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  1. Pritchard

    Any ideas what these are.

    If they are what i think they are, they are just commemorative medals. the 1935 jubilie one *should* be made of silver from what ive found. you can see some on ebay for £15 The 1937 - not sure on the metal type. but i cant find any results on its Tail face, only the Head. results ive found show a different tail.
  2. REDUCED £1,000 buys the Britannia. Delivered
  3. Pritchard

    Spreadsheet For Your Stack

    I havent seen your linky (as i am at work) but there a few other chaps who publish their sheets too.... My 6th Sense detects a Speadsheet War coming all the same, thanks for sharing.
  4. Pritchard

    The Better Seller - 24ct or 22ct British

    Thanks. i will 'stock up' on those then for the next stack. good point on the 'mini' coins of fractional values. I cant understand why the Brits dont seem to be that liquid, having had several size variations in my hands comparing Sovs and Brits side by side, the Brits are so much more pretty. They really make the Sovs look like a copper coin. but hey.
  5. 1/2 Brits all sold Last item remaining: 1oz Gold Britannia.... seeking new home. Make me an offer.
  6. 2x 1/2 Brit Provisionally sold. Awaiting payment.
  7. Pritchard

    The Better Seller - 24ct or 22ct British

    Hi, having had some problems with stale stock, i have a question: Sovereigns seem very popular on the secondary market. But, as a smaller fraction, what would be the better seller? (Bullion only - nothing proof or numis). The 1/10 Brit, 24ct. The Half Sov, 22ct I am going to rebuild a stack as i was quite happy with the process and fun buying and selling one ive just 'finished' (sold). but next time, i want to avoid any slower sales if i can. Lesson learnt i guess. I amagine alot of you may never sell anything, and simply buy only. so, if there was a for sale thread, which do you think would sell first of these two? or, which would you buy out of these two? OR, have i missed anything else smaller than a full sov that is also quite liquid? thanks
  8. @Sal, Ultimately, it actually doesnt matter. In the UK (unless its different in the US) the responsibility is with the Seller to ensure items are delivered. If an item goes missing, it is my responsibility. In this case, i would defer to Royal Mail and the insurance taken out. But for you as a buyer, if an item doesnt arrive the Seller gives the refund. It is me out of pocket. So, your concern for my pocket is most kind. . The reason why we as sellers get the correct value of cover, and tracking, is that trust goes both ways. its very easy for a buyer to say 'it didnt arrive', if a cheap non-recorded delivery option was used. I wont be saying anything more on this, on this thread. You may continue this in your recent comments on @BackyardBullion's thread if you like, as you seem to be repeated the subject here in an off topic manner. Many Thanks for your interest in Royal Mail... Coins still for sale.
  9. This has been answered. @Sal if you would like to send me a PM thats fine, or if you would like to start a new thread discussing the British Royal Mail on this side of the pond thats also fine. But please, this is my For Sale thread. You have the answers which relate to the sending of my packages.
  10. All of my items are sent by Royal Mail Insured special delivery, and i get more cover than the price of the coins. One buyer from this list had cover for £2000, which i have the receipt from Royal Mail stating that is what i paid for. Nothing is sent by chance, because that is silly.
  11. Gold prices have dropped a little. Make me an offer, or i will be withdrawing sale.
  12. Pritchard

    How not to do a 1kg gold pour

    i watched this on mute, so didnt get the commentary... but looks like he made a nice little mess :P)
  13. Pritchard

    Security when buying in person

    ive fired a Gustav..... unsubscribing from this one, i see its going nowhere near personal address security like the OP mentioned.
  14. Pritchard

    Trading gold for silver

    When you go to the For Sale, and you make a Sale thread, theres an option to select the type: The Sale, Wanted, Exchange, Experession of Interest. just click the required radio button.
  15. Pritchard

    Security when buying in person

    I got really pssd off with my Post Office this week, when i was sending off a 1/2 oz gold Brit. It was sealed, obviously, with address on etc. I said to send it Special Delivery. and the convo went: 'whats inside?' 'it needs insuring for £500 please' 'whats inside?' 'it needs insuring for £500. Can i have the tracking number please?' ' i need to know whats inside' I was so annoyed. i had a queue of people behind me. in the end i said 'a coin'. didnt want to say 'gold'. Now at least 3 local OAPs getting their pension that morning know i ship at least 1 coin of high value, and therfore may have more. :@