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  1. reduced the price to £1199 plus postage again and hoping to sell it by the end of this weekend so I can post it either tomorrow or Monday morning. who wants it ?
  2. coin number 3 is still available at £1249 plus postage.
  3. Coin number 3 is still available, the rest sold and posted.
  4. Nick1368

    Where to sell

    In my experience forum is a great place to sell 1oz bullion coins at spot price or even premium coins at a reasonable price, having said that I once sold a 1oz bullion lion for £1470 on this forum, spot was under £1000 at the time 😎
  5. two more sold, only one available.
  6. £1199 plus postage, 4 coins available . Let's Go.
  7. I guess I priced these a bit too high, price is £1250 now including special Delivery 😁
  8. 2011 1oz Mexican Libertad PCGS MS70 £1199 £1189 including Royal Mail special Delivery. Payment by bank transfer please. Thanks for looking. Nick
  9. I have for sale 5 x 2019 Harrington & Byrne full sovereigns. price is £270 each plus postage of your own choice. Buy 3 or more and I’ll pay for Royal Mail special delivery. Thanks for looking Nick
  10. No one knows what will happen to the price of gold tomorrow. i think it depends if you’re just starting to buy gold or you already have some gold and want to add to your stack. I started buying gold last year in July, at the time spot price was around £950 but to me spot price didn’t matter at all because I had made up my mind that I wanted to buy gold and it was just question of what to buy. Right now I’m not buying any gold and waiting to see what will happen in the next two months, I personally think if the price doesn’t drop in the next two months then it probably won’t drop for a long time in which case I’ll start buying again. so I think if you’re just starting to buy gold you should go for it regardless of the price but if you already have some gold then wait a few weeks to see what happens. Go for the latest releases of Queen’s Beats ( Yale or falcon )because the premium on Queen’s Beast will protect you against any drops in spot price. again that’s just my opinion, do your own research, but buy queen’s beast 😜
  11. Purchased these coins from a reputable London dealer and proof of purchase is available to potential buyers upon request. price is £1380 £1250 £1199 £1249 £1199 for each coin plus postage, coins come in Air-Tite capsules. coins are in great conditions as you can see in the photos, I have taken pictures of each coin from different angles but please do not hesitate to ask any question or request more pictures. Thanks for looking Nick coin number 1: coin number 2 : coin number 3 : coin number 4 :
  12. @MrScottsdale you were right, king Tut looks Great next to Queen Nefertiti😃 Thanks again
  13. can I have a tube please ? preferably 2019, if 2019 is sold 2018 will suffice, Thanks.
  14. Nothing can bring the smile to my face in the morning like receiving a package of Gold or Silver coins. Thank you very much @richatthecroft
  15. yeah I'd love to see how he will look like in two months time, imagine what he went through in that one month when he was inside the Bear's den, so scarry
  16. Hi Richard I’ll have them, thanks.