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  1. Scuzzle

    Red spots on silver coins

    E-Z-Est Coin Cleaner, just a few seconds in the dip usually brings them up like new.
  2. Scuzzle

    Red spots on silver coins

    I had a 2oz Egyptian Series Anubis get the exact same reddy brown mark in his ear but mine was far worse than yours is. I fixed it with a dunk in the silver dip and a very light burl round with a cotton bud also soaked in silver dip (just like cleaning your ears for real) and this took it away without marking the round.
  3. Messed up my acca, only had Argentina today and Germany tomorrow to get it up.
  4. I just had this video appear in my Youtube notifications, the odd thing is I'm not subscribed to this channel but it popped up as if I was. It's apparently inside info on big money coming into cryptos soon but now I'm concerned it's Youtube doing their bit for the cabal and trying to snare people into buying on the promise of the bull run when it might be the exact opposite and just an attempt to get buyers today when we have had a sea of red for long enough when the plan is just for more downside.
  5. Scuzzle

    Rwanda Lunar Ounce diaplay box?

    Think it's a little early yet, only two releases so far, I would reckon you won't see a box until there are at least 5.
  6. Skybet are giving you your money back as a free bet on outright winners if your team gets knocked out, only good for a tenner though.
  7. I have backed France and Denmark to qualify from the group but I expect if Peru are going to do Denmark out of the spot to be able to bet on their last games of the group stages by way of a hedge.
  8. Just done Spain / Portugal both to qualify from group France / Denmark both to qualify from group Belgium / England both to qualify from group Germany to top group Brazil to top Group 5/1
  9. I got a free bet from BetVictor for the outright winner on the World Cup so it's £25 on Germany at 9/2, now it's Brazil I fancied but Germany has a much easier group to come through so I will play it as backing Germany and if the two meet I will back Brazil as I think that horrendous drubbing they took last time stung them and it won't happen again.
  10. Scuzzle

    hands up those without tv

    I've got loads of TVs I just don't watch any of them.
  11. Scuzzle

    Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac Silver and Gold - Dolly Parton - Hows that, 2 precious metals in one song.
  12. Scuzzle

    Today I Received

    To be fair if you just peel away the plastic top coating then they look brand new.
  13. Scuzzle

    Silver Deals.....

    I see they have a Queens Beast Lion for £49 which is actually not bad nowadays.
  14. Queens beast Unicorn for me, if you look at how the pricing of the QB's is developing you can clearly see them rising in price from their initial launch. Lion is 5% dearer than the Unicorn which is 5% dearer that the Griffin etc.
  15. The US must have more modern problems today than it did in the past, I watched a TV show I might have downloaded off the net and it had all the adverts in place and they scared the hell out of me, deli shops swearing blind their meat contains no artificial growth hormones and every second ad was for some pharma company. And what happens there works it's way here.