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  1. Yes @Mikeejones1 - I think both coin types started with the Lion of England before going in separate directions. The Griffin was the next 2oz and the Unicorn of Scotland the 2nd 1oz proof. At least you haven't missed the Griffin proof.
  2. The full series of both the 2oz bullion and 1oz proof coins are yet to finish. As I recall the 2oz bullion Griffin came out after the Lion of England coin, whereas the 1oz proof Griffin is yet to be released, hence the reason why you can't find it.
  3. By the way @h103efa - what's happened to the science series? Have we still only had the Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking 50p coins, and do you still have yours? Or have I missed anything?
  4. You always are. I did not doubt you for one minute. Thank you our Silver Forum Proclaimer in residence. Now get back to your 500 miles.
  5. Yes. I drifted off course too. My apologies @Sovereign. Enjoyed the conversations though. Good luck if you're bidding for your wanted coin on the forthcoming auction.
  6. I absolutely agree. Unfortunately I only began my coin collecting journey in 2016 and hadn't progressed onto gold coins when the 2017 series was introduced. I had to source my quintuples in the secondary market. The same applied to my 1989 box set. I prefer to keep those raw in all their glory, whereas if they came back slabbed at anything less than 70s it would reduce their wow factor for me. I believe it's difficult to attain the optimum grade for these too. They're over 30 years old now and lack the beautiful wooden box that your 2017 set came in. It's all about the coins though and they look a lovely family sitting at home together in their original capsules.
  7. Very nice indeed. Is it a raw or graded set?
  8. With regard to modern sovereigns I would imagine the majority collect the full sov, rather than the quintuple, either just for special year designs or date runs. The quintuple probably attracts fewer collectors because of its cost. I've only got 3 myself - the 2017 proof grade 70, the 2017 deep proof like (raw) which I acquired before I sourced the proof version, and a 1989 (raw) which is part of my unbroken box set. The 2017 quintuple proof was only a mintage of 750 (all part of the box sets), as already mentioned by our buddy @CadmiumGreen. Yet the deep proof like quintuple (mintage 1,000 in individual boxes) is a desirable alternative to the proof. Its reverse side is as good as the proof in my opinion. The difference is on the obverse side which is "only" BU. Who looks at that side though, when you've got the garter design to look at?
  9. I agree with you @Marc about the piedfort. I'd rather have a double sov with the same amount of gold. The larger size coin shows the display off better in my opinion.
  10. I've got several of the 1oz silver proofs and the first couple of the 2oz coins. I didn't know which I wanted to collect and ultimately gave up on them as they've been slowly introduced since 2016 and the 10 coin series is still yet to finish. The 2oz coins feel impressive in the hand though. I don't have any other coins of that weight.
  11. Marc, I hope your prediction is right - especially as you added an extra zero at the end! Joking apart, good luck with your conservation and grading.
  12. It's currently sitting at £3,600. I also have this coin in the top grade with the same label so I'm also interested to see how much this one sells for. I may consider selling my own for a decent profit in the near future, but not at the moment.
  13. You're just being polite. Some of us are just too forgetful. Or things go straight in one ear and straight out the other (sorry wife)!
  14. I nominate you as the Silver Forum's official "Proclaimer In Residence". Keep up the good work my friend!
  15. Can't see myself attending any of these Silver Forum meet ups then. Go anywhere near those doughnuts and lose 8 pints of blood.