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  1. You have me down as sending this coin 032 1991 PIEFORT CHINA S10Y PANDA 10TH ANNIVERSARY PF 63 ULTRA CAMEO @rob6 But the other coin submitted with the 2 Una's was the "Silver piedfort George lll" Has the results for that come back? Cheers, Rob6
  2. Even if you're dealing with an thick headed enforcement officer at the door who doesn't understand the law, there are other routes to take which will save you bother. What other routes are available that don't include people knocking on your door and questioning the declaration you've already made on the form?
  3. Have you seen the problems people have if they say they don,t need a TV licence? Watch some of the video's on YouTube and see the hassle they get, If you have a working TV they demand payment regardless of your claims not to watch.
  4. 2019 Wallace and Gromit 30th Anniversary Gold Proof 50p Coin Box and COA, in as from mint condition, complete. £950 Inc. Special Delivery. UK only
  5. rob6


    Hi and welcome to the forum
  6. rob6


    Hi and welcome to the forum
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum from S. Wales
  8. Hi Steve, welcome to TSF from south Wales.
  9. rob6

    Harrington and Byrne

    The two I ordered @£267 each (price when they were first advertised) arrived today, wish I had ordered 3 now!! but happy I got the two at a bargain price.😊
  10. rob6

    Harrington and Byrne

    I have had no issues with the little dealings I've had with them, the only thing that is annoying is the regular mail from them once they have your address they wont stop. Be aware that they only guarantee the price for 7 days, and 2020 Sov's are pre-order.
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum
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