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  1. £3 off each coin. £253 each plus postage of your own choice and risk or buy both for £506 and i will pay Royal Mail Special Delievery.
  2. Panda still available and reduced to £1075, everything else has been sold and received full payment for all of them. Bought the panda from Sharps Pixley in Original Mint Packaging and kept it in OMP for a few months then I opened the packaging and put it straight into the capsule shown in the pictures, so it is in a lovely condition and well looked after, only handled using gloves.
  3. Britannia sold. Krugerrand sold. Maple sold. Degussa Bar sold. Philharmoniker sold. Double Eagle sold. 30g Panda is the only coin that is still available.
  4. bump for non premium members plus reduction on some items ( Britannia, Krugerrand, Maple, Degussa Bar )
  5. Buy both and I will pay for Royal Mail special delivery.
  6. Makes sense, doesn’t it. unfortunately what you said is very likely to happen, US is putting pressure on Iran with all the sanctions to stop them from selling their oil and Iran made it clear that if they are not able to sell their oil then they won’t let anyone else to sell oil in the Middle East and what they mean by that is that they will start hitting the oil tankers that are crossing the strait of hormuz.
  7. ow ya goin mate ? Welcome to the forum.
  8. 1912 King George full sovereign £256 £253 plus postage of your own choice and risk. 1904 king Edward full sovereign £256 £253 plus postage of your own choice and risk. Buy both for £506 and I will pay Royal Mail Special Delievery. purchased from sharps Pixley, sold in the capsules shown in the pictures. Uk buyers only, payment via bank transfer. Thanks for looking Nick 1912 George 1904 Edward