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  1. Signed.
  2. I'm playing the loooong game ... I buy as the urge takes me
  3. Big thanks to @ilovesilverireallydo for these lovely 5 Florins, top man!
  4. My weekend purchase just arrived, a very nice pre-owned 2000 Double Sovereign
  5. If I still ate sausages I would definitely bid ... Looks wonderful
  6. Isn't it fun when a bunch of your purchases arrive at the same time Big thanks to @BackyardBullion @SilverTrader @arshimo2012 & @Sparrowlegs4
  7. Buying Gold and Silver is a great release valve for the old buying-bug ... it scratches the buying itch and you've always got something of value to show for it. I've never had buyer's remorse with PM's
  8. Hi Tim, I'd like to take that off your hands. BT is fine for me.
  9. haha ... see, the side profile is an uncanny likeness to Charlie
  10. I can't help it, all I see is a profile of Spike Milligan! ... with neater hair.
  11. Received this beauty from Richard the other day but this is the first chance I've had to get it photographed and uploaded.
  12. Thanks chaps, got it resolved by using another topic from the same seller
  13. Goldfever

    22K vs 24K

    My only problem is I don't have enough 22K yet 😉 That stack won't stack itself !!!