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  1. Think this is a really weird post and has no real point. I agree with @sixgun it is opening yourself up to being targeted. Oh a 68 year old with 20,000 Oz of silver easy pickings. Please do not make yourself a target.
  2. This is where your tax cuts, VAT refunds and other benefits come into play though. BYB uses 4 rooms in your house to run the business (How many ever it is), this includes internet, water, electric, rent / mortgage, car to post things at local post office, posting things to the assay office, equipment and food (all the way down to the paperclips) etc all of which will return money you would not otherwise been able to claim back. Fees and costs to do business across multiple online or offline platforms all become write offs. I know it is a weird and stressful time right now for the BYB household but if you havnt already I would seek some advice on how to maximise your business benefits, the government will make sure they squeeze every single penny from you and in return you should do the same to them.
  3. Hopefully that puts an end to it for you, others should follow your lead and send emails too. They should of included an opt-out for post too, maybe people emailing should bring that up, I know they do not have to legally but who knows they might if enough people complain.
  4. @kimchi @Bullionaire have had the same issues after buying from them. Bullionaire had sent a letter asking for them to stop but was ignored so needed to also send an email, not sure what happened from there.
  5. It really depends on how long you are going to be investing for and how much you are looking to invest, if you are one of those people who buy then want to sell the next week or month you will very likely lose money. ( I say this assuming the price roughly stays the same in the short term ) Their spread across buy and sell plus their fees means the price of silver for example would need to move £2 or so higher for you to just break even on your purchase. The other problem is their buy and sell can be out by over 50p for silver and £5 - £10 for gold, thats before their fees. I know that might seem silly 50p or £5 difference but it starts to add up when you have to sell at 50p or £5 the other side of spot plus their fees too. It really does depends on your context, how much you are investing, how long for, what metal are you looking at etc. There are a lot of pros and cons to it but again these all come from what your context would be. If you could maybe share a little about what you are looking to do I might be able to help a little more.
  6. You are moving away from my point though, I understand what you are saying when it comes to H&B but my argument was that Chards, the company posting under their own brand on the forum should not be attacking another company because their deal was mentioned. In monetary terms at least it was a great deal and there was no reason for Chards to then call this company out for how they operate, true or not. This is not a personal thing at all, I would of called out any company doing the same. Ive admitted it already, I let this get to me more than it should of and ive apologised for that too but I will not just be called out for my opinion and let it go unquestioned either like you said in your last post, on principle. As for everything you pointed out, vulnerable people, lying to upsell and all the other issues with H&B, I think it is disgusting what they do and people that have bought from them facing the same problems should report them, even start a thread here on the forum so that others can be aware of it.
  7. Hopefully they stop after getting your email, I think a lot of companies who spam their customers wont stop unless you have recorded delivery or as you have done today email them asking for it to stop.
  8. Ill just go with the one that stands out the most, "dishonest selling" thats an attack at another company. Interesting I assume they have first hand knowledge because they work for H&B on the weekend? If Ian made an account and wanted to give his "first and experience as a customer" feedback then by all means and I would of ignored the post and gone about my day. However as the post is by a company account for a company sale I find it very unprofessional to "attack" another company because they cant compete on their deals. Well you spent an hour on the phone to them so clearly it wasnt that big of a deal to you anyway, lesson learnt for the future and now you can share you feedback on the forum about their marketing. When they have another deal in the future you can avoid buying anything.
  9. 2 - 3 - 4 or 10 makes no difference, whats nonsense is you defending another company attacking another for their marketing tactics, you took advantage of a deal and in that deal you were fully aware that they are going to try and sell you to make up for that loss in some way. As for looking after each other not really sure what that means in regards to the amount you could buy, I do apologise I thought it was 2 but clearly I was mistaken. Report them, dont use a email you care about getting spam email on and dont use your correct phone number, removes those problems right out the gate and after all youre taking advantage of their deal but then crying about the personal cost of you buying them. You were aware of their "tactics" as you stated so you cant then cry foul. Accusing another company of dishonest selling in relation to their own deals being called out is again nonsense, nothing professional about that at all. I stated many times over that I was also very grateful that they engage on the forum and post here, I assume you missed that part on my posts. You have a company, they list coins for at stupid prices, as a knowledgeable person in the PM world you understand that these are stupid prices and do not buy them. If someone else does because they could not be bothered to research the prices before buying then that is their choice, ignorance is not a valid excuse. I agree they would be ridiculed and I personally would never buy from them unless it was one of those crazy deals. Thank you for the feedback, our prices are set at the lowest we can offer as a business but if we have a better single sale or deal in the future we will be sure to post and let people know. The H&B was a great deal but from what we hear they are really aggressive and end up spamming you with marketing to make up for the losses they take when running such deals. We have much better selection of coins compared to H&B and our prices are much more realistic right across our products. The above is what I call professional, it doesnt call another company and accuse them of dishonest selling or being shady in some way, regardless of if they are right or not. Its bad form in my eyes. In other more legal forms its called slander. Either way its nothing personal, it was me giving my feedback on a company not an individual, you took what I said and decided to make it about me personally like I feel dealers signing up to the forum is aggressive marketing, I said some people might, not that I do.
