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  1. I started out with a few silver and gold bullion coins (nothing qualifying as a stack) but then got the numismatic bug. I’d love to shake the bug off and buy some gold bullion coins again but some other must-have proof then comes along and demands my cash instead. It makes sense to me as a collector to have a mixture of both. I aim to have a modest amount of high quality numismatic coins and a larger amount of various bullion coins, preferably different semi numismatic ones, and bullion coins from around the world as I’d probably find a stack of the same coin quite boring. Collecting is fun and investing is wise, so it’s both worlds for me.
  2. Well spotted @Serendipity and thanks for restoring my faith in RM Bullion. You deduced their error correctly. More of a pricing error than a rip-off it seems. I hope nobody bought any 2019 Brits at £400 over the odds.
  3. I tend to agree. The silver bullion 2oz Griffin is occasionally listed in the Wanted Section and tended to have a high price last time I checked elsewhere. I don't know how many were produced but it was only the 2nd QB bullion coin and maybe a lot of collectors hadn't got into the series when Regal Stacker decided to buy them all.
  4. Thanks @Serendipity. I did compare the 2019 1oz Brit against 4 quarter sovs, but your detailed analysis confirms just how crazy RM Bullion prices can sometimes be. Definitely a rip off.
  5. I'd love a Harry Potter series on British coins but they're currently introducing them elsewhere (Niue I think). My brother was involved in the first 2 films and worked with the child actors but didn't appear in the film itself. He managed to acquire Harry Potter Stunts Worldwide baseball caps for my kids. My daughter also owns first editions of books 2 and 3. Basically we're a Harry Potter family.
  6. That's very true IMO @Stuntman. I'd love to see some very old designs repeated. They'd make great looking proofs as well.
  7. Gazette proclamations @h103efa - that's why I call you the G Man! I started out by appreciating different coin designs in my spare change and just wanted cleaner ones. That's when I logged on to the RM website, discovered BU versions and my hobby began. The RM mailing list then took care of the rest. Perhaps though children don't see the uncirculated Grufallo or W+G coins and miss out on becoming collectors because they never had that initial spark? Thanks H and good luck with Snowman 2.
  8. What's your thoughts folks? A lot of us are buying novelty coins, whether BU, silver or gold and they no doubt sell well (unless an OTT mintage of 60,000 Paddingtons if I remember correctly). Are novelty coins here to stay? Will the RM issue fresh novelty coins for years to come or is there a limit to them? Who else needs commemorating? Postman Pat? Fireman Sam? Or Bob the Builder perhaps? I know of one collector eagerly awaiting a Rupert the Bear design (just realised that collector's initials are RB - same as Rupert Bear). Will future generations of collectors perhaps regard novelty coins as desirably as a lot of us regard Queen Victoria sovereign shield backs? Should they all be available as circulated coins for kids to find in their change (assuming we don't become a completely cashless society) or should they not enter circulation like a couple of recent coins? What are your thoughts and who else would you like to see on these coins? Lots of questions but please just answer any of them that you just have a view on. Thanks. My apologies if this has already been covered as a topic.
  9. Thanks for your response @Abyss and for displaying the relevant link (I'd stayed up too late catching up with the Forum and forgot about the link before hitting the sack). I was on the verge of buying a Britannia just before the gold price shot up earlier this year, but that money has since went elsewhere (no harm in window shopping though). I thought maybe the Mint was implying that the coin was now scarce and therefore more valuable, as seen in prices of various Queen's Beasts since issue.
  10. Yes, like yourself I bought 1 silver proof which is for my adult daughter as well as just the 2 BU. 1 of the BU will be a gift for a cousin's daughter who collects circulated 50 pences when waitressing part-time (she's at Uni). She'll have a nice surprise when she gets it along with the BU Grufallo 1, both in their presentation packs. She wouldn't pick these up waitressing, that's for sure. I'd like to encourage her with her starter collection and develop her hobby if she wishes. I'll keep the remaining BU as the coin is not going into circulation. You're right to joke about the aesthetic qualities of the Wallace and Gromit. It gives the appearance of only being silver proof on the obverse whilst having a W+G sticker on the reverse. There's no polished fields on the reverse whatsoever. How on earth do they grade that? Cheers Dan.
  11. Do you see yourself as a collector or investor or maybe a bit of both? I've found myself pursuing different directions over merely 4 years in this hobby. Bullion should give you a profit if you're prepared to wait for a big price shift upwards, whereas proofs are only worth what someone is prepared to pay for them when you decide to sell. You have to sell proofs to the right people (collectors) rather than bullion dealers. You may wish to buy proofs and get them graded and encapsulated in the hope of making profits as well. I've got a sovereign box set consisting of the quintuple, double, standard and half sovereigns and it led me to what size coins I prefer. Try buying one of each size and see if you get hooked on the big beauties like me. Trust me, you'll have a much smaller collection though. ☹️
  12. Just been browsing current 1oz gold Britannias and noticed an "anomaly" on the RM Bullion website to put it mildly. Whereas they're charging £ 1240 for a single year 2020 coin, and £ 1253 for a 2019 Oriental Border version, the price for one standard 2019 Britannia coin is a whopping £ 1662. Bullion By Post are presently charging £ 1236 for the same coin and no doubt some other bullion dealers are charging even less. Even the Lion of England 1oz gold bullion coin is cheaper. Does anybody have any idea why the RM price is so high for a standard bullion coin that appears to be in plentiful supply?
  13. Safety deposit boxes are peace of mind. Perhaps you should cut back on your large quantity of silver which obviously takes up a lot of storage space and concentrate on gold coins instead?
  14. What coin did you eventually settle for @danmc82 ? The BU? Added 0 minutes later...
  15. Fair comment Dan. But not sure I'd qualify for a discount again when the time comes to attend snowman Rehab, after already attending previously to cure me of Peter Rabbit and his chums.