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    Enjoy stacking 90% constitutional silver and bars, although this year's goal will be to build up American Silver Eagle stack.

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  1. 'morning all. Back with a 2019 Lowell ATB quarter cud error. I've found two of these coin roll hunting. This one, and another with the cud error inside the bell tower. Makes me wonder what the error population is??? Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  2. 'afternoon all. I've enjoyed these nickels for some time now, some bought, most found coin roll hunting where I hit upon a collection dump 😁 If you're into nickels, or just want to give them away as gifts to young aspiring coin collectors, I'm only asking $20 (zelle/paypal). I'd also take a silver eagle. Ships free regular USPS. Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  3. Hello fellow forum members. Second go-around for this BNIB Seiko. I enjoyed making this purchase ($180) but then came to the conclusion I just didn't need another chronograph. It's been on my wrist once to test pushers. Offering here for 7 ASEs (down from 9, down from 😎 or $140. Sorry but just can't go any lower... If trading, each party pays his own shipping. If buying, I'd take zelle or paypal. ---------------------------------------------------- Borrowing description here from Island Watch (a great store)... This Seiko Recraft series watch is a quartz chronograph with stopwatch functions (1/5 sec to 60 minutes with split time measurement), and a handy 24-hour sub-dial. The silver and radiant blue dial absorbs energy from the sun to power the watch. Most indoor lighting can provide a charge as well. The watch has a 6-month power reserve once fully charged. The stainless steel case measures 43.5mm in diameter and it has a solid screw-in back. The date is between 4 and 5:00 on the dial. It comes with black nylon strap with a blue and orange stripes. The watch is 100 meter water resistant. ---------------------------------------------------- So just shoot me a PM if interested and thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  4. ... but wait there's more. I cleaned all the halves in a tumbler. WHAT! Now before anyone tells me that's stupid, I think we can all probably agree 40% halves don't carry numismatic value (unless you're talking about slabbed, or toned, or error coins), and so cleaning them didn't ruin anything. I have to admit, they look spectacular, pictures don't do them justice. So new permutation on the trade deal - happy to offer 150 coins (22.18 troy ozs) for 1 tube of ASEs. ps only 100 coins are pictured, but the deal is for 150 coins. Shipping would be on each party. Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  5. ...another coin roll hunting find. A 2008 Alaska ATB quarter with 6 claws instead of the normal 5 claws. The extra is a cud error. I've found several of these now. Sold this one on Ebay for $7 if I remember correctly. V/r, 1000ozs
  6. ... a rather ungainly cud on the rim of a Roosevelt dime. Found coin roll hunting. Sold on Ebay for $10 to a woman who thanked me profusely for finding her "forever" dime 😂 V/r, 1000ozs
  7. 'morning all. Offering a simple trade here - 20 Walking Liberty half dollars for 7 American Silver Eagles. Values work-out to $140 +/- which is in-line with Ebay sales and bullion web sites. Trying to build-up the stock of ASEs for 2020... shoot me a note if you're interested : ) Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  8. 'evening all. So I've seen various posts about error coins in different strings across the Forum. Thought perhaps folks could start posting their finds here and maybe tell the story of how they found it, what they did with it, and such... I'll kick it off with this 1982 Lincoln cent. It's a 20% brockage error. Found it last year in a bag of pennies I bought for the purpose of coin roll hunting. I got down to the literal last handful of pennies, and low and behold! I went crazy, my wife yawned. I enjoyed it for several months and listed it on Ebay. Finally sold it for $24. That's 240,000% return on investment! Thanks for looking, hope to see other error coins posted soon! And if no one shares, don't worry, I have plenty of pics... V/r, 1000ozs
  9. News flash... don't travel with a bank bag full of half dollars 💰 through security at the airport. Initially, TSA thought it was a grenade. No joke. We're all friends now and even got a couple officers interested in coin collecting when it was all said and done, but it was hairy for a while. Anyway, they recommended a clear plastic bag placed independently in its own tray going through the scanner. Also, willing to break up the lot into 10s, 20s, 50 coins, whatever you like. I'm certain we can work something out. Willing to exchange close to, if not at, spot price. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  10. 'morning all. A member was kind to provide a little guidance on pricing repeaters... and so happy to drop the ask here to $60, but would prefer an exchange for 3 ASEs. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  11. Thx & appreciate the offer, always interested to wheel and deal, but trying to sell/exchange the tube. I'm withdrawing this one for now until the next time I'm home. Back into the safe... Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  12. 'evening all. Closing this one out until the next time I'm home. Back to the safe! Thx for looking 👍
  13. Lol. I wanted to stack all the dimes but just couldn't work up the motivation; not with two kids and two dogs always ready to bump the table.
  14. ' afternoon all. I posted last week, but here's an update stack and with things a little more spread out 😄 V/r, 1000ozs