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  1. iesilv

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Will PayPal be an option for future group orders ?
  2. Really appreciate the feedback @kimchi and @Fivepoundfred I'm mainly stacking for weight, but also getting a small variety out of interest (i blame BYB Focus Fridays ). Nothing with huge premiums or proofs but anything that helps preserve them would be great.
  3. Any precautions you might particularly recommend @kimchi? I'm a noob to this silver stacking/collecting and have received some milk spotted coins minted in 2018, and while I'm mainly stacking, i'm keen to limit the milk spotting as much as possible.
  4. iesilv

    How Do I Pay Aurinum?

    I got sent wrong coin too, but after an email or two I got a reply and got it sorted. Did take a little while though.
  5. iesilv

    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome to the forum @mastnejsalam !!
  6. iesilv

    Hello :)

    Welcome to the forum @silvergoldhobbiest !
  7. iesilv

    for sale Half Sovs

    Thanks @sixgun, that's good to know. I was starting to question if I was wise looking for half sov's. May have to resort to bullionbypost in future. Also great to see there is a strong market for them here in the forum's. Enjoy your purchase
  8. iesilv

    How Do I Pay Aurinum?

    Used this service once before, and finally got my coin yesterday. It can be a tad slow alright. I first ordered 26 Sept and the order arrived after about 10 days. But the coin shipped was incorrect, so emailed them back and sorted it out, but took a while for the replacement coin to ship, so after a month I finally have my coin I get the impression it's very much a one-man show, but would use them again. All my communication was in English over email.
  9. iesilv

    for sale Half Sovs

    Damn, just spent my monthly budget on the group order before seeing this. Half sov's don't seem to come up for sale that often, any reason do you know ?
  10. iesilv

    Initiative Q

    Absolutely agree with that !
  11. iesilv

    Initiative Q

    Well, seeing as we are all putting up links, here's mine...... https://initiativeq.com/invite/SBkTqg1nQ
  12. Don't forget the 'Twelve days of Christmas'
  13. iesilv


    Hi and welcome @Rona
  14. iesilv

    New Newb

    Hello and welcome @Jvw !
  15. iesilv


    At least you got something back 👍