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  1. FFkook

    Next queens beast?

    Me too, but I couldnt get used to student life...
  2. FFkook

    wanted Kennedy halves 90%

    To complete a small collection, I'm looking for some 1964 kennedy halves. Anyone who wants to ditch some at junk silver prices? Shipping to the Netherlands needed. Thanks!
  3. FFkook

    completed Kennedy 40%

    Darn I hate that I'm too late on these!!!
  4. FFkook

    BASHING on the forum

    I thought it, you said it..
  5. FFkook

    New website

    Probably somewhere around 40..
  6. FFkook

    New website

    Still pretty wide available in Europe though. I could help you out with it if you'd like(I'm also visiting Philly, but that will take until September).
  7. FFkook

    Today I Received.....

    I love those Eagles so much, really want one!!! And Maples as well, I'm filling a tube on a slow pace as we speak!
  8. FFkook

    New website

    I like your style of writing on there. And, the Lion Dollar is my favorite as well, not only because I'm Dutch but also because of that history! Too bad they didn't make a 2018 bullion version though.. Looks like they immediately stopped with the Lion dollar... Please continue your website, I'm enjoying it!
  9. FFkook

    Today I Received.....

    How big/small is that Philly in comparison to lets say, a dime?
  10. FFkook

    for sale 1/4 Gold Queen's Beasts Lion

    O it has my interest, but I just don't have the money for it right now!
  11. FFkook

    for sale 14 x 5 Reichsmark

    That sucks. I know how that feels, happened to me 2 months ago...
  12. FFkook

    Philly spots

    Well, think I'm filling a tube anyway. It's silver after all.. And cheap!
  13. FFkook

    Philly spots

    Never read about Philharmoniker coins spotting, but the Maple leafs in general.. Well, in this household it's quite the opposite. The 2013 and 2015 maples don't show spots at all, but the 2018 Philly spots like a Dalmation.. Ever seen this before? Even the edge of the coin is one gigantic stain..
  14. @BackyardBullion and others, you guys should really ignore future comments and arguments from -whats his name- ... This is taking the "shiny" off of the group order. Ignore and let it die out. I can't believe why discussions like this are started. I totally get the defense from BYB, but apparently it's not working... I joined last year in November or something, only for 5 coins to try out and I was really pleased with it. That's all that matters. The buyers being pleased...