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  1. Today I received my World of Dragons display box from Alun, first rate as always, everything I decide to collect now hinges on whether I can get a display box for it so Aluns boxes have made my mind up on a few sets now. Just waiting on the latest Chinese dragon round now for halfway there.
  2. Every time I hear Rory Stewarts name I always expect it to be followed by ....and his accordian.
  3. Bakers bad taste tweet done outside working hours on his personal Twitter account that hurt nobody and did not advocate violence got him sacked instantly yet Brands bad taste remark while on the clock for the BBC that could lead to sinister repercussions has the BBC springing to her defence. This is the reality of the completely different set of standards the left are held to.
  4. All silver is good silver if you get it at the right price.
  5. This is always played out as a move by move strategy, the latest one is to announce bank charges for every withdrawal from a hole in wall machine, once this is up and running a year later they will run with the "cash use is down X percent" narrative all the time leading to the eventual "do we really need it" day. It's the same with forcing the elderly to accept technology, all this 2 and 3 stage security is forcing people to get smartphones so they can get the authentication code or pin no. to allow them to access their bank account online or to green light an online purchase. I can see why banks would like to do away with cash, cashless allows them to implement negative interest rates as it removes any escape route, in a banking crisis there will be no more runs on the banks and no more queues half a mile down the street because there is no cash to withdraw, when they run into trouble they will just shut you out and decide how much of a haircut they are going to give you to bail them in. Also they save on the costs of printing and all that ink and paper.
  6. Willl never happen IMO, it keeps governments accountable and in check and they have all got too used to not being subject to this, I would reckon they will bypass paper and go straight to crypto for the plebs while still trying to make out gold is not a good investment so us plebs don't encroach on their money. There will certainly be no full return to a gold standard - possibly only initially to give confidence to crypto before taking it off it eventually, they will just run the same scam again.
  7. Has Ebay changed their buying policy, you used to be able to buy something but it was only when you actually paid it that the deal was sealed?, I see now the instant you click buy they expect you to buy it. This is inconvenient as you used to test buy something to see if it was eligible for a discount code and if it wasn't you just left it alone, now it seems to be you click it you bought it.
  8. ISIS found to be operating out of Malayasia, send in the troops now.
  9. Pretty much all my disposable income goes into gold and siver, I view it differently than most in that I used to be a problem gambler so cash never lasted long whereas gold and silver can easily be swapped out for cash but not easily enough that I don't have time to have a good think about it first, I swapped out 4 oz of gold with ease but that was to purchase a car not to piss away like I used to do.
  10. If every politician that lies is to be banged up there will be none left. You promised not to raise tuition fees and you did - see you in court, you promised to deliver Brexit and you did not - see you in court, you said you had spoken to and got approval from the EU and you never - see you in court, you ran on a policy of deivering Brexit in your manifesto then flipped 180 deg on that - see you in court. Nothing is going to happen to Boris this is purely theatre either to affect the Tory leadership or possibly to influence a second referendum where some guy (an entrepreneur apparently) gets to skim off the funds that the mugs that fall for the crowdfunding scam donate as reward for his efforts.
  11. I did not even realise this next dragon was out, I'm collecting these as well so I'd appreciate 2x copper and 2 silver as well @BackyardBullion if at all possible.
  12. Ebay doing a 500 pts Nectar promotion as well with a minimum £5 spend so that's effectively £2.50 as well so I don't see why you could not combine the two if that suited you. Edit - plus they are currently 3% on Topcashback as well instead of the usual 1%.
  13. Spot price seems to apply more to gold than with silver, it actually does fluctuate accordingly with spot usually, I feel given all the additionals we pay in the UK for silver when spot goes down the dealer seems to simply raise their premium to keep it more or less the same. I have only been stacking myself since 2015 but this is just something I feel is getting more prominent over the last couple of years, others may disagree.
  14. I've got rid of them before just by rubbing a cotton bud / cue tip with some silver dip cleaner over them.
  15. I found this - it claims to be 2017 but that is the Lynx https://www.rittinghaus-invest.de/en/1-oz-silver-canada-predator-series-grizzly-2017-5-9999-silver-coin