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What I am collecting / Investing in.

  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Stacking for my/wife/kids future as I belive by the time I retire my pension will be worthless

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  1. Cookiesilver

    Planning first gold buy

    I've got a decent safe for storage mate 👍
  2. Cookiesilver

    Planning first gold buy

    Also well out of my price range 😭
  3. Cookiesilver

    Planning first gold buy

    Currently buying silver, but wanting to add small amounts of gold along the way. What the cheapest way to buy fractional gold I.e half sovereigns, 1/10th oz coins etc. Nothing as small as a gram though. I know it's more expensive but budget allows about £100/130 a month, no good putting it away and buying one big coin as it will just get spent, at least if I have gold I can't go to the shops with it, more importantly neather can the wife 😉. Cheers guys
  4. Cookiesilver

    First moths stack

    Same mate constantly on fb and forum and Web looking for my next buy 😊
  5. Cookiesilver

    First moths stack

    Funnily enough mine says the same 😂 although shes not interested in pm's 🤔
  6. Cookiesilver

    First moths stack

    My first month's buys. It may be small but its mine and at an average of £16.80 Inc postage costs I don't think it's too bad, would like to buy in bulk but kids and life get in the way 😂.
  7. Cookiesilver

    Hello from Sheffield

    Thanks for the welcome, been going though your videos since I started looking into stacking. Really very informative. Hopefully get in on a group order soon.
  8. Cookiesilver

    Hello from Sheffield

    Thanks. I find them ok, not my thing came in a "seconds" buy from silver Trader so didn't know what I was getting it was cheap ?.
  9. Cookiesilver

    Hello from Sheffield

    Quick hello from Sheffield, Started stacking this month when searching for ways to invest money for mine and my kids future and seemed like a good way to go. Have bought 1 britts 3 maples 1 dragon bar and some 5g Scott's dales (I've learnt my lesson with thoes).