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  1. If it's recovered intact I believe Police are going to outsource forensics to privateS investigators and the Army bUmb squad. In the meantime Police are checking underworld sources for a stool pigeon.
  2. Conspiracy theories are ignored by the majority of the UK general public because we accept that everything we are told on TV news is factual information. Or we certainly did up to and including 9/11. Why wouldn't we believe our regular trustworthy TV channel newsreader? The official version is a convenient truth because if we stop and think who actually prepared a script in advance stating a nearby skyscraper building (not struck by any jet) had collapsed when it had not done so yet, and then we listen to the conspiracy theories and balance everything out using our own intelligence, then the alternative version is very scary for everyone. Surely there's no such thing as a conspiracy fact? A lot is already covered in the previous posts. However I also recall a YouTube clip which showed a 9/11 "eye witness" being interviewed live on camera on the street. 2 men in immaculate suits were stood behind him like supervisors, nodding and saying yeah as his story matched the official version. That eye witness was exposed as an actor who had also been used as an eye witness at a previous American tragedy. Why would they do this? 9/11 unfolded quickly and the perpetrators were swiftly identified to the convenience of us all. We were hooked on this event and needed our feed of news. Bin Laden was responsible yet his relatives were permitted to fly out of the country when everything else was grounded. Personally I don't believe a passenger airline being flown by a novice at a very low height struck the Pentagon. I also don't believe another passenger airline made that hole in the field in Shanksville. My eyes are now open to earlier "conspiracies".
  3. This thread seems to be all about D*cks and Dykes, but who could object to seeing the inscription Alcock and Brown on a Royal Mint coin? Joking aside, June 2019 was the hundredth anniversary of the first non-stop transatlantic flight achieved by these men. Sadly the Englishman John Alcock crashed and died later that year in 1919, but Arthur Brown (born in Glasgow, Scotland to American parents) lived until 1948. I remember having a Royal Mail postage stamp in my childhood stamp collection dedicated to their historic feat. Royal Mint - where was the Alcock and Brown coin this year? You are guilty of neglecting historical achievements such as by these heroes by pumping out the likes of Paddington Bear coins again, as well as flogging Peter Rabbit to death for the past 4 years. And shame on you as well for shaming Enid Blyton. Noddy is upset, Big Ears is livid and when he becomes King you're all in trouble.
  4. All of us had to process our own thoughts during and after the event but most of us were fortunate enough to only be witnessing this evil on TV. The magnitude of that hell for everyone on the scene who survived, including your wife, will live with them forever. Sadly thousands didn't survive the hell and their families and friends lost their loved ones and a piece of their own hearts too. During my first full year in the RAF I had to attend and subsequently guard a crash scene after a 2 seater RAF jet crashed into the outskirts of a housing estate in Cambridgeshire, England. Several lives were lost including children and I always think back to that disaster every anniversary and other times as well. It came nowhere on the scale of significance to 9/11 (or Lockerbie) but stays with me just the same. The world changed on 9/11, we all know that. May I respectfully wish your good lady the very best of luck and happiness. Likewise to everyone else who survived that horror (including the rescuers) and are still with us today. Sadly many have also since passed away. God bless our friends in America.
  5. GoodAsGold

    White Lion

    Being a white lion, the poor fellow is going to be pale in comparison to everything!
  6. GoodAsGold

    White Lion

    I think he's been listening to the Proclaimers song (the Peter Kay version) - I would walk five hundred miles. Looks like he's using the shield to hide his modesty as well. I lost interest in this series which I think has been dragged out too long. Disappointed by the prancing bull (it could have looked better charging), the pigeon and now this. Just my penny's worth, we all have different tastes.
  7. @goldmember44 If it still helps you at all, the 2017 BU quintuple had a mintage of 1,000 coins. It's actually deep proof like on the reverse and only BU as such on the obverse. The reverse is so impressive that some DPL quintuples were mistakenly encapsulated and labelled as proofs according to previous informed comment by @Numistacker. Sorry for the late response.
  8. @SVcollector Chris, others may say there's no difference but I believe your coin is a £5 CROWN not the £5 Sovereign. Nice quality coins on your website by the way. Good luck with this.
  9. Same woman / same Post Office / same stories. Don't you realise you guys all live in the same town? Next time discretely check the queue around you. If there's a shifty looking geezer with sweating brow who's clutching a package with 2 white knuckled hands then say hi to your fellow Silver Forum member. Then mug him 😊
  10. If that was the case Tony, I doubt Charles would have gone to the bother of mixing with all of the Commonwealth leaders recently as well as with President Trump, if he was just going to drop out of his destined role. Having said that, he wouldn't be the first Royal to do so, would he?
  11. Your charts are looking lovely just now @Roy We've nearly reached the clouds. I just hope I've not wandered onto a rollercoaster ride by mistake. It's too scary to get off at the top. Luckily I'm well prepared - I've got a spare pair of undies waiting for me at the end of the ride.
  12. The British Monarch is surely the ruler who appears on British coins irrespective of whoever is going to be future Heads of the British Commonwealth. If Mokgweetsi Masisi, the President of Botswana, had been elected as the next Head of the Commonwealth for example (instead of Charles), rest assured that he won't suddenly be making an appearance on all our coins and taking over Buckingham Palace.
  13. The Queen probably has a fair bit of mileage left in her @Bimetallic and may well live past 100 years of age like her own mother did. Charles is over 70 himself so there's no guarantee that he'll outlive the Queen, but if he does, his own reign may be short. This isn't the first time this discussion has surfaced and I think your train of thought is correct in that the new Monarch should appear on the following year's coins, whether circulated, proofs or bullion. What should change is that the new Monarch will face the left side of the coins, whereas the Queen faces right. It alternates from Monarch to Monarch.
  14. I posted a topic on 13 March called "Flog it" when a raw 1887 quintuple appeared on the BBC programme Flog it. My bullsh*t detector in my pocket failed to go off as I viewed the segment with brain apparently in neutral as the script unfolded. Luckily @sovereignsteve came along with fresh batteries in his detector and saw through the thin plot. Not everything is as it seems.
  15. I have the same expensive preference. The standard sovereign is about the same size as a modern British penny so the larger the coin the easier to enjoy its design. The quintuple has the wow factor. Unfortunately so does the cost 😱