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  1. In my case I had already been stopped a couple of years previously for doing 34 in a 30, he said it was because of this that I was losing my licence for 6 months as I was obviously a menace. The court is a joke as well, everyone looks so bored and you feel like saying to the Sheriff - you lot could all do with a change of job just to freshen you all up.
  2. I have no faith in the police any more, I had a car accident a couple of years ago now where the brake bias valve failed on my car and sent it into the side railing on a B road, I knew it was the brake bias valve as it had gone before on the same side, nothing major but the front of the car was all bashed in. Traffic Police appeared I told them what happened and they insisted the car needed to be professionally examined so they took it away. Now all the time they are dealing with me they are all nice and smiley continually repeating "we are here to help" However my car was hand built my myself over a number of years and I look after it so has a tracker which is activated when it leaves a set geo-position so I did not want the insurance company removing it before I had removed some of the expensive custom parts I had fitted so I reset it that evening. Two days later it alerts me by phone saying the car is moving, now it also has a built in microphone where you are meant to listen in on the thieves and record the converastion and pick up tips as to where they are and where they are heading. So now I'm listening in on the "professional examination" as all it was was the police moving the car onto a ramp, it only moved about 20 feet. Turns out the professional examination was done by the two traffic police that arrived on the scene a young lad and a very bossy short dumpy woman. I thought the woman was some kind of Chief Inspector the way she talked down to to the young lad but it turns out they are both only constables and their qualifications are a 3 day course, the pair of them were totally clueless, they had to keep asking some guy that worked at whatever garage they took it to for advice. Upon listening to the two of them work it was apparent they had absoluely no interest whatsoever in examining what caused the accident and the focus was what else they could pick me up on and what they could throw into the charges that could be dropped so a charge of dangerous driving would stick. They went with a bent wishbone which obviously bent in the accident and loose wheel bolts which I heard them admit were not loose at all but going by what they were saying they use this one a lot as it allows the court to drop something as if they are doing you a favour. I was furious so I phoned their superior and ranted at him and he said to bring in the recording which I did, I played it to him off my phone and he asked to borrow it to make a copy of it for his investigation - and I never saw it again, it was confiscated as evidence, I ended up in court charged with dangerous driving which was dropped to careless driving and I got a 6 month ban and a £300 fine, the phone I got back afterwards with the memory card wiped clean. All through the proceedings my lawyer did next to nothing so if anything like this ever happens again I'm going to defend myself. It's a massive white collar racket with lawyers and court staff in collusion, at the end of it my lawyer said "how many weeks do you want to pay up the £300, I replied "I'm paying you £3,000, I'll just pay it all". Sorry for the long winded rant but it still makes my blood boil a couple of years later, the police have lost all respect in my eyes and if I am ever stopped again they are getting the bare minimum compliance, what I'm obliged to provide and nothing more.
  3. Scuzzle

    for sale 1oz Gold Britannias

    All sold to that nice Mr BYB. thread closed. Edit - or at least it will be closed once I figure out how to close it again.
  4. Scuzzle

    for sale 1oz Gold Britannias

    For sale 1oz gold Britannias 3x 2015 1x 2013 All coins sold as plain bullion but look to me to be in decent enough condition, clean and not tatty, I can take better photos of individual coins out of the capsules if anyone is interested and wants me to. Looking for £970 per coin which is somewhere in between spot and what Atkinsons are charging for one and I will reduce by another tenner per coin if anyone takes more than one. Royal Mail Special Delivery postage is included in the price, payment by bank transfer or Paypal f&f thanks.
  5. Scuzzle

    Insurance for my stack

    Just about all of them, if you do a comparison site input for inurance then you get the option to add gold and silver up to 20K if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Scuzzle

    Future investment

    I think gold and silve for a childs future is a great idea, it's even better if you can get them into it when they are old enough to hear the argument for it. And in 20 years time they can be paying for their own education or buying their own first car so you won't have to .
  7. I've no idea, I have what I think have been bargain pick ups but since I've never sold them I can't say if this is actually the case.
  8. That England team might be young and fit but they have wilted in the second half of every game they have played, even the one where they were 5-0 up and in no danger of ever losing it.
  9. Good sporting chance bet for the WC semis, both games, both teams 2 corners each in the first and second halfs 22/1, bookies fancy a France v England final but this is a nice price for something that must have half a chance.
  10. Scuzzle

    What should I buy?

    Whatever QB has the lowest premium over spot is what I would get, there does seem to be a premium appreciaton pattern to them.
  11. I used to work running service accommodation for military personnel and they had to pay a TV licence as the argument was "your wife is at home watching one TV and you are here watching a different TV so you have to pay another TV licence". So what they did was write to the licencing dept and say "I'm at home transfer the licence to my home address" then send another letter saying "now I'm living onboard service accommodation transfer my licence there" and so forth, eventually the licencing dept just wrote and told everyone to leave them alone as they obviously got sick of it. The licence enforcement staff are nasty lying pieces of work, I and some of my team had to take them around to do spot checks and they are a deceitful shower.
  12. It is odd that the cryptos bahaviour changed the instant the Bitcoin futures market opened though.
  13. Scuzzle

    Khnum, the Latest in the Egyptian Gods Series...

    I've just pre-ordered my one from Lee as well.
  14. Scuzzle

    Red spots on silver coins

    E-Z-Est Coin Cleaner, just a few seconds in the dip usually brings them up like new.
  15. Scuzzle

    Red spots on silver coins

    I had a 2oz Egyptian Series Anubis get the exact same reddy brown mark in his ear but mine was far worse than yours is. I fixed it with a dunk in the silver dip and a very light burl round with a cotton bud also soaked in silver dip (just like cleaning your ears for real) and this took it away without marking the round.