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  1. GoodAsGold

    Resting bitch

    Poppy kok
  2. GoodAsGold

    Resting bitch

    The guy must be deaf as well as dumb. @RegalStacker calls her the wicked WITCH (not Bitch). She should give him a knighthood (sorry - not you Regal Stacker) and thrust the ceremonial sword straight through him. Arise from that if you can.
  3. GoodAsGold

    Gruffalo hunting starts tonight

    Cheers @danmc82 - Nice try, but couldn't if I wanted to. I was new to collecting in 2016 and was just buyin BU coins that year (boo hoo). Only moved on to silver coins the following year so the 2016 silver proof Peter eluded me. I'd rather save towards quality gold coins than pay crazy prices for other metals. I missed the Kew boat as well, so if I try to follow the flow I'll end up down in the sewer.😁
  4. GoodAsGold

    Gruffalo hunting starts tonight

    I didn't register my interest with the RM for this series as coloured coins are not my thing. I did buy the 2016 to 2018 Peter Rabbit series for my daughter though and it turns out that coloured coins have apparently become her thing - at least those which commemorate the stories and characters that were part of her upbringing, as @h103efa has already alluded to in the case of his children. My daughter received a standard RM email announcement about the Gruffalo release an hour after they went on sale. I'd forgotten about the release date but I decided to buy her a silver proof which I was able to do so with minimum waiting time after 3.30am. After receiving my order confirmation email I then received a further email a few hours later informing me that the Gruffalo series was now on release (a mere 5 hours after the RM had told my daughter). I've since told her that I've bought her one and it was similar to the frenzy when the Snowman coin was released. She replied "What Snowman coin?" The RM had forgotten to tell her about that one apparently. Might have to look for that coin for her now. Coloured coins are not my thing (he said), but here I am now buying them because dads do anything for their daughters. 😂
  5. GoodAsGold

    Gruffalo hunting starts tonight

    I'm playing it cool by not making my move yet. I'm hoping that Coin Con will increase the price to £ 200. That will give me a massive £ 4 saving when I use Numi's discount code 😁
  6. GoodAsGold

    Gruffalo hunting starts tonight

    Surely @Goldmick they're not doing the Queen's Beasts in red now? This colour business has gone too far 😁
  7. GoodAsGold

    Royal Mint 50p's

    Coloured coins aren't for me but I wish yourself @blackadder and the rest of the forum good luck with the forthcoming release 👍
  8. GoodAsGold

    Royal Mint 50p's

    Maybe the timing was deliberate after the RM was besieged with phone calls about the Snowman coin, thanks to their own confusion regarding what was still available and in what colour box. And what about the issue of just 75 gold 50p box sets? How many of those sets were available to the public after they made sure rip off coin companies got what they wanted first?
  9. GoodAsGold

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome @Serendipity You've got quite a broad taste there already. I think that you'll find plenty of content here to open up your mind even more. Good luck to you.
  10. GoodAsGold


    Must have accidentally overlooked this vid on YouTube. Usually watch on my iPad mini. Just discovered the video section on the forum and viewed this whilst borrowing my wife’s larger iPad. The one ounce coin looks much more impressive on the big screen. Chuckled at your “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” description @GrahamDiamond - you’re a gameshow host just waiting to be discovered matey 😀
  11. GoodAsGold

    2019 1 oz Gold Royal Arms

    Maybe so @AuricGoldfinger. But look at that lion staring at you. I bet he’s thinking about your flesh.
  12. GoodAsGold

    Sovereign help

    False alarm. Alert cancelled @Goldmick @danmc82 @richatthecroft I've since checked eBay which is where you must have seen the original advertisement Mick. The eBay seller is indeed Allgold Coins, albeit at the even higher cost price than the Allgold website and the Allgold Amazon store. Obviously if you wish to go ahead with the purchase then go direct to Allgold's own website for the £ 1950 cheapest price. You mustn't have noticed that your proposed eBay seller was also Allgold when you sent me your private message.after my original reply to your post. Panic over. 😁
  13. GoodAsGold

    Sovereign help

    ALERT !!! @Goldmick @danmc82 @richatthecroft Mick, who is allegedly selling this coin? I previously mentioned that I bought mine from Allgold Coins for £ 1950. Allgold still advertise it on their own website at that price (when I last checked on Tuesday). They also have an Amazon website store where Allgold advertise it a bit higher at £ 2082.95 to take into account the extra incurred charges if you order it via their Amazon store. If the alleged seller of the coin you pictured is NOT Allgold Coins (after all, it's advertised at over £ 100 more than Allgold's Amazon store) then the alleged seller DOES NOT OWN that particular coin and it is a SCAM. Unless of course Allgold have already sold it to that person. The reason I say this is because the coins pictured above and on the Allgold Amazon store are the very same coin - identical photo marks (probably not on the coin itself) AND the same COA number. I look forward to your reply 😱
  14. GoodAsGold

    completed Wanted 2017 £5 sovereign bu

    @Goldmick Please refer to my comments and recommendation in the "Sovereign help" post which you created. Good luck.
  15. GoodAsGold

    Sovereign help

    @Goldmick When I looked at the pictures the coin appeared to be the £5 proof but the description and COA state BU. That makes sense because the £5 proof was only sold in the sets, whereas the BU was issued in individual boxes. I've got both and, trust me, the beautiful reverse sides are virtually indistinguishable on each. The visible difference is on each obverse. Her Majesty is only in glorious proof on the proof coin (doh) and she's in BU on the BU coin (double doh). I hadn't advanced onto gold coins when they came out and had to play catch up. The BU version first became available and I jumped at it. Later I located a proof which was a slabbed grade 70. The reverse of the BU is so proof like that it's far better than BU on that particular side of the coin. N.B. I bought my BU sealed in original Mint packaging from Allgold Coins and their website still has them advertised for £ 1950 - just £ 75 over the original Mint price if I remember correctly. I've dealt with them twice and was happy with their service. That's where I would go if you want to take the plunge.