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  1. I think you have to simply look upon gold as a long term hold and as insurance against paper ponzi running into trouble, the control structure doesn't want gold competing with their paper currencies so it will never be allowed to break out - if possible. In 1970 gold was £16 by 1980 it was £240, in 2000 it was still round £240 but a decade later it was over £1000, Now I look at this and think - I wish I owned some gold bought at £16 before it went to £240 and I wish I owned some gold bought at £240 before it went to £1000. Well now I do own some gold and I won't have to look back with wishful thinking or regret in hindsight if something similar happens again and there is every likelyhood as the world is awash with debt like never before.
  2. I'm collecting both the Chiwoo and the Zi-Sin series, the first Chiwoo is ridiculously expensive now so I would have reckoned the Zi-Sin series would have been the one to go with but if they are going to start adding lower mintage rounds based around the same design that I'm not so keen on, what one do I get and just the knowledge that my set of 12 when it's complete might have a few additonal rounds knocking around out there does not sit all that well with me.
  3. I see they are promoting a Gruffalo 50p now what seems like only weeks after the Sherlock Holmes one was released, it does feel like the RM is booting the arse out of getting over a tenner out of us for a 50p coin.
  4. I split my stacking 70/30 bullion to numismatic and TBH I'm regretting not just going 100% bullion as it's a lot simpler to manage, you just hold until the price goes to where you want it. With the numismatic there is the issue of buying something that others will find desirable and not holding too long so if you do choose the right stuff the appreciation comes and goes and you miss it.
  5. Is that £85k not just a confidence booster though, if there was a banking crisis that involved enough banks would you really see it?
  6. Scuzzle

    Silver from usa

    The Maples are current govt issue coins and have a face value of $5 Canadian Dollars so I would not bother declaring but if you have to you go with this as your declaration. I have done this with gold coins in the past and since you have silver I think you are under anyway even at intrinsic value,
  7. Scuzzle

    Griffin Higher Priced than the Lion

    I can't remember who it was but I'm sure someone on here claimed the Griffin would prove to be lower mintage than the lion when the official figures came out.
  8. Scuzzle

    Lets talk watches!

    Not so much a watch but I just treated myself to a cheap Chinese watch winder which seems to be doing the job fine I'm into my Japanese watches myself, love Sekios and Orients in particular, just find them to be straight honest watches at a reasonable price, I have really scrawny wrists so the 37mm of the Seiko is ideal. That Longines Hydroconquest is a really nice watch and is affordable and I might treat myself to that one as well, I'm a little disappointed that Swatch seems to have decided to reduce Longines down a tier though, I bought the Grand Classique for something dressy and it's not value for money. Funnily enough the watch that's getting the most wrist time with me at the moment is a cheap but not nasty Chinese job as well, a Parnis Daytona homage. I like it though, only £60 and it has sapphire glass, nice mechaquartz movement and fully stainless 316L case and bracelet with ceramic bezel and the bracelet has solid end links and a machined clasp which is something I would not get with most Seikos even though I put in on a leather strap, looks good and wears well. Sorry to lower the tone with "shitters" as Archie Luxury would say.
  9. I would have to say that owning your own home is an asset, it might cost you in maintainance and taxation but if Mazlows heirarchy of needs is food and a roof over your head being the top then owning your own roof over your head should guarantee this, renting is fine but if the day comes when your landlord says "get out", at least with your own property this is no longer a concern.
  10. Scuzzle

    Gillete advert

    So I'm not supposed to teach my sons to grow up to be fine upstanding bullies, racists and rapists, I'm confused. Occam's Razor would suggest the easiest option is just to stop buying Gillette.
  11. Scuzzle

    Gillete advert

    When a company gets so large they forget all they provide is a method for men (and women, for a "progressive" virtue signalling ad they forgot to include women) to scrape their face and other assorted bits and bobs, and as you say a vastly overpriced one at that. At least Wilkinson made swords back in the day.
  12. Speaking of forecasts it's Chinese New Year soon, is that not traditionally when the West gets up to market shennanigans when China is closed?
  13. Scuzzle

    What's your average silver price

    I'm currently at £16.61 and it's crept steadily upwards ever since I went overboard with the big purchases of £1000's or more from Silver-to-go or Goldsilver.Be where my average was nearer £13. I have only been stacking since the beginning of 2015 and I went too hard too fast to the extent that I can no longer afford the big orders so am placing more smaller orders from UK sellers so now every time I buy coins my averge creeps up a few pence. My stack has some low mintage bullion silver that holds decent premium that I bought to complete collections - half oz lunar rabbits for £50 or the first Chiwoo Cheongwangs for £60 etc, stuff like this does your cost average no favours but when selling I should get back what I laid out as the going rate then is still the going rate now. The really premium stuff like proofs and graded coins I don't even include in my bullion silvers stack I have a premium silver spreadsheet for these instead where the average is £33.00 an oz
  14. Nothing to stop you wearing your wealth, solid gold chains etc or even convert into a high end luxury watch, something you can buy, wear and then sell on at the other end without losing out and government issue gold coins can usually be declared at face value rather than intrinsic so a gold Eagle can be declared at $50 and not $1200, I've done this before when departing the UK so as long as the US don't have any kind of law against this then it should apply here as well.