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  1. For most western nations at this moment it doesn't make sense to use cryptos at least as a payment method. For other 4-5 billion people, maybe a little different story. Most of those people don't have access to the banking system (VISA,credit cards, or any bank account for that matter, not to talk about opportunities to invest on global market). I think global adoption of cryptos (at least some) will happen sooner or later, at that point prices will not fluctuate so much.
  2. Nikola Tesla 2006 silver coin from Croatia
  3. @Groundup I am mainly interested in silver for now, since I am still figuring out how much of my well earned money I am actually willing to put on the side. Eventually I want to add a little bit of gold as well. Currently I have Silver eagles, maples, few kangaroos, britannias and philharmonikers (all 1oz) Also I have from Croatian silver Nikola Tesla coin, it looks really nice I'll put a picture maybe when I find some time
  4. Yeah well I know, not so many forums in europe with english language. Croatia doesn't have any good ones. Not much of a football fan to be honest, but I did watch the game while I was in US on some business trip last week. England had the youngest team on the tournament, fast as hell but I think our guys were a bit more experienced. We played one extra game in the end (3x120minutes) that maybe cost us the finals Anyways, thanks for the warm welcome
  5. Hi guys, I am a newbie in precious metal investing. Bought couple of silver coins (1oz government minted coins). Hoping to find what are the best type of silver/gold investing options for me. I also invest in cryptos for last year or so, pick couple of coins there as well. Cheers
  6. Hi guys new here on the forum. Started to accumulate a little bit of silver here and there (only government mint 1oz coins for now) I have a question for @BackyardBullion regarding the group ordering. How do you handle taxes once you order everything. Do you pay the taxes and all participants pay you total sum, or do you order without taxation through your company and send it to participants and than each participant handle taxes on their own once order is received? Cheers