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  1. Funny, it's hard to be further from Montreal than Mobile, AL. Appreciate the interest though.
  2. Evening all. I'd wager most are familiar with this box set. It includes 14 five dollar pieces and 14 ten dollar pieces each 92.5% silver - for total silver content of 30.2 Tozs. Each coin comes in an acrylic capsule (some capsules have very minor scuffs), unopened. Box itself is in great condition. I've enjoyed owning this set a couple years but now looking to consolidate into American coinage. If sale: $550 using Zelle, will pay half shipping so pls add $4. If trade: 30 ASEs, can be of varying dates. Also willing to entertain other trade ideas, gold? Each party pays for own shipping. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  3. I can't believe I just missed this!!! Made a couple posts, let the dog out, made lunch, came back and missed deal of the century. Anyway, great to see these incentives. thank you
  4. FOR SALE OR TRADE: lot of (62) 1965 Canadian Dollars - 80% silver by weight, each coin contains 0.6 Toz silver, total silver content for whole lot is 37.2 Tozs. Couple notes... (1) 54 coins are in Royal Canadian Mint original plastic, 8 are loose. (2) For some coins, the edge of the plastic separated meaning the coin is exposed to air (3) Probably a third of the coins exhibit some type of tarnish All that said and generally speaking, coins are in very good shape, as you'd expect from being in original plastic. If you need other pictures, just let me know. If sale: $740 by Zelle, will split shipping so pls add $4. If trade: 37 ASEs and each party is responsible for own shipping. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  5. Looking to consolidate stack into American coinage, so if you're looking to diversify into Canadian silver, this deal could be for you FOR SALE OR TRADE: lot of (24) 1966 Canadian dollars. I'm sure everyone knows this... these are 80% silver by weight, contain 0.6 Toz of silver each. Total weight is 14.4 Toz of silver for the lot. If sale: $288 by Zelle, I'll split shipping so pls add $4. If trade: asking 14 ASEs in similar condition, need not be same date, each party responsible for own shipping. I'd also entertain other offers (gold?), so let me know. I have other Canadian dollars and will post soon. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  6. Almost all my silver is in ammo cans as well. In fact, I bet a lot of folks here keep their silver in ammo cans. Would make for an interesting poll.
  7. Hello fellow forum members. This item closed out a little while ago, offering it back up here... BNIB Seiko, purchased for $180 but then came to the conclusion I just didn't need another chronograph. It's been on my wrist once to test pushers. Offering here for 7 ASEs or $140. Sorry but just can't go any lower... If trading, each party pays own shipping. If buying, I'd take zelle or paypal. ---------------------------------------------------- Borrowing description here from Island Watch (a great store)... This Seiko Recraft series watch is a quartz chronograph with stopwatch functions (1/5 sec to 60 minutes with split time measurement), and a handy 24-hour sub-dial. The silver and radiant blue dial absorbs energy from the sun to power the watch. Most indoor lighting can provide a charge as well. The watch has a 6-month power reserve once fully charged. The stainless steel case measures 43.5mm in diameter and it has a solid screw-in back. The date is between 4 and 5:00 on the dial. It comes with black nylon strap with a blue and orange stripes. The watch is 100 meter water resistant. ---------------------------------------------------- So just shoot me a PM if interested and thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  8. 'morning all. Back with a 2019 Lowell ATB quarter cud error. I've found two of these coin roll hunting. This one, and another with the cud error inside the bell tower. Makes me wonder what the error population is??? Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
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