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    Nick1368 reacted to goldmember44 in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    Each to their own mate... we all have to make the decisions we are most comfortable with  You are either bullish or bearish or neutral/hold on gold.. every man has to decide for himself.
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    Nick1368 reacted to terakris in 2002 Sovereign   
    Yeah @Goldmick you meanie, bet you feel bad now!  
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    Nick1368 reacted to Goldmick in 2002 Sovereign   
    Nice picture lol
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    Nick1368 reacted to goldmember44 in Gold high spot price   
    I was thinking of this today in the morning when the gold price hit £1,070 😛 Poor guy... he would have been well in-the-money by now on his 8 grams holdings... 
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    Nick1368 reacted to HighlandTiger in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    The problems in the Persian Gulf haven't even started yet,  if it kicks off like it did during the Iran / Iraq war in the mid 80's, then be prepared for gold to rocket as Middle eastern investors try to find a safe haven for their cash.
    Very few of you will remember what was happening in the Gulf the mid 80's, Oil Tankers were being hit left right and centre by mines and exocet missiles, from both sides. I was on a BP tanker at the time, going all the way up to Kuwait, (we were all on danger money of one weeks pay per day in the gulf), and can remember a Norwegian tanker being towed out of the Gulf with half of its accommodation block  blasted away by a missile. 
    Gold rose upwards of about 15 - 20% during that period. 
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    Nick1368 got a reaction from goldmember44 in Gold high spot price   
    I remember this really well, poor chap 🤣🤣
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    Nick1368 reacted to JunkBond in Gold high spot price   
    I bet if I stick an oz in the post to HGM it crashes...
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    Nick1368 reacted to HighlandTiger in Gold high spot price   
    For all those people wanting gold to fall, and not buying anything until it does. Just think, when gold was £700 an oz, people were saying similar things.
    I bet those people feel silly for not buying at £800 an oz.
    Buy what you can, when you can. Ignore the price, especially if you're not going to be selling for decades. If you worry too much about a price, you will lose in the long run.
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    Nick1368 reacted to sixgun in Gold high spot price   
    Remember this guy - sold 8oz of nice gold coins off after listening to the fake news media and thinking Brexit would send the price of gold down.
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    Nick1368 reacted to sixgun in Gold high spot price   
    i hear more and more talk that gold is coming into the mix for trade payments in Asia - all the US sanctions shenanigans is forcing nations to look at alternatives. They value gold so gold demand goes up.  
    i've bought a few sovereigns in the last few days - i think that must be driving up the gold price. 🥂
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    Nick1368 reacted to morezone in GOLD DEALS - (UK & Europe) See a deal, post it here   
    @AlL Merged your thread here since you are not offering them for sale here.
    I don't believe they are competitively priced especially when the 2019 Proof Sovereign is still available from the Royal Mint for £450