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    rob6 reacted to KDave in Public supports parliament shut down to achieve Brexit   
    Interesting poll out, 44% of the public support Boris bypassing the traitors in parliament entirely. 37% oppose, 19% don't have a clue. Interesting breakdown by party;
    76% of conservatives support parliament shut down.
    32% of Labour support.
    25% of Libdems agree that Mr Johnson should achieve Brexit "by any means" 
    The ComRes study also found widespread disillusionment with MPs themselves, with 88% of those polled feeling Parliament is "out of touch" with the British public.
    Some 89% feel MPs "ignore the wishes of voters and push their own agendas" on Brexit.
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    rob6 reacted to Alun in Full gold Sovereign wooden box 24 coin   
    Hi All. 
    Ive made some smaller sovereign box's for the guys that couldn't get the larger variety in the safe 😁
    Same great Quality wooden box with a removable tray which means it can hold 24 full sovereigns over 2 levels.in the custom fit foam trays( snug fit) 
    Hidden magnetic catch and concealed pivot hinges.
    20x14x5cm approx
    Limited number @£48
    UK postage £4 
    International postage at cost
    Many Thanks

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    rob6 got a reaction from Chicagodogs in Hello Everyone   
    Hi and welcome to the forum
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    rob6 reacted to 5huggy in Today I Received.....   
    Proper  antiquity  - awesome bud!  I love unusual stuff like this
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    rob6 reacted to Chicagodogs in Hello Everyone   
    Just joined a few minutes ago. I live in the States near Chicago. I start collecting silver generic bars, then sold at $35, on the way down from $49. Then just ASEs, no numismatics. Until I saw the Queens Beasts. My stack is mainly ASE, but now I'm getting into collecting shiny 9999 silver.
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    rob6 reacted to MikeG1978 in Wanted Queens beast unicorns   
    I was wondering if anyone has spares I am looking for 2 ideally 
    Many thanks 
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    rob6 reacted to Alun in Current Wooden box's   
    Some of my current box's below.
    Some in stock some in production as we speak.
    New batch of Queens Beasts done
    Prices vary between £41 & £65
    Happy to post worldwide at cost
    Comment or message for details.

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    rob6 reacted to FoolzGold in Boris Johnson as PM Commemorative 50p   
    I've got my order in for the Boris Johnson PM commemorative 50p piece... 😁

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    rob6 reacted to jonrms in I missed Friday's video   
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    rob6 reacted to Xander in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    I would only buy hallmarked silver as it has been authenticated. I don't have the means to test and don't think it's worth the bother, for me that is.
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    rob6 reacted to TeaTime in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    Yes, it matters to me on anything that's not a coin or certified silver bar. And i mean a proper hallmark not a '925' stamp that joe bloggs can buy off Ebay for £2.
    I am suspicious of any silver sold without a hallmark. And when i say suspicious i mean i have lost money in the past due to fraud. As far as i am concerned no-one should be able to sell silver items without a hallmark. 'Bullion' home-made bars etc included.
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    rob6 reacted to jonrms in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    We are both on the same page, I started this topic and pole with a view to understanding what others think, and hopefully educating them too. 
    It's not a cheap and a service you can cheat. And to be honest I prefer to Hallmark as you do MASTER 😎😎 because I know I am well within the law. 
    There are soo many other factors that are never considered when selling your poured silver in the UK  I recently has to get the dreaded "business insurance " oooh that was fun. 
    How are you on that @BackyardBullion ??? 
    I have a £750,000 Machine and good policy,
    And a £100,000 damage 
    Plus more I won't get into. 😱😱😱😱
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    rob6 reacted to BackyardBullion in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    Regarding PURE Scottish silver advertising Hallmarking as an optional extra, I am nowhere near well versed enough to determine whether this is illegal to do.
    If it is an item that could be classified as "bullion" or a bar/round/sheet etc then it is not a problem. 
    The issue is that of interpretation - if a trading standards officer interprets differently to you then you could very easily have a visit from Plod and find yourself at very least fighting a legal battle over the definition of "bullion".
    Charging for a Hallmark is fine - but it should not be an optional extra in my opinion. Either commit and do it or stay within the confines of the exemption list is my advice.
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    rob6 reacted to BackyardBullion in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    When does something stop becoming bullion?
    This is the main question.
    Personally I think that a Hallmark adds more value to the piece than it will cost to have done (in the long run of course).
    Without Hallmarking I would not be doing this as a business, it's the USP and this is why I will always Hallmark 
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    rob6 reacted to jonrms in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    By law the easy to read black and white paper is this.
    Bullion does not need to be hallmarked.  
    Jewellery does, 
    However then there are a TONNE of grey areas. 
    I think BYB and I agree not to have issues or hassle. 
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    rob6 reacted to Oldun in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    It would appear so
    @BackyardBullion can help you further but everything should be in the link I have provided.
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    rob6 reacted to sixgun in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    By silver bullion i take it you mean silver bars and other silver 'lump' items. The majority don't have a silver hallmark - most of what i have in this category are US - Australian made. i will still buy them. Would i prefer there were hallmarks on everything - yes but this just isn't the reality by a long way so i have to accept it the way it is.
    If i were in the business of making quality handmade silver in the UK, i think it is a bit of a no brainer to get it hallmarked. 
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    rob6 reacted to HighlandTiger in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    It's been good enough for silver makers for hundreds of years, why stop now?
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    rob6 reacted to jonrms in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    I will always Hallmark my silver to give confidence that your buying genuine 999 silver, this way and in my case, you can trust that the art and purity is exactly as described.  
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    rob6 reacted to Panda6Pack in 2019 Chiwoo Cheonwang 1oz Fine Silver 1 Clay Coin   
    2019 Chiwoo Cheonwang 1 Clay 1oz Fine Silver 
    This is the fourth of an annual release.
    £20.60 in capsule.plus p&p of your choosing. 
    Good stock available.
    Payment by PayPal F&F (G&S add fees)

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    rob6 reacted to MikeG1978 in Today I Received.....   
    Had these lovely sets of proof libertads turn up today 
    😍 possibly start of an addiction they are stunning 

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    rob6 reacted to Goldmick in 1oz gold queens beast lion now £1350   
    Hi all selling my lovely 1oz gold queens beast lion. Gold price is high at the moment so not really good time to sell. I am not in a hurry to sell it and dont mind if it does not sell. My price is £1400 high price but these are going for big money at the moment. Check out bullion by post price lol.