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  1. DonkeyKong

    Today I bought (Non PM).....

    I really like the look of that Watch, I bought myself a GMT Master II, 12 years ago in the Bahamas for $2,500 (£1,250 at the 2-1 exchange rate of the time), When I got it serviced last year I was offered £6,500 for it. Not interested in selling, but nice to know. £640 for a service stings a bit though! Cheers DK
  2. Picked mine up from the Post Office this morning, all good, as mentioned packaging was top notch. As well as coins I also picked up a 100g Silver forum bar and an engraved piece from BYB which looks stunning! I am sure the missus will love it. So again thanks for your efforts Mr & Mrs BYB DK
  3. DonkeyKong

    Bleyer - Website Down

    Was down last night too, I tried around 10pm, home page worked but all other tabs gave me the same error as above.
  4. Wow, that is a sizeable increase, are you sure you are not worried about your Kitchen table ?? Thanks DK
  5. Whats the previous highest order out of interest? or will this be it? Thanks DK
  6. DonkeyKong


    Before I started collecting Gold/Silver I was into Air rifles, as part of having them I was advised at the time to have a separate locking area so the rifles and ammo are kept apart. Not really into shooting anymore but use this to store all PM's as well as Passports etc. Its bolted to the floor and wall. Cheaper than alot of safes but with a lot of room (assuming you dont keep rifles/shotguns in there) This is similar to mine https://www.safesecurityservices.co.uk/gb46dlt-rifle-cabinet-with-locking-p-1720.html Thanks DK
  7. DonkeyKong

    My top tips for the new silver stacker!

    I think the point that stood out to me was, Calm down. As you say (and experienced) its just a kid in a sweet shop situation grabbing everything in sight. Not sure Silver can give you root canal and diabetes though
  8. DonkeyKong

    My top tips for the new silver stacker!

    Great Vid, As someone who is new to Silver myself I found it very useful. (Although I fully expect to still make plenty of mistakes!) Thanks DK
  9. This will be my first order, will be good to see a 1500oz + unboxing marathon... I assume like me other people are coming across this site because of the YT vids? DK
  10. DonkeyKong

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    Yes its down to you to report your profits, normally end of year self Assessment. But as above you might not remember what you paid, especially if it was 10/20yrs ago. Remember you can also record a loss against CGT, say if all bought a coin/bar that turned out to be fake. HH, I am not disagreeing with you, far from it, I am merely pointing out that CGT tax "can" be lower, alot of people assume it is a straight 40% tax on everything and would rightly be worried about it, 10% is alot easier to swallow if needs be. Thanks DK
  11. DonkeyKong

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    If you earn less than £46,350 per annum you pay 10% CGT, not too shabby as per the example below. Remember this is pure profit (gains), not total "selling" price From the HMRC website: Example Your taxable income (your income minus your Personal Allowance and any Income Tax reliefs) is £20,000 and your taxable gains are £12,300. Your gains are not from residential property. First, deduct the Capital Gains tax-free allowance from your taxable gain. For the 2018 to 2019 tax year the allowance is £11,700, which leaves £600 to pay tax on. Add this to your taxable income. Because the combined amount of £20,600 is less than £46,350 (the basic rate band for the 2018 to 2019 tax year), you pay Capital Gains Tax at 10%. This means you’ll pay £60 in Capital Gains Tax.
  12. DonkeyKong

    Clueless Newbie

    I bought my missus a 1oz krugerrand and a 1oz britannia 10/11 years ago, they are worth more now, I have mentioned this several times, the bottom line is she is NOT giving me these coins back to sell.........so just be careful how you term "give her silver" and whether or not you may be wanting/needing it back
  13. DonkeyKong

    New Member from Devon

    We will take over one day!! (Although I am originally from Essex)
  14. DonkeyKong

    New Member from Devon

    Thanks all, Will stack some coins on some vesta's, I am sure that will work
  15. DonkeyKong

    New Member from Devon

    Hi All, Stumbled across this site to take advantage of the group buys. Have been collecting Silver and Gold (not quite sure I have enough to stack!) for a few years now, not just coins but also Silver Vesta's and small trinkets. Cheers DK