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  1. I have the same expensive preference. The standard sovereign is about the same size as a modern British penny so the larger the coin the easier to enjoy its design. The quintuple has the wow factor. Unfortunately so does the cost 😱
  2. I’ve started a small collection of quintuple sovereigns, rather than collecting standard proof sovs. Purchases are few and far between, thanks to taking the more expensive route. I have the 1989 and the 2017 special designs, plus a 2017 MS-DPL which I bought last year before I managed to acquire the proof coin. I expect my next purchase may be a Queen Victoria 1887 or 1893 quintuple, but I’ll have to see. I agree that the commemorative crowns look very interesting. If money was no object then I’d buy the 2002 Golden Jubilee crown showing the Queen on horseback, but I think I’ll stick to building on the above quintuples instead.
  3. It's probably mine. In recent years we've had family breaks in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Arnhem and Voorburg. I've been looking everywhere for that coin 😁
  4. @AndrewSL76 I'm not sure whether you know that the Royal Mint come under the auspices of HM Treasury. Buy any gold from the Royal Mint or Royal Mint Bullion, then the Treasury will know. In times of crisis should the Treasury decide it wants the country's gold, then guess who they'll take it from. Luckily enough, there's "some guy down the pub" who will have bought my coins in the event that the Treasury come asking for their gold back. Thanks to my small collection, I'm sure their wheelbarrow will be well broken after they've already called at the homes of a few other members of this forum 🤑 The attached document won't answer your questions but will give you an insight into the structure. Lots of blank pages to start with. That's where they write down their ideas. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/417156/PU1806_-_Royal_Mint_Trading_Fund_Framework_Document.pdf
  5. Sadly I only started collecting in 2016 with the sole intention of collecting cleaner coins than the ones I generally had in my pocket. So it was BU coins to start with, instead of dirty circulated ones, meaning I missed out on the 2016 silver proof Rabbit. I'd moved up to silver proofs by 2017 and onto a small collection of gold proofs since. I wouldn't pay the going rates for the 2016 silver when I can buy other gold coins for less. Sorry, I reminisce. As for the Mint deciding on mintage figures, if they've got a policy then it's hit and miss. I'm sure you appreciate from posts on @h103efa's Stephen Hawking 50p topic that the Mint gets some things wrong. I 'd be interested to hear an answer on that one should you go ahead with a FOI request though. I would guess you'd receive a response consisting of a couple of sentences, rather than a detailed breakdown, but who knows if you don't ask?
  6. Who knows, Sal? You would think the Mint should also have some idea of customer demand based on sales of this series of coins over the past 3 years.
  7. Actually Andrew, on reflection the 2016 silver proof PR only had a limited edition issue of 15,000 and remains a hot coin. That particular silver proof is the only one in the previous 3 year series that HAS commanded such astronomical prices. Everything else is utter nonsense as you said.
  8. I wonder if a proclamation prior to the release of the first set of coins in 2016 might have stated something along the lines of it being an annual series? That could perhaps get around further proclamations. Just a guess, that's all. You're my officially appointed Gazette proclamations expert, H 😁
  9. Precisely the type of headline that the Mint craves. Mass demand from Joe Public to buy the coins, long queue for a crashing website and some genuine collectors missing out. Solution? Just go to eBay and secure your BU coin for £840 😜
  10. Yup, I received the email, as did @AndrewSL76 who brought the matter up in the Stephen Hawking 50p discussion in the Gold section. Isn't it just wonderful that the Mint are flogging this series to death with a 4th annual issue. And I thought you could only skin a rabbit once. Let's hope that one of the characters is Mr Tod the fox and the coin design shows darling Peter disappearing down Mr Tod's throat. End of story.
  11. Perhaps the engraver was starting to get a bit dizzy 😕
  12. Oh you are a wag @kimchi - I've just discovered who that absolute loon is. Hats off to you Sir.
  13. I can't believe I'm reading this after your coin feedback in your post under the Gold category Stephen Hawking topic. Famous last words (well not LAST words thankfully) but so ironic that you ARE having to send your coin back.
  14. There's also a topic on the Stephen Hawking 50p coin release in the Gold section of the forum. It's been going since about mid February and has many more posts (if anyone who hasn't seen it yet is interested). I see from some of the names here that people have been dipping between both topics.
  15. The Brexit coin may or may not happen, H. Let's take a vote on it. Then another. And another. 😂