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  1. Surely good sense should be congratulated though when using the these types of things to ones advantage. A good decision is totally subjective when it comes to collecting coins too, your reason for collecting might be totally different to mine and Robert Browning might of thought us both fools for even collecting coins in the first place. Some would see hand poured silver as total rip off and others love it for craft not the metal. At the end of the day you should do whatever makes you the happiest or makes the most sense for your own context. If you spend all your times worrying about what other people are doing you will miss out on all the fun!
  2. Have it in hand, unopened. £110 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery. Payment by BT or PayPal f&f
  3. Robjw

    withdrawn Gruffalo Silver Proof

    Sorry for that, I have changed the thread option and adjusted the post.
  4. No interest so withdrawn.
  5. Robjw

    Finally own the sun, the moon and the earth.

    They look amazing!
  6. Would you be interested in a swap for 2oz of silver in the form of these bars linked below, both paying our own signed for royal mail? 1oz Perth Mint Dragon Bars - Bullionbypost.co.uk
  7. Wondered what people thought about the new gold and silver Britannia bars from the Royal Mint. Would these be worth buying for an increase in premium value down the road (Assuming they change the design)?
  8. Yes it is working fine, it was my fail sorry.
  9. It did not work when I selected shipping either so I removed it and tried without a shipping method but got the same. Figured out I had a space at the start of the coupon which makes it invalid, I did read the original post but still failed like a newbie lol thanks for sharing the coupon though BYB.
  10. Coupon is not currently working @BackyardBullion, thank you for the coupon though always nice to add an extra oz to my stack.