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  1. rob6

    completed 2017 Perth mint silver coins

    yes please, I'll PM you
  2. rob6

    completed American flag 1oz bar

    2 please. I'll PM you
  3. Congratulations @Ryan PM sent
  4. I'm selling the (1oz Silver) Full set of four coins, in capsules ยฃ120, plus postage of choice. Paypal F&F only please.
  5. rob6


    Hi, and welcome Phil
  6. Looking for the Lunar ll 1oz Dragon without any privy. I am willing to purchase, or exchange for 1oz either :- Goat, monkey, rooster (all with lion privy), or Ox (without privy). Also any advice on selling price of various Lunar ll, 3 coin, 2oz, 1oz, and 1/2 oz , BU sets?? I have the, Dragon, Goat, Dog, Snake, and Rabbit sets, but no idea of a fair asking price, (so I wouldn't loose out and the purchaser would get a good deal). I have the Snake set with the 5, and 10oz coins to add if interested, (just to make it more complicated) Thanks in advance Rob
  7. rob6

    China dragon dollar re-strike

    Did the same with me, I have some of those, but non of the Tientsin
  8. Confirmed. Thank you!๏ปฟ
  9. I've got a "WW1 Centenary proof like,2014 one crown, 1gm gold coin. if your interested, google to see the details.
  10. rob6

    for sale Silver & Copper World of Dragons "The Aztec"

    2 copper please
  11. You'll be offering me the snowman at a price I can't refuse next. Just because I haven't got one..........
  12. Will you please stop doing this to me...... Sold to the bird man again
  13. rob6

    completed Struck on the Day Sovereign 2015

    Arrived today in perfect condition, a beautiful coin. Thank you. Rob