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  1. Price: £1525 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery Payment: Bank transfer Important notes: Comes in a capsule to big for it UK postage only Will to part trade for 1/4 gold Queens Beast (not the Lion, must be in perfect condition)
  2. I do like the different options but its a little sad to see the first silver proof be added back just in another form.
  3. Finally in a queue, not sure why im happy to be in a queue though, The Royal Mint are messing with my head. Edit: I was in the queue, I was being redirected to the website and now back to host error, officially messing with me.
  4. Stuck at Cloudflare host offline for me sadly 😥
  5. Id just settle for being able to view them at this point.
  6. Nice to see their website holding up 🤣
  7. Still looking, open to close offers too, send me a PM. Have a few items to trade, proof half sov, proof 1/4 lion with some marks and a few 1/10th brits
  8. Looking to pay £325 delivered Must be in fantastic condition no marks or issues.
  9. Robjw

    withdrawn Withdrawn

    Last chance before packing them away for while.
  10. Tricky isnt it given that the counterfeits are getting far better and the only real way to test for the average person is to remove it and lose value. Its been a good story to follow though and indeed he can
  11. Fantastic news, glad it was not a fake after all. Big credit to the forum and a huge thanks to @vicamyfor the use of the sigma.
  12. Robjw

    withdrawn Withdrawn

    Big price reduction, need a sale before the end of the weekend.