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  1. I got my Stephen Hawking 50p Silver Piedfort today. Cheers DK
  2. Thanks to Mr & Mrs @BackyardBullion for the Feb group order delivery, as usual a pleasure to deal with. Cheers DK
  3. Received these through the post today from @arshimo2012, only ordered yesterday! Kids will love em. Cheers DK
  4. I went on the Councils website to check someone had reported it previously, so mine was really straight forward. If it hasn't been reported I assume it will be harder to prove, but it is worth doing, if its that bad I am sure other people suffered damage too.
  5. Our council has a dept. for this, I think a "pot hole" for them is 4cm deep by 30cm wide as a rough guide (likely to be different from council to council). I mangled a rear wheel on my push bike on a pot hole (covered by rain water) and they paid that cost of repair, so yes worth the effort as there isn't too much involved. Cheers DK
  6. My Pleasure @Wackattak924 Its a great cause, made a donation to your page too. Hope you get to your target. Cheers DK
  7. Received these today from the Jan group order, thanks to Mr & Mrs @BackyardBullion
  8. Got this 2017 Sov in the post today, thanks to @BleyerBullion
  9. I got the Silver proof 50p's today. Have to say I am impressed with the presentation too. Cheers DK
  10. I ordered mine (silver proof)and got the order confirmation at 10.10am and got a dispatch notification yesterday afternoon so I would have thought you would have had yours notification before me. Cheers DK
  11. I paid £640 for a GMT Master II, but it came back like new, anything goes wrong within 2yrs you are covered. Cheers DK
  12. We go through periods where we look at potential savings, in the last 12 months we made a couple of changes: Binned Virgin, £75pm, accountant told us we could claim internet through the business from home, so saved from the household bills (although a smaller bill still needs to be paid via the company), we then got Netflix at £9.99pm and I have to say I am pretty impressed, wish I hadn't given my password to half the family though! We have been in our house for 5yrs now and haven't got a reason to move, so we installed Solar, just over £5,000 for a 4.4KW system, been in 10 months and on average saved us 60% on bills (we set the timers on the Washing machine and dishwasher to take full advantage) Our local M&S does the reduced food around 6.45/7pm so always have a look if we are passing and freeze any suitable purchases. I dont buy in lunch, just make a sarnie or nuke a soup I also like my wine, I tend to prefer St Emilion (£8-£12) or Chateauneuf-du-pap (£13-£20), but this is more a request for Bday/Chrimbo pressies, I dont drink as much as you so lasts me a good few months.....If I do find myself short I can always buy decent wine for "clients"...... Cheers DK
  13. Yeah seen that. I got an e mail from the Royal Mint saying they have received my order (for the silver proof) but it is subject to availability, this was 10.10am, took me from 9am just to get that far.
  14. Thought this was a good price....till I realised its not for the Silver proof set! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Celebrating-50-Years-Of-The-50p-2019-Kew-Gardens-Set-PREORDER/303029204427?hash=item468df2b5cb:g:zy0AAOSw6PxcPGM2:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true Cheers DK