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  1. LOL sorry! https://amzn.to/31MGsn6 Best one we have used just in case the other half (likely you) wants to start Sous Vide.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFuaxD-0PKLolFR3gWhrMw I might of just cost you hours and hours of your life, youre welcome! There are just so many good things you can do with them, over all though its about cooking food perfectly every time and being super easy, bag it, put the machine on and walk away come back whenever you need it.
  3. Have it for our kitchen too, we cook a lot sous vide and its a huge space saver, we have a lot of frozen stuff vac sealed saving space over boxes. All our fruit gets vac sealed and put in the freezer (mixing fruit and portioning them for smoothies is great too). Just such a great item to have all round, kitchen and metals too lol
  4. I send everything this way, the main reason being a lot of the coins I sell are without capsules from tubes and this has a number of benefits to it. If you use gloves to handle the coins and then vac seal them you should be able to help with milking, it stops placing coins against other materials or exposing them to anything that might have an effect on them. It makes it easier to package giving them some solidity, stops them hitting each other in transport without having to wrap in layer after layer too. The person unwrapping them can do so without having to touch them too. Lots of other bonuses to it but ultimately I just like how it vac seals, letting you view the coins without exposing them to anything. I tend to vac seal everything I have in storage to avoid dust, oils, handling etc even in capsules or boxes just to protect them, never know when your roof might blow off, safe pops open and your proof boxes all get rained on. Just to add: It is food safe plastic so I would think fine for the coins to be in contact with (Not sure though!)
  5. Non taken at all, I had a quick look round at some proofs and they were super high but thought I'd ask what you were looking for as the proof has caught my eye now (thanks for that by the way, another gold proof to obsess over lol) PM me with a number I am interested given the right price.
  6. No problem good luck with the trade!
  7. Just bullion, proof is way out of my price range.
  8. If anyone has one in great condition and willing to sell please leave me a message. Have some items to trade for it to if thats of more interest to some.
  9. @BackyardBullion has the makings of a great YouTube video, filling in test drills. Add your own marks to it then send it to the Edinburgh assay see if you can do a video of them doing their drill hole and filling too.
  10. Would you consider a trade for any of them other than a 1oz QB? I have a number of items up for trade.
  11. Looking to trade for one of the 1/4 gold Queens Beast series. Must be in great condition. Trade offers: 2013 Proof Half Sovereign + The Gruffalo 2019 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin 1/4 Proof Queens Beasts Lion with marks/scratches 2013 Proof Half Sovereign + 1996 Proof 1/10th (1/10th has some spotting)
  12. I have a lovely 2017 1oz gold Britannia with your name on, this one has special powers and will 100% protect you from Brexit.