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  1. Exactly, everything is already different, currency, taxation etc so what real difference will tarrifs make? It's just being used as an obsticle by the remainers and the EU and Mays very first action was to sign up to it and allow it be an issue.
  2. I wish I'd done it on Betfair so I could trade it in, Farage is now 13/10 to be UK PM in the next 5 years.
  3. I have an open ended betting slip with £20 at 1000/1 on Farage becoming PM I put on years ago.
  4. Too many things don't add up here, last time Epstein was arrested for running his pedo ring he only got 13 months in an open jail where he was free to come and go as he pleased, free to leave during the day to conduct his business, free to receive visitors and his bail conditions were never enforced. First time out it was a case of being rich and connected and looked after so why was this time so different? There is also all the things that don't add up about the "suicide" the guards that were called away the cameras that malfunctioned, how he managed to hang himelf when there are no fittings or fixtures on the ceiling or walls to hang anything from and bed sheets that are made of paper designed to tear rather than accept any weight all while being on suicide watch which apparently means wathing while someone comits suicide. IMO he was either killed or his death was faked so he can live out the rest of his days on "Elite hideaway island" because there is a theory that just as an entire pedo island exists there is also an entire island where wrong uns are spirited away to when their crimes can no longer be hidden and they become a liability where they live out the rest of their days in comfort and luxury.
  5. I added a Marvel Hulk coin to my spreadsheet today so I saw my silver cost average was £16.72, I've only been completeing sets of late buying single coins so my total usally goes up tuppence when adding a coin or round. To bring it down I need large orders from Europe under the tax margin scheme and I've not bought one of these for a while. I see even the cheapest coins and rounds for sale on Ebay that used to be £20-£22 are now £22-£24 so I'm not too put out about how much my average has crept up of late, I had it around the £13.50 mark for long enough.
  6. Boris the buffoon seems to have done more for Brexit in a fortnight tham May did in 3 years if the talk is genuine, 10 free ports, billions set aside for ease of transition and a legal challenge to the Irish backstop. It does actually look like preparations for Brexit at least which never happened with May. As for who would win a GE I'm not so sure, everyone knows Bojo is a lying opportunist yet many vote for him anyway, the rabid Marxist is portrayed as a man of principle but how principled is campaining for leaving the EU for decades as a back bencher only to head the charge now for remaining. Looks like a case of a choice between a brown turd and a beige turd.
  7. All I would add is - never underestimate the ability of government / ruling cabals to change the goalposts and completely rewrite the rules of the game.
  8. Not forgetting the "plane" that hit the Pentegon and the fire then a flood and then a fire that destroyed the records room where all the black budget accounts were held, that is never ever mentioned neither is the fact that for a split second gold went to $4000 before they shut it down and reopened it later as if nothing ever happened.
  9. They tried this last week unsuccessfully as retaliation at us comandeering one of their tankers, you would think if they knew it was coming they would have had it better protected.
  10. I was going to invest 4k GBP into Bitcoin whan it was $300 so whatever that was at the exchange rate of the time and I let my family talk me out of it, digital nothingness and all that, when it went to the same price as gold I decided to ignore them and wait for a pull back to buy in and it just never came it only went up and up. I ended up buying Litecoin instead at £33 then selling it at £70 and thinking I was a genius and it went on to over £200.
  11. Just pre-ordered the new Dan Henry 1962 chronograph, was swithering between an Orient Neo 70's Panda or the Dan Henry 1963 but then this Limited Edition came out which I think I like better and there are only going to be 1962 released so has a little bit of collectability at a price than won't break the bank, just went for the standard no date panda dial https://danhenrywatches.com/products/1962-racing-chronograph
  12. I'm convinced these courier companies including RM and Parcel Farce went with these electronic machines where you have to sign the screen sometimes with your fingertip purely so it is completely unrecognisable as your signature. You might as well just put an X or draw a **** and balls on it because I don't know about anyone else but I can't get anything like my signature on the screen.
  13. Today I received my World of Dragons display box from Alun, first rate as always, everything I decide to collect now hinges on whether I can get a display box for it so Aluns boxes have made my mind up on a few sets now. Just waiting on the latest Chinese dragon round now for halfway there.
  14. Every time I hear Rory Stewarts name I always expect it to be followed by ....and his accordian.