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  1. Pritchard

    First oz

    Be careful, you might start a long debate ive used Hatton. i work near them, easy and straightforward, no postal concerns as i can walk in.
  2. I read your opening post, didnt read the next few pages. : _ ) we all have our own ideas on how things work. I am a similar age to yourself, and similar situation. to cover my mindset in an absolute nutshell - morgage rates are so low, that even cash savings accounts have a higher rate of interest - i ran some calculators comparing overpaying vs 'saving' in an average rate of return in a stock tracker, and realised that for similar invested, an investment would pay the morgage for me. - as such, i now have a couple of passive income streams that pay for my mortgage, so when my is due its 2 yearly renewals, i take out a small amount to cover home improvements. - my investment in gold and silver was a diversification again negative stok (and ultimately, house price!) movements. q - due to house price increases, my next re-morg will probably be used to get a buy to let (i am aware of tax rules). i guess the best thing you can do is get some ideas, and then run some math. thats what i have done, and whether i am riight or wrong in my choices, at least i can say i have gone in eyes open and i understand my why and why nots. My little post here is masively thin, so someone will read and find more holes than substance. but thats fine. brainstorm.
  3. * £5 Soverign @ Hatton Garden * Just seen this, if it interests anyone. I assume (assume!) that this might be a proof coin that someone has opened and traded in? Either way, i imagine these dont appears at the trade desk too often https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/gold-sovereign-five-pound-coin
  4. well, actually..... Thats your checkmate. How many coins do they make per day for Proof, (this are hand finished, this takes hours per coin). How many per hour for Bullion.(they can strike 250 an hour!!) Work that out on an hourly rate. now you know where the premium comes from. xx
  5. @shortstack68 did you write the article for money week? lol. i thouhg tit was clear the discussion wasnt about the gold content. Its like comparing a Golf with a Golf GTI. Both have the same badge, sterring wheel and has 4 wheels. a golf is a golf. but you pay extra for the extra time spent developing that engine and the fancy aero kit
  6. i think the problem, unless i am being daft, is that the article is comparing the cost of bullion, vs the cost of a Proof coin. and not understanding why the price is so different. which as the @Shinus73 said above, in few words - its a bad article.
  7. hhahahahahahaha oh thats great, one of the comments i will quote ''how much does it cost to bury gold in the back of your garden'', which he ranted on after talking about storing it safely. last i checked, digging only cost dirt.
  8. Pritchard


    Private market (forum sellers) would noramlly be cheaper than the shps too. the shops often charge a few % over spot, and then also 20% on top for VAT.
  9. SOLD. payment received, will leave feedback for the nee member Many thanks all for a lovely trouble free selling experience.
  10. Buy It Now. At lunchtime, it wil lbe off the market and this thread will be closed.
  11. If they are what i think they are, they are just commemorative medals. the 1935 jubilie one *should* be made of silver from what ive found. you can see some on ebay for £15 The 1937 - not sure on the metal type. but i cant find any results on its Tail face, only the Head. results ive found show a different tail.
  12. I havent seen your linky (as i am at work) but there a few other chaps who publish their sheets too.... My 6th Sense detects a Speadsheet War coming all the same, thanks for sharing.
  13. Thanks. i will 'stock up' on those then for the next stack. good point on the 'mini' coins of fractional values. I cant understand why the Brits dont seem to be that liquid, having had several size variations in my hands comparing Sovs and Brits side by side, the Brits are so much more pretty. They really make the Sovs look like a copper coin. but hey.