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  1. Scuzzle

    Rent out your car

    I know a guy who wanted a Mk1`Escort Mexico but could not afford the 40-50K they go for nowadays, what he could afford was a brown 5 door mint MK1 for 7K so he bought that and hired it out to film and TV companies that need cars of that time period where he got £100+ a day for it and he got his MK1 Mexico 2 years later with very little additonal outlay according to him.
  2. I'll say one thing for stacking gold and silver, it's made me a lot better at parting with my cash for other things. I used to detest buying shoes, thought it was a waste of money, I'd rather stick £40 on a horse than buy shoes with it. (£40 was my upper limit for footwear as well, no £90 trainers here, £24 was usually what I paid for what I considered a good pair). But now I've adopted the attutude if I can pay £50- £100 for an ounce of numismatic silver I can pay the same for a decent pair of shoes, it's made me more materialistic in this way.
  3. I don't know if I will be able to force myself to buy UK coins once old jug ears gets his mug on them. Betty Battenberg is bad enough.
  4. Scuzzle

    U.S. Democratic Party

    What appears to be happening in the US as far as I can see is the Republican neo-con deep state is completely supplanting the Democrat deep state and using their liberal PC bullshit, hysteria and corruption to mask it. They are fooling people into thinking that the Democrats are the problem while all the while cementing themselves into power and the Democrats are helping this along by beng compltely unhinged and having no policy and just relying on identity politics. Trump claims to be draining the swamp while all the time appointing swamp into positions of power. Take the recent Kavanaugh appointment as an example, Trump backs him but Kavanaugh is closely tied to the Bush administration, played a role in the cover up of Vince Fosters murder, is an advocate of torture and also played a role in implementing The Patriot Act after 9/11, but the Democrats chose to go with a fake sexual assault smear rather than mention any of this in their opposition to his appoinment. As a result Kavanaugh gets appointed, the deep state might now have a Supreme Court judge on the inside and Conservatives think they have had a result because the Democrats shot themselves in the foot - again. The biggest danger for the world not just the US is deep state neo-con Republicans playing on Trumps ego and his political naivety and worming their way into positions that will take decades to get them out of, the difference between candidate Trump calling out the deep state, the fake economy, the fake jobs numbers etc and President Trump now taking credit for it all is remarkable.
  5. Scuzzle

    Do you have a target?

    I have 40 oz's of gold and 1000 oz's of silver as my target.
  6. Scuzzle

    Latest Tuvalu Marvel Coin - Deadpool

    I preodered mine today from Lee at Precious Gold And Silver.
  7. Scuzzle

    Selling back

    You would probably be better trying somewhere like Ebay first, dealers tend to pay a touch over spot but with Ebay you have the chance to get back your premium or even just that bit extra that mints charge to press your silver into a coin shape and stamp an animal or whatever on it. More time consumng especially if you have a lot to shift but 5-10oz coins would certainly be worth listing if you don't have the time or inclanation to list everything. Even just accounting for VAT if you were lucky enough to pick up your silver in the days of margin scheme VAT would give you more if things change after Brexit and the full 20% becomes compulsory.
  8. I wish I'd just stuck with the cheapest bullion silver I could have got my hands on rather than deciding to diversify into the more premium stuff, the thinking was the premium stuff would increase and still give me profit even if silver spot did nothing but go down but I've learned I don't have what it takes to identify what to get and the optimum time to shift it on so my life would have been a whole lot easier if I'd just stuck to silver Britannias got as cheaply as possible and just waited as long as it takes for the price to spike.
  9. Scuzzle


    Well I got an e-mail from Aurinium and although their website says they have the Rwandan Lunar Pig in stock they are saying it's a ten day wait and everyting will be shipped out then - which is fine.
  10. Scuzzle

    1st buying gold with BTC

    I've bought from Bitguild a couple of times now but it was Litecoin I paid with, it all went though fine though.
  11. Scuzzle


    I guess I will just wait a bit longer then, thanks for the replies.
  12. Scuzzle


    Has anyone ever dealt with this German Silver dealer? I placed an order for 3x coins and paid via Paypal a week ago and got an instant confirmation letter saying I would be sent another when shipping via DHL takes place but it's now been a week and I have not heard anything, all my coins are listed as being in stock as well so not waiting on anything coming in. I sent an e-mail enquiring yesterday morning and so far that has gone unanswered as well. So much for German efficiency.
  13. Scuzzle

    Random marketing email from the RM

    I was not aware the Royal Mint let you pay stuff up. we can then speak about the different payment options available to you?
  14. Scuzzle

    for sale Wooden coin boxes

    Can you put anything on the front of that black 12x 1oz box Alun?, if so and you could make it a South Korean Zi Sin series box I would have one of those, that is their equivelant of a lunar series so you know they have to put out 12 of them.
  15. Scuzzle

    Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?

    It's a lot of dosh for 3 oz of silver, I have a kilo coins I paid less than that for.