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  1. I am not stacking SILVER I just try to get rid of dollars which SOON WILL BE WORSELESS
  2. What is Silver ETF ? It's a lottery ticket winning numbers u see in a newspaper What is physical Silver ? It's a lottery ticket WITH winning numbers u have in hands 😈
  3. Silver Spot price is ~$12 ( Fake ! ) . Give me silver for sport price !!! Yes sir with $3-15 premium ... Really ? Yes sir but its today only deal , tomorrow u will pay more ... Provident . Has 100oz Britannia bar for super price of $1450 . What a luck , lets grab some ! yps ... disappear during shopping . 1000 bars Gone . JMB . Still have owl for $15 ! What a luck !! Lets grab 100-200oz ... yps ... 10,000 coins gone in 10 min ... U need to shop FASTER ! Gone . Apmex . Still have good deals for high premium low mintage coins under $17-18 ! Half gone during shopping . U able to grab some ? U lucky ! Keep adding ... SILVER DRAMA IS IN ACTION !!! Helicopter of money is finally here 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 .
  4. When u guys wait for silver to be $4 dollars all i see how physical silver disappear from the market On ebay lot of 100 generic silver already around $19 grab LAST when u can ! Keep dreaming
  5. 70% of my stack is generic and 30% is premium win win in any situation
  6. Good time ! Bubbles are popping . Panic. Uncertainty .Exactly when i want to buy BIG but its NOT a time yet . Physical Gold/Silver are NOT bubbles . Wait for the button . Then go BIG . Physical Gold to $2000+ Physical Silver to $20-25 by end of this year and infinity from the next year . Very Good Time For These Who Understand The Whole Picture ! Because when this pile of terrible DEBT eventually sinks, there going to be only things that float ,- THE PHYSICAL GOLD and SILVER , not a paper contracts digital garbage !!
  7. New bar from Asahi Refining USA , - I was NOT disappointed
  8. EVERYTHING BUBBLE is BURNING !!! Are u buying or u scared ? People are buying physical silver ! I was watching On Sale 1,000 physical 10 oz sunshine bars from JMB disappear in 5 min ! Huge plans on this weekends to buy more Silver when its FOR SALE !
  9. No tone or milk spots on any of them but 2020 quality also not as good as was in 2018 and even in 2019 I found couple of small scratches under capsule . Not good . Means from factory
  10. I know for sure that it was no 2018 1 oz Valiant coin but only 2019 1 oz Valiant coin ( the "new" design ) My expectation going forward that it will be the same "new" design 1oz and 10oz for 2021 , 2022 , etc as 2019 and 2020
  11. I was also expecting a new design but Its exactly the same coin as 2019 , the only 2018 design is different so u are not missing much 🤔🤣
  12. Watch from 10:50 ,- I use jewelry plastic boxes to store diff size rounds and 1 oz bars One such box can hold up to 100 1 oz bars , - be creative , there are diff ways to build u storage
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