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  1. If the Gov needs revenue it will look anywhere for tax and hence they probably wont remove VAT on Silver. HMRC could consider adding VAT again to Gold if they wanted to, as up to 1973 Gold was VAT free, but VAT was added from 1973 till 2000 when VAT on gold was removed as part of EU, why this didnt include Silver as elsewhere in the EU is anyone guess. Looks like its all about Goods and Services, more HMRC / LBMA info Here
  2. DEBT is the new slavery..... The banking system totally relies on debt. As Sovereign says above, its deliberate they dont teach about it. Get em as early as possible for a lifetime of debt. Regarding banks, they are in deep doo doo. From a $0 balance to $200+ BILLION pumped into the Repo market by the US Fed to prop it up since September and no sign of abating yet. They are desperate to hold it together and try to keep it off the general radar.
  3. Silenceissilver is correct its probably not a huge amount “they showed figures that only a tiny fraction of money laundering is done with gold, again I would need to look it up but I think it was 2% or so, maybe less.Also a small percentage in cash, most is done via moving money around, electronically between different bank accounts” ————————— However, as an aside, did anyone watch the documentary about money laundering and gold, here are linkys.... BBC News Iplayer Panorama Unbelievable, that we cant pay a £1 coin directly into someones account and here they are taking suitcases full of cash every single day. The money launderers are the banks facilitating it!!
  4. 130 million ounces of Physical or Paper?
  5. Not just saving on energy costs as directed from their Energy Management Team, they will probably have a Carbon Footprint target also to achieve as set by some .Gov department....
  6. BOE - Question and Answer Session “We have shifted from paper-based gold bar lists to bar codes and electronic scanning of bars. We also provide a gold inspection service for all our central bank customers in which they are able to visit to visually inspect a sample of gold bars from their holdings, which they select themselves” Sorry, we are unable to show you your full holding, but please take a look at the sample provided and this print out to show it is all accounted for.... 😂
  7. Yeah Robjw, VAT is now payable on future purchases of Signature Silver and Platinum. The Signature service is back up, but with VAT payable. Strange, as I think there is no physical delivery of this product, as its a trading account and you can only trade between the account holder and RMB similar to Bullionvault or Goldmoney (cant remember if BV/GM still offer physical delivery, upon which, then the VAT is payable) It’s simple and quick to purchase or trade precious metals online, with 24/7 access to your precious metal holdings and any balance of funds in your Signature™ account. You can keep an eye on your investment and decide whether to sell it, or add a little more. So with RMB Signature, you now buy and pay VAT and sell back less the 20% VAT..... hmmm, dont think so. So will HMRC implementing this strategy on other UK institutions that offer purchases, free of VAT with storage (ie VAT free until delivery)? I guess most will now offer offshore storage. If you dont hold it, you dont.....
  8. Yeah, good company. Used them before with no issues. Emailed them just a couple of days ago, as website was a little confusing regarding delivery, but havent had an answer back yet.... Which one is correct please? Producer: The Royal Mint Date of shipment: 24h Shipment Ready to ship in 46days Check delivery time and costs
  9. Not sure who make the Albions, but the Sharps ones are: Offering you the world-known 500g Sharps Pixley Silver Bullion Bar. Produced by LBMA accredited Swiss refineries Argor-Heraeus & Valcambi, Both good looking bars. Need to get my self one methinks.
  10. Yeah could be, but, Sharps Pixley is owned by Degussa. ———————————————— From Sharps Pixley website.... Today the business is wholly-owned by one of the wealthiest families in Germany and sits within the DEGUSSA group of businesses, said to be one of the largest sellers of retail physical gold in Europe. From Degussa’s website.... As the largest retailer in physical precious metal investment products in Europe, Degussa ofers a fully comprehensive service from both our domestic as well as our inter­national branch network. ———————————————— Reasonable to assume they are a big enough enterprise that they wouldn’t have issues with restocking but who knows.
  11. Probably nothing, but also.... After having them all year, Sharps Pixley have no 1Kg Silver Bars listed for sale on their website for the second week!
  12. Not sure its paper. Similar to Goldmoney or Bullionvault possibly... Whatever it is, they aint got any 😜