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  1. Nick1368


    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  2. Hello and welcome to the silver forum. you definitely joined the right forum to gain knowledge about precious Metals
  3. hello my friend and welcome to the forum
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum
  5. Buffalo is such a beautiful coin 😊😍
  6. When the day comes to sell, if you don’t have enough time to find a private Buyer for your coins and end up selling your coins to a dealer, you’ll only get paid spot price regardless of how much premium you paid for them. I would go for the cheapest 1oz coin out there, pre 33 US coins are beautiful, huge history behind them and if you live in the US it should be pretty easy for you to source one and at the moment they don’t carry a huge premium, you’d pay the same premium as you pay for a Britannia, maple etc. that would be my choice.
  7. I sold every single coin that I listed on this forum and got paid for all of them without any problem and I listed a lot of coins here, so I'd say the answer to your questions is yes.
  8. obviously forum is my priority to sell coins especially if I have coins of numismatic value but even billion coins I prefer to sell them here. the reason I sold 20 oz to sharps Pixley was because: 1- they were all bullion coins and I was still making profit on every single coin even tough I was selling them under spot. 2- I was very very busy at the time and didn't have the time to post and package all those coins to a lot of different buyers on the forum, basically the extra money that I would have made by selling them on the forum was not worth my time. and remember you can sell coins on the forum easily but you have to sell them at a good price and here good price for bullion gold means spot price, so I sold them little bit cheaper but fast and secure and all in one go.
  9. I sold almost 20 oz of gold to sharps Pixley in the summer, I must say it was supper easy and fast. First they told me how much they would pay me for each coin ( they pay under spot and no matter how numismatic your coin is, they only pay you for the gold content of the coin) Then they tested all the coins, once their test was completed they gave me a sheet explaining the type and number of coins I'm selling, how much I get for each coin and how much I get in total. They took my bank details and money was in my account in two hours.
  10. great price, I bought 4 x 1oz krugerrands last week otherwise I would have bought all three. Good Luck.
  11. Hello Silver Forum on Monday I will purchase a 1oz gold coin, either form here or sharps Pixley . I am after the cheapest possible 1 oz gold coin out there, anything will do but Krugerrand. Double Eagle, Maple Leaf, Philharmoniker , Buffalo, Nugget, pre 33, Libertad, Britannia, panda etc. Please Pm me with your best price and pictures. Thanks Nick
  12. I would like to have 30 x 1 oz gold coins. I will be after the cheapest possible 1 oz well known gold coins out there. Krugerrand, Britannia, Maple, Eagle etc so far i have 5 coins.