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  1. rob6

    £1 Value Help

    @Jimmock Yes I'v got almost all of them except the few that came from sets. Thanks for your input.
  2. rob6

    £1 Value Help

    The more opinions the better, Thanks
  3. rob6

    £1 Value Help

    I was hoping that one or two of the good people in the Forum, could offer their opinions on the value (purchase or sale) on the "complete" round "£1 Silver Proof" coin, consecutive date run, from 1983 up to and including the new 2017 12 sided Nations of the Crown. 35 in total The coins are, for the vast majority in excellent condition, with the odd light toning on one or two of the earlier ones. Any ball park figure would be appreciated from as many members as possible, or if you know of, or seen a set for sale, that would be even better. The more people that reply, even if it's a guess, will help in the assessment.
  4. rob6

    completed 2019 Sov's

    Thanks @kimchi Have done so, Cheers mate, Rob
  5. rob6

    completed 2019 Sov's

    That's fine, send me delivery details and I'll get posted today. Cheers Rob
  6. 2 Full Sovereigns £300 each including postage Special Delivery. PP F&F Prefered As bought, encapsulated with C of A and sleeve,
  7. Just found a set the same for only £5 more so will reduce to "£125"
  8. Up for grabs is this set of "piedfort" 2005 Silver Proof 200th Anniversary NELSON-TRAFALGAR 2 Coin Set. Including CoA, Box, and outer sleeve, all in good condition. The coins show a small amount of toning, but you have to look for it. The outer sleeve has a few creases on the ends, but nothing major. £145 plus postage of choice PP F&F preferred Now "£135" plus postage of choice, Just found a set the same for only £5 more so will reduce to "£125"
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum
  11. Still looking...........
  12. rob6


    Hi, and welcome to the forum