devices which allow them to test all PM with 99.99% guarantee In my 5 years PM journey i never get fake PM from dealer Sound like dealer is not a real dealer but some fake dealer as well
  2. Bo Polny said silver to $500 in 2020 so who cares if u paid for u silver $17,$18 or even $30... Love his short shows
  3. Updated thread with proof pictures and more Happy hunting 😎
  4. Too much to drill to be sure u are selling silver when u need to
  5. I too grab 40 1oz Sunshines recently for $17.7 per oz where normally they go about $20 From what i understand there are many short term silver collectors which just try to make couple of bucks on silver market As a long term silver collector i consider silver price < $20 as a Gift so keep grabbing these low prices and be ready for a BULL RUN LOL Be sure to have some ways to validate u silver especially from EBAY , this is VERY CRITICAL I did a video on this topic recently , enjoy "_"
  6. Thanks for the info appreciate u help Sound like this coin is circulated in Honk Kong but not in US ... good to know we are not familiar with Honk Kong market here As i said i got this coin from MC&M 2 years ago and it was for sale 1 day only so go figure ... https://www.moderncoinmart.com/2017-australia-year-of-the-rooster-1-oz-silver-lunar-1-coin-from-royal-australia-mint-gem-bu.html Going to fix the title and price back
  7. Can someone please tell me what is the value of this coin ? I try to figure out the right for sale price but I cant find examples for sale anywhere ... I was getting $40-50 offers but i think it costs much more https://www.ebay.com/itm/223710393353
  8. Coins i can trade in US ( quantities and price ) 2017 Australia Silver Kangaroo 10 23 2017 Australia Silver Koala 8 25 2017 Australia Silver Kookaburra 8 25 2017 Franc Silver Republic of Chad African Lion 3 25 2017 Ghana Silver African Leopard 1 27 2017 Australia Silver Wedge Tailed Eagle 4 27 2017 Australia Silver Dragon & Phoenix 3 69 2017 Australian Silver Lunar Rooster S2 4 28 2017 Canada Silver Predator Series 3 27 2018 1 oz Australian Silver Lunar Dog S2 1 28 2018 Australia 1 oz Silver Bird of Paradise Victoria’s Riflebird 1 30 Australia 1 oz Silver $1 Dolphin 2 35 email : silverGameOfThrones@gmail.com
  9. This is one of the best silver collection u can find , I hunted my set on ebay as it was sold fast and they are going more and more expensive every day now They look amazing , with so deep level of details they look like a sculptures and not rounds They are hard to find as collection even on ebay , enjoy : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Complete-collection-of-all-7-Ultra-High-Relief-2-OZ-Privateer-Silver-Round/264509565128?epid=1339369566&hash=item3d95ffa8c8:g:~jcAAOSwp6pbeEN4
  10. Hello, silver Stackers 🔘 Up for sale exclusive FULL set of 5 beauties in original capsules , - 2 oz Silver Round - Destiny Knight 2 oz Silver Round - Destiny Knight: The Dragon 2 oz Silver Round - Destiny Knight: The Shield 2 oz Silver Round - Destiny Knight: The Raven 2 oz Silver Round - Destiny Knight: Dragon of Death 2 oz Silver Round - Destiny Knight: Duncan The Blacksmith Price is $300 non negotiable ( I have 1 set ONLY ) Payment via PayPal FF or GS(+3%) plus USPS priority mail shipping email : silverGameOfThrones@gmail.com
  11. Hello, Silver Lovers 🔘 If u are hunting for silver on spot please skip this post, as it is not for you If u like me and love to collect premium silver coins, please keep reading Up for sale are some 1 or 2 oz premium silver coins from 2015-2019 Proof : https://imgur.com/a/2kPIL8p Please see my ebay store for pictures and prices https://www.ebay.com/sch/silvergameofthrones/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= If u are interesting in some of them please let me know email : silverGameOfThrones@gmail.com We can work on price without ebay fees and I am always open to reasonable offers Payments via PayPal FF or GS(+3%). All items plus shipping. Happy hunting! My channel :
  12. I do have both of them and considering to sale Sent u mail , thanks SilverGameOfThrones
  13. Grab some 10 oz valiants No complains !