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  1. Welkom hier, een fijne plek om je info op te doen! Nice to see more Dutch people coming in! (Welcome, a great place to find your info,)
  2. 20 euro Silver domed coin from the Austrian Mint! Was sold out in 1 day, luckily my brother lives close to that mint in Austria, picked one up, shipped it to me! Beautiful detailed coin, with glow in the dark stars on it. As a big Apollo mission fan, this is a great addition to my collection!!! Want more Apollo coins! One can be so happy with this!
  3. Yeah, that sucks indeed. Only for diehard fans, not for us silver lovers..
  4. https://www.royaldutchmint.com/batman-mirror-coin/en/product/10147/ It's a steel coin with some kind of mirror trick thingy. Mintage of 8000. Anyone fancying one? I'm willing to order some and ship out as I live in the Netherlands. Maybe it makes it easier for someone.
  5. Wow, those coins and bars are beautiful! Too bad they're not for sale!
  6. And an expensive one! Got the Austrian Mint's Apollo coin incoming tomorrow, was sold out in 15 minutes. Thank goodness my brother lives close to the mint and was in front of the line!
  7. You know a message is coming your way
  8. That is number 1 on my wanted list, but need it shipped to the Netherlands.
  9. The Apollo moonlanding (no conspiracy fans allowed here ) has always had my interest, and I'm busy on that as a hobby, so this year celebrating 50 years since the landing is a great year for me. A lot of coins are issued to commemorate it. I noticed some USA mints produce them, as well as a long list of other countries. So, anyone have some spare Apollo related coins and can help me obtain them? Needs shipping to the Netherlands. Let me know what you have please! Cheers,
  10. I thought the Perth Mint always made 9999 coins? Or did they do that somewhere after 2014?
  11. The 1 guldens, even in good condition, are not worth more than 2 euro(their silver content value). Millions available, in every condition. And they are not sterling, they are .720.. On the picture I also see a Dutch 2,5 gulden, which should cost no more than 5 euro..
  12. I'd reckon my chances are the highest in the USA section, but I'm desperately after one of these silver dollars for my personal US coin collection. Proof or uncirculated version, both are fine. Would like to know if you have one, shipping it to the Netherlands. Thanks! FFkook