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  1. Personally I would stick with trying to mix it up with both gold and silver, fair enough you are going to feel silly if silver does outperform gold in the years to come but you are also going to feel pig sick if it's gold that completely outperforms silver, gold is after all what all the banks and new silk road countries seem to be bulking up on so it would look to be a sensible move to do likewise.
  2. It is just coincidental that this happens now just weeks after the Mueller report is all wound up?
  3. Not going to do the MuhRussia narrative any good if Assange verifies that Seth Rich gave him all the DNC info.
  4. I always use Ebay as my benchmark, check out Ebay and the sellers that are managing to shift their silver eagles or whatever by the bucketload and whatever price they are getting is what you should also be able to get if you sold your silver on Ebay. I'm in the UK so we have VAT on silver and taking a UK silver Britannia as an example sellers seem to be getting around the £20 mark with ease so my stack has a £16 average but it's been skewed by semi numesmatic silver which should fetch more, my Britannia only cost average is between £12 - £13 so allowing for Ebay fees and postage I should still be able to make a couple of quid at the very least but obvoiusly I am living in hope of "too the moon".
  5. Buy in bulk if you can, I went through a period of spending thousands on orders up to a point where I was bordering on overstretching myself so I cut down to just ordering what I needed to complete my sets and collections and the difference in how my average price went up was remarkable, I went from £13 to £16 in what seemed like no time.
  6. The jewellers might have been closed at the weekend but It's not often a bookies is closed.
  7. Is it possible it was a smash down using paper in order to get the price down to buy physical before the BIS / Basel III laws come into effect on the 29th, the same day as Brexit. Will there be a Brexit twist that puts gold massively upwards like it did on the referendum result, once it's officially a tier one asset on a banks balance sheet a higher price does not seem such a bad thing for them.
  8. I like it, looks noble and well defined.
  9. This is interesting and might be why the authorities are so desperate to stifle the video of the shooting.
  10. If you drive into the zone at 11.59 day one and leave at 12,00 day two you get charged double even though there is the possibility you spent the majority of this time in a Hotel and your car went absolutely nowhere.
  11. You just can't touch anyone with zero feedback, they have nothing to lose by screwing you. I spotted this one last night as well, £26.66 on a watch that is usually £70 or more and includes postage from Australia. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/39mm-PARNIS-white-dial-sapphire-crystal-solid-full-Chronograph-quartz-mens-watch/401731089534?hash=item5d8909f47e:g:ZhcAAOSwrUVcjalC&frcectupt=true
  12. Sadly it's A, it should be C but it's not worth coming back to your car and finding a massive two bob coachline down the side of it.
  13. Even if there is an abundance of silver it still has to be mined, given the mergers of a couple of the majors recently and the demise of a couple of the minors combined with the tendancy in todays cheap money climate to keep shareholders happy through stock buybacks rather than actually improving performance this gives me hope. As does the lack of exploration, apparently it takes 10 years from discovery to producing the first ounce on average and the absolute quickest time on record is 7 years.
  14. I don't think the subject matter gave them much hope of making a decent design, it's not as if Hawking in his wheelchair was going to tranlate well to a coin so they were always going to go with some kind of science based theme, that design just looks like some dishwater swirling down the plug hole though.