  10. You bought 3 bullion Sovs at a great price, cheaper than you can get them anywhere else, so cheap in fact that you bought 3 of them when I thought it was 2 per household. For this you are expected to get some sort of marketing from them as they attempt to recover losses from the offer. As for the email spam, phone calls and post: I have an email for purchases that I keep separate from my personal email, the reason being that for the last couple of decades emails have been spammed by just about anyone you give your email out to, thats not just H&B, Amazon spam me daily and is why I only ever give out my personal email to people I want to receive emails from. Phone calls are easy to stop, do not call anymore or I will have to report you to my phone provider, even better, dont give them your correct phone number but ultimately try not to stay on the phone to them for an hour, they will get the message and stop calling, not all people are into wasting hours of their time on calls, thats businesses included. Post is another easy one, in the bin you go. I get spam post all the time from people I have never heard of, its a part of life. (I even asked royal mail not to deliver junk post) H&B had a great sale on a coin, Chards asked for feedback on their sale where some items on "sale" were cheaper other places without a sale, H&B were highlighted as an example of what a sale should be in some eyes and from that Chards started to rip into other companies marketing tactics instead of addressing what was being said about their sale prices. I am not defending H&B and their tactics however, at the end of the day you got a great price. Most understood they would attempt to recover their money by trying to up sell and get you to purchase coins way overpriced, you knew this, people pointed it out before and its been said before. H&B are and have been very aggressive with phone calls, emails and post but I am sure Chards post, email and call their customers too, it might not be as aggressively but they do the same thing just like all other businesses. So it is and was totally unreasonable to justify their "sale" by shifting over to another companies marketing tactics.
  11. Thank you for all the advice I will look to use it when I next put something up for sale.
  12. I tend to look at Ebay too and place like Bullionbypost, Chards but their prices are a lot higher than what I see sell on here, which is a big part of why I struggle to know what I should price it for. (Without VAT of course) Thank you, I will stalk @arshimo2012 for a while 😁 I would imagine a lot of the bigger sellers have a better price range though too, I was looking for more the average seller who has bought a few oz here and there over the year and just wants to free up some money to buy newer coins or towards a bigger purchase. I sort of feel like to sell on here I need to take a loss but I feel even more for those who bought at £30 per ounce so maybe should not complain as much lol
  13. So I have been here for a while now, lurked for a while before making an account too and I have always struggled on how best to price silver coins I wish to sell. Feedback and seller trust aside, I find it really difficult to price for this forum, being a buyer friendly forum makes it more difficult when trying to find this balance of price and value for both. Really interested to see how other people who sell here come up with their prices so I can better understand how I should go about it too.
  14. I apologise too, totally come across as a **** in my posts but as I say it just triggered me and I could not let it go. Once again though, I really am grateful you post deals and sales here when you have them. Now how many thousands do I need to spend to make it up to you? seriously though thank you again and best of luck with the sale some really nice coins there.
  15. It absolutely was a reaction to the to the post by @Fastnick when he mentioned other sales by other companies. This is 100% bad mouthing another company for their marketing tactics and over priced products as stated by you in that quote, "Loss leader", "get you on their mailing list after GDPR", "Fan of up selling", "flog them more expensive over priced coins", "their ploy", "we refrain from this type of marketing and aim to sell in an (honest) way" and finally (paraphrasing)their deal is so good you must be getting had in some way. So you dont sign up to forums and post your sales on them, you dont use your own mailing list and you never sell over priced coins? Sorry but I just do not agree, you should of just gone with: We post the best prices we can to keep our business going, sometimes we come in cheaper than others, other times we are a little higher but overall we try our best to price competitive. What you did was try to justify your prices by bad mouthing those mentioned giving better sales.