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  1. Will probably be a rebound to draw in the last of the suckers then another massive drop.
  2. In the 2008 crisis cash for gold shops sprung up all over the place so it's possible gold is only really the preserve of the big money today and the little guy has no gold and can't really afford to buy it and if there was to be a run to the traditional safety of metals by your everyday average joe that silver is all he can afford.
  3. I'm all for Scottish independence but the SNP have never offered that, only secession and an attempt to swap out the UK for the EU. I like many others like me can still vote for them however safe in the knowledge we can stop them in their tracks at a referendum. The Nats don't take this into considerarion, personally I think there is no more appetite for independence than there was last time.
  4. I don't know that it will now, the wee scunner has put "independence" (secession) on the back burner and it might never gain momentum again for decades. There is something fishy going on here, normally Sturgeon would leap at the opportunity to bash Boris and Westminster and make out she is running things so much better and with the dithering over action with this Covid-19 she had the perfect opportunity to do what she does best - but she never, for the first time ever she just went with it and you have to wonder why. Personally I think she needs the money and deficiencies in the devolved Scottish NHS might be exposed. What with the incoming greatest ever depression, the price of oil and everyone about to get rinsed in the transition to whatever the next financial paradigm is there is probably nothing but carnage ahead for the forseeable future and the uncertainty of independence might be the last thing people need on top of all this.
  5. Scuzzle


    I'm seeing stories of a few dealers that would usually use Royal Mail refusing to use them because in a claim of self isolation the postie signs for delivery and not the customer and they don't trust some not to abuse this.
  6. I did an order a few days ago for the latest Queens Beasts from, it was a pre order as they are not in yet but at the time there was a pop up diclaimer saying there was a 2 week delay on everyhting. Since it was a pre order I thought I had better order while the price was still reasonable and although I usually only get 2 of everything this time I ordered a dozen just in case this carry on with silver supply affects them into becoming a key date issue, if not it's still silver at a reasonable enough going rate. I'm getting used to ordering stuff and having it sit in limbo, I ordered a starter motor for my car and it's been stuck in Germany for over a week now.
  7. I have a box of masks heading my way, you would not believe how cheap you can get these from China.
  8. Ebay is usually 3-4 days, instead of just going to my local curry house I ordered it through Just Eat and as a new user got 25% back as cashback and 10% off the takeaway and it tracked an hour later.
  9. Breaking news, Phillip Schofield is set to leave ITV as he prefers BBC..
  10. £8 for Netflix and £8 for Amazon Prime although thats more for other family members I could happily lose both tomorrow and it would not put me up nor down any, I ditched Sky years ago and went with Freesat, far more channels than Freeview and Sky are legally obliged to give you a Freesat card to use with their boxes when you leave them but they like to keep this quiet.
  11. I resent paying to be propagandised which is how I feel about the BBC nowadays, I barely watch anything on BBC what with so many on demand TV services available, just Final Score on the red button when there are not enough Premier League games for BT Sport or Sky to put on their coverage and that's about it, occasionaly Radio 2 in the car. They are going to be lost when David Attenborough dies, the face of the licence fee trusted by generations. They appear to be preparing Mary Berry for the role of the trusted face of the licence fee for when Attenborough dies which will probably work out but she does little for the climate change hoax.
  12. This is interesting, a global pandemic "exercise" called Event 201 held on the 18th of October hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it even goes into stock market repercussions.
  13. Another massive benefit for the banks and possibly the most compelling one for them is with a cashless society there are no more runs on the bank, currently if we get spooked that there is trouble on the horizon there are queues a mile long of people wanting their savings out of the bank, a Nothern Rock or a Greece where they withdrew what they could and hid it in frozen chickens etc. With cashless and everyone now with a digital account there are no more bank runs because there is no more cash to withdraw, if a bank gets into trouble it can just freeze everyones account and under the new bail in (not bail out) laws they can just give everyone a haircut. One Monday morning you can go to a hole in the wall or try and do a banking transaction on your PC and everything is down. WIth the Cyprus bail in's they worked out that 40% is the absolute most they can squeeze people for and still get the police, emergency services etc to still turn out, any more and they are on the streets with the people. It's also easier to freeze accounts and shut people out of society like the Chinese social credit score system - be a good citizen and obey the rules or we shut you down, people don't imagine the West could go so totalitarian but they could.
  14. It's the bit I said about keeping it under the mattress, I'm fine with keeping money in the bank if I am getting 5% interest on it, if I am getting 0.5% not so much and if they want to start charging me negative rates where I pay them to keep my money with them then I am as well taking it all out and placing it elsewhere. Cashless shuts down all your escape routes which they have to do if they want it to work.
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