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  1. Craig17g

    closed Completed

    The coins arrived today, as described and well packaged. Many thanks
  2. Craig17g

    closed Completed

    I'd like one of each if still available
  3. When do you think the unboxing video will land in my sub box? 😬
  4. I can’t wait to see the unboxing of this ridiculous haul. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the video more than receiving the stuff I’ve ordered ?
  5. I think I am going to order a 10oz queens beast coin on the order, do they come in the capsule?
  6. Craig17g

    Clueless Newbie

    Thanks BYB. Regardless of what happens to the global economy, gold and silver seem like a safe bet to me, and fun too. I’ve explained to my wife that from now on every gift I give her will be 999 silver - she seems ok with it ?
  7. Craig17g

    Clueless Newbie

    Thank you all for the great advice. I clearly have a lot to learn. I may not have explained my goals too clearly, I am not necessarily looking for a quick turnaround profit, I think as Backyard Bullion put it I see it as a “storage of wealth”, and a protection against the mad inflation that may be coming when the dollar collapses. That’s where I see me buying quantities of Britannia’s. However the natural collector in me may wish to buy the odd Queens Beast type coin which I would like to admire. I understand putting them on display may seem like a stupid thing to do but I own a few original paintings that I hang on my wall and admire on a daily basis. I sort of see it as a similar thing?
  8. Craig17g

    Clueless Newbie

    I am new to the silver stacking world and addicted already. Just joined the forum having found out about it from BYB’s YouTube channel. Just looking for some guidance on storing silver. I was planning on just using Tupperware to store bullion which I see as investment based on the hope of the spot price of silver increasing, is this stupid? How do people store silver? I may also buy the odd premium coin that I would like to enjoy in a frame or display box, again is this stupid? I understand these question may seem ridiculous to some of you but I literally didn’t even know you could buy this stuff until 5 days ago.