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  1. 1880 Sydney Mint Victoria young head full sovereign. Purchased this beautiful coin from ATS billion in London, proof of purchase available to potential buyers. I’m asking for a bank transfer of £290 which includes UK special delivery. Coin supplied in air tite Capsule. Thanks for looking Nick
  2. oh wow didn't think I would be able to sell the whole stack so quickly, all sold now and lots of members actually wanted it. Thanks silver forum.
  3. Hi I’m trying to buy a property without getting a mortgage therefore I need to sell all my silver stack, hopefully I start stacking again soon. I have nearly 120 oz of silver, bought all of them from the silver forum and paid different Prices for them but asking for £15 per ounce and want to sell them as a lot to one buyer because I have been very busy lately and don’t have the time to package and post them to lots of different buyers. I’m looking for £1800 for the lot, I think it’s a reasonable price because I paid around £20 per ounce for almost 20oz of the stack, £16-17 per ounce for another 20oz of this stack and almost £14 per ounce for the rest of the stack. payment via bank transfer please and I’ll pay for special delivery. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. here is the list of the stack : Tube of 25 x 1 oz Britannia 2018 Tube of 25 x 1oz 2014 maples 5oz king Tut 5oz queen nefertiti 2 x 1oz OPM 1 x 1oz kangaroo 1 x 1oz Mickey Mouse 1 x 1 oz Somali elephant 1 x 2oz Scottsdale round 1 x 1oz Guina 2 x 1oz Libertad 1 x 1oz Canada owl 1 x 1oz sunshine 1 x 1oz two dragons 4 x 1 oz American eagle titanic coloured 2 x 1oz Britannia 1 x 1oz Aztec calendar 1x 1oz una and the lion 1 x 1 oz Dutch 1680 1 x 1oz koala 1 x 1oz Philharmoniker 1 x 1oz two dragon bar 1 x 1oz Apmex bar 1 x 1oz American eagle PCGS MS70 1 x 1oz giant eagle 2 x 1oz Maples 1 x 1oz panda 5 x 1oz Canada wild life coloured 1 x 10oz Britannia bar 1 x 10oz JM bar 4 x half dollars 1 x peace one dollar 1 x 1/2 oz shark Thanks Nick