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  1. It is a beautiful thing, it's why I wanted them myself and I doubt I'll be letting go of mine anytime soon fingers crossed. Really looking forward to see what the 2020 version will look like.
  2. Just throwing my experience out there, I have had a number of issues with single coins and premium coins in capsules, milking, rim issues and capsules with damage. I messaged them on delivery and I can hand on heart say they have been exceptional when it comes to addressing those issues. The staff I dealt with were fast in responding and did all they could to resolve my complaints. I wont go into the details of how they resolved it for me personally as each individual issue is just that an individual issue but I can say it worked out favourably for me. They do price match on a lot of stock, they have good stock selection and they package things really well. They do have issues but they will try their best to resolve these and I know when you do feedback they try their best to address it, if needed change their website and process from that feedback. I would say that this case is an extreme and I can understand the upset of course I can but I would message them and explain the issues, I would be very shocked if they did not address this to a point were both parties are happy with the outcome. Hope it all works out for you Pete and I totally agree sharing experiences here is what makes the forum a great place but I would say you need to give the company a chance to make things right first before writing them off entirely as a poor company.
  3. Poor Griffin just wants a new home for Christmas, its sat close to my stack of gold but not in it so feeling super lonely.
  4. No problem, hopefully you find the others too.
  5. I have a Griffin up for sale.