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  1. Any photos please
  2. 2 coins for sale. Originally purchased from Chards. £16 each (£30 both) + postage of your choice. Supplied in sachets. Payment: Paypal ff.
  3. 3 x Silver 1oz Krugerrands. The bottom coin in the photo has a small stain above 'Fynsilwer'. (The coin at the bottom of the photo appears darker but this is just due to lighting.) Supplied in sachets. Originally purchased from Silver-to-go. £45 for all 3. Plus postage of your choice. Payment via. Paypal ff. This is my first time selling on the S.F. Thanks
  4. Going through some of my silver I noticed a stain on a Krugerrand. It had been purchased from Silver-to-go. It looks like a cigarette burn (brownish in colour). See photo (stain is above 's' Silver.) I've weighed the coin, checked dimensions & ran a Neodymium magnet on it. All ok. I'm just curious as to what this stain might be. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. I have the same query on my 2015 Sovereign. Weight & diameter are OK but the thickness is approx. 1.75mm. Is this because of the raised rim?
  6. Hi, does anyone know where I can purchase a: Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier. I've seen this model on eBay but there based in America & I would prefer to buy in the UK. I would also consider buying second hand. Thanks K
  7. Article that mentions future availability of silver: https://www.universal-sci.com/headlines/2019/1/25/periodic-table-new-version-warns-of-elements-that-are-endangered
  8. I bought some 2018 Britannias from @Michal
  9. Hi, what's the condition like? Thanks
  10. katmonkey

    Shop around

    I agree. A business has the right to make a profit but there not doing themselves any favours in the long run by charging these exorbitant prices.
  11. katmonkey

    Shop around

    I was in town this morning and walked past a shop with 1 ounce gold Krugs, Brits. for sale. They had a price tag of £1300! My question is how can they charge this amount of money? Even if your a Newbie a quick internet search will reveal much lower prices. Do they just prey on gullible people with too much money? I was Edinburgh last year just before Christmas. A pawn shop there had Brits for sale at £1100. Now obviously this is still over priced but not as bad as £1300! Any thoughts please...
  12. I understand your point, however the coin will always be worth spot price of gold. If I bought a computer/phone what would that be worth in 10 years. £0?