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  1. A belated thank you my friend for the heads up. Unfortunately I'd wandered away from the Forum the past few weeks but somebody must have found me and returned me to my natural home. Might just be the first case of Numismatic Dementia. Stay safe buddy.
  2. I stand corrected. I completely understand that the 1oz gold Beasts cost big money and time to save up for them. I had only just moved up to silver coins when the series was introduced, so 2 affordable 1 or 2oz silver QBs a year seemed to take forever for me. I moved up to gold coins a couple of years ago but can't afford a full set of 1 ounce gold QBs alas.
  3. I think one issue with a slow release of 10 proof beasts and 10 bullion designs over 5 years is that a lot of us tend to change our collecting/stacking strategy over time. Some (like me) perhaps drift away from the series whereas others start picking them up later on. Hats off to those of you that complete your set. I don't suppose the Mint will issue a Prince Andrew coin though.
  4. Did you bid on the one available in yesterday's Coin Cabinet auction @Sovereign ? I know the bid price prior to the live auction was more than you wanted to buy one for.
  5. Further to my previous observation, the RM issue price of the 2017 deep proof like quintuple was £1875. The auctioned coin had also been graded (MS69) so somebody spent extra money on the grading. Yet despite the special design and the hike in the gold price (and RM prices) it only sold in the auction for £1750 (£125 cheaper than original price). Somebody got a bargain there. Winners and losers indeed.
  6. Speaking of differences in price, you'll be pleased to see another gold Una sell for £25.5K, compared to the original RM release price of £4K. If you've still got your one then it'll need to sell that high to cover your rapidly increasing popcorn bill 😁
  7. One was a proof quintuple and the other was the deep proof like quintuple (proof like on the reverse side, but only BU on the obverse). Different in finish as well as lower grade.
  8. So you've started adding pandas to your (ceramic) pigs? I do hope they get on well together!
  9. I also tried to stop when I saw the prancing bull. A fierce charging bull would have been better. But then my daughter bought it for my birthday so I feel like I have to keep it now. I still hate that particular design though!
  10. I've mentioned it before but I think the series has been dragged out too long. It's now in its fifth year and the beasts have been slowly rationed out. I lost interest in the last couple of years but that might be because my own PM collection has been evolving during this time. The new engraver series (commencing with Una and the Lion) should allow collectors and flippers time to save up for future releases but I don't see any necessity for the beasts to take this long as they've been regular price coins.
  11. Yes @Mikeejones1 - I think both coin types started with the Lion of England before going in separate directions. The Griffin was the next 2oz and the Unicorn of Scotland the 2nd 1oz proof. At least you haven't missed the Griffin proof.
  12. The full series of both the 2oz bullion and 1oz proof coins are yet to finish. As I recall the 2oz bullion Griffin came out after the Lion of England coin, whereas the 1oz proof Griffin is yet to be released, hence the reason why you can't find it.
  13. By the way @h103efa - what's happened to the science series? Have we still only had the Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking 50p coins, and do you still have yours? Or have I missed anything?
  14. You always are. I did not doubt you for one minute. Thank you our Silver Forum Proclaimer in residence. Now get back to your 500 miles.
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