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  1. Hi Mate, Good luck with this, I have donated too Cheers DK
  2. Hi All, Received these from El Dorado Coins today. Grabbed another Lion of Mortimer as in the flesh I actually like the coin. 10oz Falcon looks good too. But out of this lot I like the Irish Red deer the most, really good looking coin. Cheers DK
  3. Today I received these 2 coins from El Dorado Coins Cheers DK
  4. Got this little gem from @arshimo2012 through the post yesterday. Lovely little coin
  5. I got a couple of bits this morning. Two JM bars from @arshimo2012 , lovely bars, thanks for the quick postage! The Lion king 1oz silver coin And a beautiful work of art, the 2oz QB box from @Alun
  6. Looking forward to getting mine for my 2oz QB's in the next few days from @Alun Cheers DK
  7. These beauties turned up this morning, courtesy of @Panda6Pack Cheers DK
  8. I got this in the post this morning from @Wackattak924 They look great in the box, Thanks for the great packaging and quick delivery mate. Cheers DK
  9. I have worn glassed since I was 3, I have pretty bad vision (astigmatism/lazy eye), but with Glasses/Contact lenses I have normal vision. I have seen a consultant about laser surgery, they eventually admitted that at my ages, 43, I would still need glasses for reading pretty soon after surgery, certainly within 5 years, maybe for driving too. The real thing that swayed me was the all 4 staff wore glasses! I guess if you are younger it may well be worth doing. I do find it easier to read with contact lenses than in glasses though. I haven't tried varifocals yet, but i reckon I am only a couple of years away. Cheers DK
  10. Received these today from El Dorado Coins. The 2019 Valiant design has really grown on me since first seeing the pics. Cheers DK
  11. Received these today. I saw @StackerNoob 's video about El Dorado Coins and thought I would give them a whirl. Cheers DK
  12. Received my 1st Tube of Brits this morning along with the 2oz Yale of beaufort coin, thanks to Mr & Mrs @BackyardBullion for the great service as always.
  13. I got my Stephen Hawking 50p Silver Piedfort today. Cheers DK
  14. Thanks to Mr & Mrs @BackyardBullion for the Feb group order delivery, as usual a pleasure to deal with. Cheers DK