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  1. Delivered today in exquisite condition, a delightful, 46.24 gram bar of what can only be described as "stuff dreams are made of". From a super forum member 1817Karl. A big "THANK YOU" my friend. Oh, and the two coins were nice as well.
  2. If you have them, what would be the cost for 20 posted? Thanks Rob
  3. Hi fellow members, Can anyone recommend the best place to purchase these capsules? The places I have found are asking silly money! Thanks in advance. Rob
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum
  5. Have you seen the mintage on the 1/4 oz gold ? Bound to create an interest for people that collect the series, if there are more than 388 of them, there's going to be a riot.
  6. M J Hugh's Coins are advertising one for sale, but you will have to inquire for price. Good luck on your search, Rob
  7. Last reduction before withdrawing, £120 plus postage of choice
  8. Hi, welcome to the forum
  9. Welcome to the forum Jessica. 👋
  10. Here's a couple next to a normal slab
  11. rob6

    """£1 Value Help"""

    @Jimmock Yes I'v got almost all of them except the few that came from sets. Thanks for your input.