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  1. The employment figures are the easiest ones to fiddle, so they get fiddled, Trump in the US called out the fiddling when he was candidate Trump yet is happy to run with it now he is president Trump. 1x employee woring 40 hours is counted as 1 job and 40x employees working 1 hour is counted as 40 jobs but there are other shennanigans thrown into the mix as well like workers returning from strike action counted as a new job etc.
  2. I got my final update 10 mins ago at 3.30 am, one last updade at the end of which came with a pop up saying no more support for Windows 7, I'm sure I will manage, the company that made my laptop went bust over 6 years ago so I've never had so much as a driver or BIOS update from them in all this time but it's still going fine. I have a dual boot tablet that can boot into Windows 10 or Android and I hated Windows 10 when I tried it so it's always been set to Android.
  3. Now you have me looking at harmonicas and Youtube videos on learning from scratch tutorials, what's going on?
  4. I read this as "EU sites for Libtards" and was really looking forward to the content.
  5. I'm not so sure he did, Gervais laid into them for their PC woke BS yet they still did it in their speeches, there was some woman went on about how without her abortion her career would not have flourished and how she would not have been receiving her award today, basically saying swaping a life for an oversize paperwight was worth it, and all the women in the audience are lapping it up.
  6. Bought myself a Ventus Northstar to scratch the bronze / brass itch I have had for a while now, looking for something cheap but decent to try and experiment with forcing a patina on and this fitted the bill. First pic is how it arrived and the second is after a quick dunk in the liver of sulpher soloution, I might try again for a little darker yet, it has toned a bit but the flash from the camera is not showing it to best effect.
  7. I won't subject anyone to a photo of my trainers but lets just say if I stood in a dog sh!t it would freshen them up.
  8. I think now could be a good time to be picking up Seikos, if their strategy to elevate the brand works this could be the only window before prices start to become more of a considered decision to make. A Pressage or a Prospex at £300 - £400 could be great value in a couple of years time. I've started to consider watches as much of a store of value as metals. Just look at some of the micro brands that only sell for a few hundred quid and just have a Seiko NH35 movement in them, you buy the right one and they sell out instantly and sell for far more on Ebay when they can no longer be obtained from the original manufacturer.
  9. Loads of companies receptive to haggling, when your house or car insurance is due for renewal tell your insurance company you have done the comaprison site check and you have found a better deal, also the AA and RAC breakdown services will always come down in price if you tell them at their renewal that you have found a car insurance quote that will throw it in for free. I'm just about to start paying for my broadband soon, I got a deal where I got 18 months for the price of 12 and a free laptop which I sold on Ebay to offset the price of the contract.
  10. Am I right in thinking the 3rd one with the green face has a green colour matched date wheel?, that's unusual, most would just go with a black on white or a white on black combo, if so that's impressive.
  11. I used a soldering iron to open mine, just scored through the plastic with the heat and lifted away the plastic section to reveal the coin. Edit - I suppse a Dremmel and a cutting disc would do the same job, just cut out a square well away from the coin then lift off the plastic section to acess the coin.
  12. Nice Orient, I'm about to pull the trigger on an Orient Retrograde, they are a bit of a hidden secret here in the UK and hopefully that won't change anytime soon but with Seiko slowly moving away from the quality at a reasonable price to wanting to be higher end Orient might well take their place.
  13. On a more serious note just stick it on an Ebay auction after Trump wins re-election in 2020.
  14. She is a great dog but as she's got older she has got more crabbit, I used to be able to bath her and cut her nails no problem then one day it became a no-no I'm not having any of it. Her father was a farm dog which is where she got the keen face from.