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  1. Not today but in the last weeks, got these two beauties! 2018 and 2019 Proof Dutch Lion Dollar Restrike! Pretty historic stuff! Got a genuine 1576 Lion Dollar incoming as well, and also the 2017 (the first) Proof Lion Dollar is incoming one of these days! Boy, I'm happy with them!!!!!
  2. Same in the Netherlands.. Bizarre how much premium is fetched over US -and Dutch- junk silver.. Luckily I have 1 adress for Dutch junk at a good price, and US junk silver I only buy when in the States every year(at great prices).. Stupid expensive Europe...
  3. Looking for this one, in good shape and complete with box (preferred shipping to the Netherlands).
  4. The only fractional I have is a sealed tube of 1/4 Oz Armenia Noah's Ark, but the price was right, I believe they were 4,80 in euro at the time, which is low. Fun to have a sealed tube, who knows what that will bring later on.. For coins I tend to go no smaller than 1 ounce, for bars I won't go lower than 100 grams..
  5. Nice condition. 16,50 pounds postage included. Skip an ounce of Silver and buy the book from FFkook!
  6. FFkook


    Does anyone know when they will be released?? It's taking pretty long..
  7. No speculation, 2017 was the only year they struck bullion Lion Dollars, they didnt strike them in 2018 and neither will they in 2019. What I meant was, I hope the EIC won't stop with the bullion versions like the Dutch mint did with the Lion Dollars.
  8. I noticed the gold chinese one before, thought they may have stopped with the bullion version and only continued with proofs, like the Dutch mint did with the lion dollar(which is stupid by the way)..
  9. The East India Company started with the St. Helena US and UK trade dollar restrike. After that, it went silent.. Does anyone know more about it? Did they stop the series?
  10. Hi there, Got some silver that can(but is not needed) be moved to a new owner. -10 oz 2018 Kookaburra in capsule, €195 shipping included Payment through Transferwise, PayPal, Revolut, bank transfer etc.
  11. I ordered the capsule for these coins at aurinum.de https://aurinum.de/Capsule-for-Silver-2-Oz-Piedfort-Koala-Perth-Mint-410-mm
  12. Some questions if I may: I understand you make these yourself? Whats with the other topic from Panda6pack, who sells the same stuff, is that like a copycat(no disrespect intended)? Whats with the black bra on the ASE? Will that be in gold( I hope so, looks pretty weird)? You're talking about pricing of 29,99 and 30,99, and a RRP of 40, what do you mean by that(sorry, I'm not from the UK so I don't understand)?
  13. Well, I am Dutch, so maybe Dutch coins would make a nice trade!