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  1. Yes please, me as well. I was born '51 (shhhh). Cheers
  2. All 7 Silver 2oz in capsules, £295 posted SD
  3. It was supposed to be joke !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks Roy, that comment means we get 20% less silver for the same price ???? shouldn't have said anything....... 😂😂😂
  5. Sorry to hear your bad experience with this coin/round, and the response " this is normal for older silver coins and a sign of genuine silver" in my opinion is absolute rubbish. And I concur with the previous comment that it will be a good idea to "name and shame" the supplier, so other members are aware of the attitude shown when receiving a genuine complaint. Rob
  6. Hi and welcome to The Silver Forum, you will find lots of members willing to help with your "collecting silver" adventures here.
  7. Nations of the Crown £1 Silver Proof PIEDOFRT please Harry, 1st signed for. Cheers Rob
  8. Hi, and a big welcome to the forum
  9. Thanks for advice, can you recommend any one in particular?
  10. Yes it does, I'll have to check if it makes any difference regarding reflection. Cheers Rob