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  1. haha ... see, the side profile is an uncanny likeness to Charlie
  2. I can't help it, all I see is a profile of Spike Milligan! ... with neater hair.
  3. Received this beauty from Richard the other day but this is the first chance I've had to get it photographed and uploaded.
  4. Thanks chaps, got it resolved by using another topic from the same seller
  5. Goldfever

    22K vs 24K

    My only problem is I don't have enough 22K yet 😉 That stack won't stack itself !!!
  6. Hi chaps, need some help with the Feedback section, trying to leave positive feedback today for a purchase from the UK & Europe section and it won't allow the Topic section to be completed so I can't post the feedback ... I'm stuck. Strange one? Any Ideas?
  7. I don't wish to offend but I really don't find this type of work appealing, I know there's a lot of skill involved but items like this are more of a piece of jewellery than a coin ... just my opinion of course, I'm sure others will love it. Maybe I just like my coins to be more like coins.
  8. Some very wise words and views in this thread, I too remember the days of +15% rate on my endowment mortgage and the promises of a healthy return at the 25 year term ... Oh how empty those promises turned out to be! It's such a different world now, in some ways marvellous and in other ways, not so, but that's our roller coaster journey of life, sometimes it's a white knuckle ride but still a blast haha
  9. I've had this coin for about 40 odd years, thought I lost it in a house move back in 2011 😢 but yesterday as I was going through a box of this 'n' that and much to my amazement and joy, there she was 😂 There's a lot of sentimental value wrapped up in this coin! Edit: As far as I'm aware this is one of the lower mintage ones from the Heaton Mint, the 'H' below Victoria's head is a bit worn down but visible.
  10. I picked up a 1973 Isle of Man Sov, I've always liked the design
  11. You need to remove it from your collection immediately, waste no time, do it now before it infects the other coins and to be extra safe remove it from your home completely. My address details shall follow. . . . . . . . 😁
  12. Stunning Sov's @terakris, you make me jealous !!!
  13. I've bought quite a few of the Best Buy second hand Sov's from HGM and never had a problem, posted photos of them in the 'today I received' thread, just search for my posts to see quality, I've been very happy with them all.
  14. Snagged a couple of Sov's from HGM over the weekend, 2017 & 1911. The 2017 has a couple of small marks near the front right hoof and the 1911 is a bit worn but that's okay, I'm just an ignorant aul stacker and blemished Sov's just means I get to fondle them more without worrying 😊