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  1. I should of stated I purchased from the Royal Mint shop and it's not bullion. I've just called them and they said you have 14 days to return item from when it was delivered. For the reason I was told to put, 'changed my mind'
  2. The info (below) from Royal Mint. Should I just say unwanted gift or something along those lines? On the Delivery Note: Reason for return" -Product is defective. Please excahnge it. -Product is defective. Please refund. -I wish to cancel my order. Please specify reason. How to Return an item If you would like to return your order, please return it to the following address. Quality Department PCU PO Box 500 Pontyclun CF72 8BR Please enclose a note with the following: 1. Customer Code (can be found on your Despatch Note) 2. Despatch Ref (can be found on your Despatch Note) 3. Reason for return
  3. Hi all, probably a silly question. I made a purchase from the Royal Mint. I've decided to return the item. There's nothing wrong with it I just want to return it. On the invoice you have to enter a reason for return. What should I put? Thanks
  4. I've made it to the delivery page. Yawn!
  5. I too would love to see Roald Dahl on a 50p. Fantastic images by Quentin Blake. I don't want to start a debate but this PC culture drives me up the wall!
  6. Hi, yes I just found that out with the same login details. Currently the coin is £375 at bullion by post. Why the big price difference to gold.co.uk?
  7. Hi, I'm checking out dealer prices for new QB White lion of Mortimer coin 1/4 oz. Atkinsons have it on pre order for approx £360. Continuing my search I found Gold.co.uk with the pre order price approx. £350. I've bought from Atkinsons in the past and thought they were the cheapest. I've never purchased from Gold.co.uk but I discovered it's a sister site of bullion by post who I have purchased from before. Any thoughts on gold.co.uk and where will you be purchasing from? Thanks
  8. I agree, this is the early days of hopefully substantial price increases. Just hold and forget you've got it.
  9. I have 4 available for sale or exchange. Originally bought from Silver to go. £21 each + postage of your choice Payment via. Paypal ff.
  10. Hi Stan, I'll take a 5oz Aztec if you get more in please. Thanks K