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  1. FFkook

    Silver books

    I have one of those Silver Coins Bullion Books for sale if you want.. PM me if interested..
  2. Got some Kennedies and other stuff for sale again, please read well: 5 x 40%, £2,25 each 4 x Standing Liberty quarters 90%, £ 2,85 each 5 x Liberty Nickels, £1,50 each 1 x 1930 Buffalo Nickel, £1,25 Prices excluding postage on your own risk, Payment by PayPal FF, Revolut, bank transfer, Transferwise. Shipping from the Netherlands, no problems at all before with shipping to the UK!
  3. Did the density test, was way off. In stead of 10.34 it came out on 8.56 or something. Big thanks to all of your help guys!!!!
  4. FFkook

    9 Fine Mint

    Hard to find these in Europe unfortunately, really want a 100 gram version of it...!
  5. Okay, check out this small detail that I noticed, compared to other Morgans.. On other Morgans, the hair is draping over the neck line, on the CC it doesn't.. Or isn't that a big flaw?
  6. I'm doing the gravity test this, week, will let you know what the outcome is..
  7. My coin shop hasnt got enough experience with Morgan Dollars to verify. Thing is, I don't dare sell it now.. I'll try a forum with Morgan experts first..
  8. Hmm, so even a gravity test wouldnt tell exactly? The ring test is the only thing which is different from my morgans, it sounds a little higher.. @PansPurse and others, any other ideas maybe?
  9. Don't have a good scale to do that test though. Never needed it before.. It's not my coin, it's from a friend, but I'm not sure what to do with it now. Don't want to sell it on either, should it be a fake then someone else gets disappointed..
  10. Okay, one thing surely is off.. It rings higher than other Morgan dollars.. I'm leaning more towards fake now.. It's just that I don't know enough on them to be sure.
  11. Let me get you some other pictures, the first picture makes the hat look weak, hope these are better:
  12. Asking for a friend, who came with this Morgan Dollar. Weighs around the same, size is about the same(looks a tenth of a millimeter thicker though), it pings like silver and non magnetic. Pretty sure the toning is fake, but the coin itself? What do you guys think?
  13. Delivery to the Netherlands as well for a 100 gram Umicore?