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  1. Today I received this beautiful Iranian 2000 Rials coin courtesy of @Marc which means a lot more than just a gold coin to me. absolutly in love.
  2. Tomorrow a draw in Brighton and a win at Anfield would be AMAZING 😃
  3. the dominance of spanish clubs in Europe is over, the time has come for English clubs to take over
  4. I guess it’s more about promoting and encouraging more people from different parts of the world to take an interest in football, The people who live in Europe always have the chance to go to the best stadiums and watch top European teams whereas poeaple from that part of the world simply don’t have the same opportunity, so in my opinion it’s not about how difficult it is for English fans to get to Azerbaijan, that’s why the final is at a random stadium every year and I think it’s a great idea. imagine how excited are the local people and their kids now to know that Arsenal and Chelsea are travelling to their city.
  5. I really want to go as well, it's going to be my first time as well. my problem is that I am sooo busy with work every Saturday but finally I have trained somebody trustworthy to cover for me so I can take some Saturdays off from now, so hopefully ill attend this one, I am really excited about it.
  6. This Ajax team is a great team but they showed naivety , I just don’t get it why they never took the ball to the corner flag during the stopage time when they already had one leg in the final.
  7. omg that was a crazy game, one Barca goal would've destroyed all Liverpool's hard work and I was thinking about all the chances that Liverpool missed in the first leg. well done Liverpool, now they have to win the final, come on Liverpool.
  8. I'm really pleased with my Aztec calendar, stunning coin, thanks @h103efa
  9. Hello and welcome to the silver forum
  10. great price, I already have two of them otherwise I would've bought it.
  11. it's funny, isn't it ? when you are struggling in life to make your ends meet and don't have enough money to save up or to invest in something or buying nice things for yourself, all you think about is how to make more money and you would never at that point think that having more money can have it's own problems too hahaha when you have money saved up after many years of hard work there is always a chance that you might lose it all, if you keep the cash in bank you might never see your money again if there are financial crisis. If you buy a property with your cash and rent it out you might get nightmare tenants who stop paying rent, if you leave the property empty you might get squatters, if you invest your cash in PMs and keep them at home they might get stolen, if you keep them in a safety deposit box the government can seize them anytime or the vault might get rubbed and you lose your PMs. That's why all the big companies in the world invest their profit back into their own business and they just expand their business, that is probably the safest way of preserving your wealth. Anyways to answer your question i have a safety deposit box at sharps Pixley and my girlfriend has access to it as well in case something happens to me.
  12. I bought one from a forum member just now, thanks anyways..
  13. I would make sure that I stay as close to spot price as possible, I'd buy at least 2 x 1oz coins ( the cheapest I can find through reputable dealers) and some sovereigns. in terms of information you can gather a lot of knowledge just by reading the topics here on this forum.
  14. Good to see a lot of people here think about the global warming exactly the same way as I do. I also think that the climate of our planet has always been changing in it's 5 billion years existence, it went through a lot of different stages and it recovered itself again, lots of diffident creatures lived on this planet that they don't exist anymore such as dinosaurs, us humans weren't here to interfere in dianosours lives and make them become extinct. plastic is a totally different issue but I think the media and governments are taking advantage of the situation to get more tax from factories and get people to donate more money to charities who support endangered animals or global warming, I don't trust any of the charities either, call me pessimistic. Basically I think it's all rubbish and I don't believe a single thing I see on media.
  15. OMG don't let me start, running a small business in the UK is harder than climbing Mount Everest. I have been running my family business for the last 7 years, the family started to leave the business one by one, since February 2016 I have been running this business all on my own without any family member to help me, when I took the business over from the family in 2016 we only had one part time employee, now we have two full time plus one part time employees working for us and the business has grown soooo much over the last 3 years which is only because I have been working between 60-80 hours every week, day off ? what is a day off ? don't even talk about it, it is not possible, If I am lucky I can take a Sunday or half a Sunday off every two or three weeks. holidays ? I have not been on a holiday for 4 years, I feel like a slave at this point to be honest with you.