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  1. Might sound cynical or people will think I'm daft but I think the globalist anti meat agenda will ensure this does not get the sucess last years song got, they won't sanction it being played enough. We are being primed to stop consuming meat and a song about sasuage rolls does not fit the narrative and that narrative has been ramped up from a year ago. That said I hope I'm wrong and it goes to no.1 again and raises shedloads of money for charity.
  2. Diane Abbot goes to the polling station wearing odd shoes, 2 left shoes and one has a buckle and the other does not, I keep saying it's not racism Abbott is continually attacked for it's thickism.
  3. Got my Christmas Draw prize through from @GrahamDiamond today and am delighted, many thanks, what a guy!
  4. The only thing I have from my childhood in the 70's that is brand spanking new and pristine in it's own box is a Rolf Harris stylophone and it's worthless - thanks Rolf.
  5. I think the Royal Mint Lunar series is a bit of a lemon, some designs too many people don't like and they have just released the Lunar Rat which looks a completley different style to everything that has gone before so it's going to look like 2x different collections when shown all together in a display box, I started collecting the UK Lunar series because it was starting it's run just as I started my stacking journey but If I could go back in time I would give it a miss.
  6. Too many companies using the availability of cheap credit to do share buy backs rather than actually invsting in the future and improving their practices, eventually this will all catch up to them and personally I'm hoping there are a good few precious metals mines in there.
  7. Just another case of the high profile jobs merry-go-round for cabal members.
  8. As a Scot I'm fine with independence but that's not what the SNP are offering, all they want is secession. Until I see a plan for proper independence, that includes our own currency, lender of last resort and the ability to fend off the financial terrorists that would seek to take advantage of a fledgling nation I can't give it my endorsement. Also as others have said swapping out the EU for the UK is not independence either and if people are sick of all the Brexit shit****ery (which won't have even begun in earnest yet) then it's going to be nothing compared to the negotiations required to seperate Scotland from the UK, even more so if Scotland gets admittance to the EU which I can't see as that 7% deficit is only going to get worse once Scotland has to shoulder that massive welfare spend on it's own. And if the EU does it's usual and bends it's own rules to suit itself then there are going to be border issues that will take a lot of sorting out, a full border wall will be required and the Calais jungle will become the Berwick jungle.
  9. Best ones for bag charges are McDonalds, they use paper bags which are bio-degradable and when you place your order they ask if you want a bag and if you say yes they charge you for it but if you say no they don't and they still put everything in a bag anyway,
  10. I predict Jeremy Corbyn will open the door to no 10, at least he will get the order right, Diane Abbott has no chance of figuring out what order to open an advent calender.
  11. I''m in, put me down for a slabbed Gem BU 2016 Wedge Tailed Eagle, might not be this exact one shown but will be the same but within a few digits as I have consecutive running numbers I don't want to break up and I'm not sure if this is one of them. I will find something else to add but for now it will have to be a mystery addition.
  12. Apparently there is the idea now to get the prison guards that were supposed to be keeping watch over him to testify so that's them as good as dead now as well.
  13. Does not say if it is solid silver or plated or neither, precious metals is the name of the company so a "Precious Metals Silver Probe" might not even have any silver at all it could just be silver coloured, it does say alluminium alloy in the speil. They also have the weight of the item at 121g and the shippiing weight at 118g so it's lighter with packaging added. You would feel butt hurt if you bought this expecting some silver.
  14. It was Island Stamp and Coins in the Isle of Man Stu, usually great for Black Friday but last years was poor, it was only the stuff they were struggling to shift that was discounted when in previous years everything was discounted.
  15. Hershey bars taste like sh!t, it always makes me laugh when I see the movies where they win over the alien or the Vietnamese kid with chocolate because most US chocolate is absolutely foul.