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  1. See you all tomorrow Morning at sharps pixley lads 🤣
  2. welcome to the forum. don't buy gold to make profit out of it because you might be disappointed, making profit out of gold is a lot more complicated than you think and your faith constantly depends on spot price. it is a good idea to buy gold to preserve and diversify your wealth and keep it for long term, that way your money is protected against the ups and downs of the market, so for example if there is an economic crash or hyper inflation then your wealth is well protected by your gold.
  3. Hello Silver Forum I have been thinking of investing in a modern classic car, the car that I have targeted is a Mercedes 190E W201. The idea Is to find one that has been well kept and looked after and in a good condition, buy it for under £3000, keep it for at least 5 years and take her for a ride once every weekend to keep her in good shape and do all the maintenance and then hopefully after 5 or 6 years when she becomes a real classic car, sell her for a good profit. what do you guys think about it ? has anyone here had any experience with classic cars ? old Mercedes or even 190E in particular ? Any advice would be appreciated .
  4. My friend I would not invest in gold to make profit, invest in gold to preserve and diversify your wealth. nowdays that people are obsessed with shopping and we satisfy our buying desire by buying a lot of things that we don't really need and end up wasting a lot of money on a lot of unnecessary stuff, buying gold can be a very healthy habit indeed, and if you keep buying things that you don't need, one day unfortunately you will have to sell things that you desparatly need, Whereas if you keep buying gold, you are just saving your money and when the day comes to sell you will have no problem selling your gold at all and if spot price is kind to you, you might make a nice profit as well, you see that is the beauty of gold. obviously sovereigns are good to buy and very easy to sell but if you don't want to confuse yourself to begin with just save your money a little bit longer and buy a one ounce coin, that way you know you have a coin with one ounce pure gold in it and you also pay less premium on a one ounce coin compare to fractional coins. buy a one ounce Britannia, canadiana maple, American eagle, krugerrand etc, these are all easy to buy and easy to sell. Goo Luck.
  5. will it go under £1000 again ? I hope so
  6. welcome to the forum
  7. yes try to save your money for a longer period of time so that you can buy a bigger piece of gold each time and pay less premium. also stay as close to spot price as you possibly can and avoid any high premium coins.
  8. I don't think so
  9. Welcome to the silver forum
  10. breakfast is my favourite meal of the day as well, I love breakfast so much that everyday I have at least two breakfasts, sometimes even three lol. My favourite breakfast place is Raul's in London Warwick Avenue, their Egg Benedict with Ham is from heaven.