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  1. Really ? that's if you think gold is at it's all time highest because of the pandemic . Also this pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. I have bought 7oz of gold in March and I m still looking to buy more , I do not see any other investment safer than gold at the moment .
  3. I really hope it takes gold one year to reach £1534 because that would give me enough time to hit my stack target .
  4. what I don't understand about @Wonger is that if he is so pessimistic about PM's as he says he is, what is he doing on a precious Metals forum then ?
  5. nice one, I was gonna pull the trigger on this one but when it comes to @arshimo2012 if you snooze, you lose
  6. who knows, maybe you are right. it's actually good when someone reminds you how quickly price of gold can move either downwards or upwards , especially now that we are all getting excited by the high and sudden rise in spot price . But I personally think you are wrong Wong I think there is no stopping gold from here, don't be surprised if next week or the week after you opened your gold price app and £2000 per ounce appeared on your screen.
  7. even 319 is a great price, yesterday morning I bought 4 sovs from hatton garden metals at 320 each when spot was 1270
  8. are H & B still selling sovs for £309 ?
  9. what guarantee do you need better than the gold/silver that you have in your possession.
  10. I paid £319 each for 4 of them this morning
  11. glad I picked up 4 x sovs this morning when spot was at £1270 🤩
  12. OMG it's happening £1338 as I type
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