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  1. FFkook

    Fractional Silver

    That is 16 euros an ounce, if that is way too expensive in your opinion, what kind of ounces do you buy then, and what are you paying for them? Can't seem to find lower than 14,80 on internet...
  2. FFkook

    Fractional Silver

    Yeah, only in the US that is.. Not so common in Europe, and if so, even with high premium in junk silver. So there's a benefit of living in the US...
  3. FFkook

    for sale 1 oz SILVER DEADPOOL COINS

    If that is (regular) delivery to NL as well, I'll take it!
  4. FFkook

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    14 dollars for up to 8 Oz.
  5. FFkook

    Black Friday

    Are there any bullion dealers that do something with black friday, or nothing in the previous years?
  6. FFkook

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    O yes, I can't wait, this is fun!
  7. FFkook

    Fractional Silver

    Did the same with 1/4 arks.. 90 for a tube, in euro's that is...
  8. FFkook

    COin bars silver

    Welcome here, also from the Netherlands! Need any help or questions, this is the right place!
  9. FFkook

    Today I Received.....

    I'm in, with 250 fake accounts!!!
  10. FFkook

    Britannia's overrated compared to cheaper offerings?

    Indeed, I recently got my first "Philly", and it's spotting like crazy!!
  11. FFkook

    for sale Morgan and Peace Dollars

    Think this ad is useless, as he never visited the forums again after posting this thread...
  12. Then they can keep them... Nice coin but not worth it..
  13. Insane. Probably because no legal tender?
  14. Pretty simple, pick number 37 and you're done