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  1. sharp Pixley are a massive massive German company and their customer service is great, i am sure they would send any order placed on their website even if they made a huge mistake and are losing money on those orders, that amount of money is peanuts for them and they wouldn't risk damaging their name and reputation like that.
  2. Nick1368

    Gold touching £1,000 per Toz - Good or Bad ?

    I kind of predicted the spot price to be around £1000 at this time of year and my plan was to stop buying when November is finished and start buying again in the new year and I shall stick to this plan. in terms of how I feel about the current spot price, I must say I am very happy about it, I started buying in August and bought most of gold when the spot price was under £930 or even under £910, did buy some when it was between £950 and 965 as well, so obviously I am very happy to see what I own is gone up in value, right now If I want to sell my stack I would make a lot of profit even if I sold them all to a dealer let alone on eBay or here, but I am not selling anyways.
  3. Nick1368

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    yes that's right, sorry I totally misunderstood this part of the draw, OMG 🤣😀😉😂 anyways your £50 Nike gift card has now been purchased and sent to you, I hope you buy yourself something cool and enjoy it.
  4. Nick1368

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Hi @seXes yes absolutely, you can use it online. hope that's okay.
  5. Nick1368

    completed 1980 proof sovereign spot price

    hi, is it still available ? if yes I will take it.
  6. Nick1368

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    I am still waiting to receive 2 black & whites boxes that I ordered on the 9th of November. I called them up on Friday and the chap on the phone said : don't worry mate if you don't get them before Christmas, you will definitely get them after the new year 🤔
  7. Nick1368

    for sale 1 Ounce Queen's Beast Lion

    hi, would you swap it for a 1 oz unicorn plus £100 ?
  8. Nick1368

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    nearly there
  9. Nick1368

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    OMG gold is £973.78 oz 🤑
  10. Nick1368

    Panda Photo thread...

    New addition to my collection ☺️😍😉
  11. Nick1368

    Today I Received.....

    Early Christmas present from the girlfriend's mother 😍😍 it is such a great feeling to receive gold as gift 😊
  12. Nick1368

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with gold and I think you did the right thing by selling them all to a dealer without stressing yourself anymore than this, you weren't having fun with it, it wasn't for you. But don't expect any sympathy from the members of this forum, because as far as I undesrtand everyone here is obsessed with gold and so upset that all those nice coins ended up with a big dealer, soon the same exact coins will be sold for a lot more than what you got paid for them and we are all going to have lion and griffin nightmares tonight 😆😫 I am new to gold stacking myself but unlike you I'm absolutely loving this journey, since I started buying gold I never thought that I made the wrong decision, I can't wait for the next opportunity to arrive to buy more gold and when I buy a piece of gold I am already having an eye on the next one. if the time comes when I am desperate for cash then I will have to sell but other than that I don't see any reason to sell my gold or even silver. economy crash, Brexit, uncertainty , PM price going up and down are not good enough reasons for me to sell, I guess I am just too attached to my gold 😂 I joined the forum before I bought anything and the amazing members of this forum helped me a lot, there are so many intelligent people here who will give you the best advice, you just need to ask, I learn a lot from this forum every single day. anyways I wish you the best of luck with your next investment and I'm sure you have learnt a thing or two from this experience.