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  1. Well, it is an interesting offer, but I have to agree with the others. As of now, the price of the ASE tube is more than the sovereign, so it's probably not going to work out (unless you find someone who doesn't really care about the difference and just wants to get out of the silver and into the gold). As of now though, a tube of ASEs is $370 and the generic sovereign is $346. After the shipping charges, it just doesn't work from a financial perspective. I think if you were interested in 18 x ASEs for the sovereign, you would get a hit. Anyway, just my perspective.
  2. I am interested in purchasing or trading for the following: - Mexico Bicentenario 3-Coin Proof Prestige Set 2010 - Mexico Bicentenario 200 peso gold coin (BU) - Mexico Bicentenario 200 peso gold coin (Proof) If you have one of the coins and are interesting in selling, please get in touch!