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  1. Just packing up a coin right now for a forum member, sealed it, placed it inside a capsule and then sealed the capsule too. I have an obsession with sealing up the coins I send, much as @5huggy said, it provides a anti scratch layer, stops things rattling round or hitting each other in transit and I tend to seal my own collection too, lets me easily take things out move them round and protects them. Added bonus if you get double clear sealing bags you can view your coin without taking out the whites all the time. Its so cheap these days to buy the whole kit too, its well worth the small investment in my opinion, plus the real purpose of them is to store and cook foods too.
  2. Would you be interested in a 2013 half proof sov plus £110 cash your way both paying our own shipping?
  3. Price: 1oz Gold Queens Beast Griffin - £1510 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery 2013 Half Proof Sov - £220 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery Payment: Bank transfer Important notes: UK postage only 2013 Sov - All marks are on the capsule Trade options for 1oz QB Griffin: 5x 1/4 Gold Queens Beasts - Griffin, Dragon, Falcon, Yale, Unicorn or White Lion - all coins must be in perfect condition Gold 2018 Perth Mint Rectangular Dragon coin + £275 Trade options for 2013 Half Proof Sov: 1/4 Gold Queens Beasts - Griffin, Dragon, Falcon, Yale, Unicorn or White Lion with £110 cash your way. Open to silver weight trade offers