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  1. Probably full of heroin inside that is worth more than the gold....
  2. I think its all just a distraction to what is happening in the Global Financial markets... Maybe wrong, but Deutsche Bank seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. 2 UK funds just slammed the door shut on investers getting their money out. Good luck with that. Woodford - £3.7 Billion M&G (part of Prudential) - £4.4 Billion Just two in little old UK. Got to have something to blame it all on...
  3. £ Spread on Platinum at Goldmoney has been gradually increasing... Jan 19 - 0.78% Apr 19 - 2.20%
  4. Hi and welcome to the Forum. Some great bands from your neck of the woods, , Bruce, Gary US Bonds, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes, Billy Waton Band and I think Bon Jovi :)) Rockin
  5. Well not in the same league as the previous posts, but here ya go. Needed some cufflinks and decided to get these custom made by Rob at Coin Couture. I chose to have a pair of Victorian Silver 1887 Sixpences, as I like the shields on view, along with his Antique Finish mounted on a stainless base. Cost was a more than the standard coin, but well worth it, Big recommendation to Rob, very talented. Pics dont really do these justice, sorry about pic quality... edit: Better pics here on Coin Couture Facebook Page. There is also a Gold Kruggerand made into a ring
  6. Good comment I found that sums up why pot holes are not repaired from VED funding, as Vehicle Excise Duty is not called Road Tax anymore, therefore it is a tax to use a vehicle. "The VED funds do not go directly to the upkeep of the road network, they go into the exchequer with all the other tax. No hypothecation, no classification. Customs and EXCISE.Vehicle EXCISE duty"
  7. National Audit Offive VED Accounts for 2006/2007 nothing later! And nothing about accounts at all other than tax evasion, what a comple farce. Vehicle Excise Duty Accounts 2006/2007
  8. Dont know about anyone else, but if .GOV.UK said it would consider increasing the following by a small percentage and was fully accountable that the revenue generated was actually going to be 100% allocated to the cause, to get some tangible improvement going, maybe, just maybe, there would be some interest.... Vehicle Excise Duty - for Repairing Pot holes - (2 wheels/Disabled Exempt). Lorry Tax much bigger % and mainly motorway/carriageway repairs. It will all get much worse if the situation is allowed to continue as is. Edit: £5 Billion a year!!! is a lot of road tax collected, anyone know if this is audited? All you need to know about Vehicle Excise Duty....
  9. That article is over 4 years old, and the situation has got progressively worse since....
  10. Its cheaper for councils to pay compensation than it is to repair the holes!! Absolutely appalling state of the roads where I live, seen better quality roads in third world countries. Where does the revenue from Vehicle Tax actually go, other than building "smart motorways".....
  11. Thanks Goldhooked, didnt know about the PO collection service, will check that out.
  12. I probably should have rephrased my comment. What I should have made clearer was it should be an additional optional service. ie if I know I'm not going to be home then can I collect and save the PO having to try and deliver it first. I didnt forget the Redelivery option, I just dont have the option to get it redelivered anywhere else. The PO already have the storage space to keep packages when its not delivered so I just think a collection service would benefit both the Post Office and the customer if there was an option to choose, ie home delivery or click and collect. You are fortunate with your postperson
  13. Looks like something happened at Sharps Pixley in 2013/14.....
  14. Same as when people spend £20k on a new car that is depreciating by the minute and then worry about the price of their 2oz Gold "investment" LMAO