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  1. Thanks for all your help, now sorted. Cheers Rob
  2. I'm looking for a "1951" penny to complete the year collection. I have the crown down to the farthing, just the 1d missing, all fine to v. fine but any grade considered. Easy to find complete sets, but I only need the penny to complete, if anyone can help ?!?!? Thanks all
  3. Only in my dreams, unfortunately. What a superb set of coins. Should have no problem selling, good luck.
  4. Looking for 1989 bill of rights silver "Piedfort" coin capsule, if anyone has one spare, or knows where to get one? Thanks Rob
  5. Arrived today. 1st ever coin sent for grading, and what a result! Thanks Numi
  6. Buzzzz Buzzzz Bud........ "BEAUTIFUL"
  7. Some beautiful pours there Jon, Good luck with sales. Can't wait to have my orders completed 😋, You are welcome to show them off to the forum if you would like. Cheers Bud
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum