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  1. Watch out, because in the Netherlands they'll pay you below spot in stores. Only works if you sell to the people directy though...
  2. Thanks mate! Thanks but no, I'm looking for fiat currency at the moment.
  3. In beautiful condition, asking 349 pound tracked shipping included. Payment through PayPal FF or Revolut.
  4. Not yet, still in the lower lands To answer the question, gold in the Netherlands with low premiums can best be bought by combining purchases with other members. I usually buy my silver and gold through a couple of members here, and sometimes through websites like Heubach-edelmetalle.de. I could help you out if you wish
  5. Really did my best on taking pictures, and a small video included, here you go! *Note to self, buy a good camera with the money from the sold coins, phones can't take pictures 2019-08-12_12_02_41.mp4
  6. I know, the lightning was hard, but I'll make new pictures from them tomorrow. Bought them from a well respected forum member last year, should that matter. I'll get back on it!
  7. Up to page 1 please Reduced, they gots to go!
  8. I'm offering these shipping included.
  9. Got these two beauties for sale, shipping included. Sold Payment only through PayPal FF or Revolut.
  10. Can't see where they sell them online, only the 2019 Germania at - for example- coininvest... Any ideas on how this works?
  11. darn.. that's the third 1/10er that I missed today...