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  1. Uksilverstackers

    Milk spots How? And why?

    I think we are thinking along the same lines Kimchi 👍😎
  2. Uksilverstackers

    Milk spots How? And why?

    Here is a much better webpage link below on the processing. The more I read, the more I'm thinking that .9999 Silver will have some of the .0001 attributed to unremoved residue/chemical/ and its this that could cause the White Spots and why it cannot be removed by washing/rinsing as its integral to the constitution of the silver and subsequently leeches out over time. This page also mentions the use of a X-Ray Spectrometer to analyse the metal constitution of a bar. Here could be a cost implication for the mint in that there may be different grades of .9999 silver. But what do I know... The webpage goes on to include: He explains that Allgemeine is one of the biggest European producers of silver semi-finished products like tubes for jewelers, which can easily be transformed to rings, silver sheets and of course blanks, on which the German commemorative coins are struck. Its near the end of this webpage regarding blanks etc, so scroll through, but its good to read about the processing and what is involved. Processing into Blanks etc Ultimately it would appear that good Quality Control at every stage will provide the best blanks using the best processed Silver. That may be why some coins have White Spots and some dont. So my take on that, is, any Mint that are buying in Blanks/Sheets, are the mercy of the Quality Control/Cost from the company they are purchasing the product from and therefore struggle to do anything about resolving White Spots. To compound the issue, I guess there are also only a few major companies that can provide that level of Process/Refining/Product that they can buy from. Enjoy 👍😎
  3. Uksilverstackers

    Milk spots How? And why?

    Thank you Kimchi, that is very interesting 😳 I just found this, which although refers to US coins, maybe other mints use the same process.... The first step in generating coins is the manufacturing of strips of metal with proper thickness. The U.S. Mint purchases these strips, for all coins apart from pennies, from commercial suppliers.) How Coins are made (US)
  4. Uksilverstackers

    Milk spots How? And why?

    Yes and I cant see The Royal Mint, melting, forming, milling, rolling, processing and washing the strips of silver that they need to punch blanks. Along with all the manufacturing procedure and regulations involved with that raw processing. I wouldnt be surprised if they buy in the pre washed silver strips from refiners and the mint just carries out the actual pressing and packaging especially given the number of general coins they produce for various countries not just precious metal. It would be interesting to know for sure. Has anyone who has done a tour of a mint noticed any processing other than pressing? Maybe the larger mints have that processing facility but maybe the smaller ones do not.
  5. Uksilverstackers

    Milk spots How? And why?

    I'm guessing if these guys dont know what causes it, who knows. Or they are making big money by not saying.... NGC Conservation - White Spots Of course could also be tea / coffee spots 😀
  6. Uksilverstackers

    Gold/Silver ratio?

    Just a gnats away from 85:1 in $ on this chart....
  7. Uksilverstackers

    buying many, get great discount...(sure?)

    Oh dont get us started on VAT on everything except gold. Why is that then, other than a total UK rip off, especially on legal tender coins... Secondhand silver is supposed to be VAT free, but I've not noticed a main dealer selling secondhand silver at spot + 5%, like gold...
  8. Uksilverstackers

    UK pensions

    Ahhh yes, but "Would not be tolerated" by who? Take the increases in retirement ages from 65 upwards to now 66+ for men and the women (WASPI) whose pension age was upped from 60 to 65 after years and years of paying in thinking they would be pensioned at 60! Thats approx £30k robbed off each woman, didnt see any massive disturbances about that. When push comes to shove uk.gov couldnt care less. After all, gotta spend £billions geting from Manchester to London 20mins quicker or whatever it is... Why cant pension contributions be taxed now (when we could afford it) and fully tax free when we retire and need every penny we can get? Like a previous post commented its all about who is in Gov.....
  9. Uksilverstackers

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    Royal Dutch Mint..... Only UK people may understand this ? Now, we all know silver has special properties, but.... Fanny Blankers
  10. Uksilverstackers

    for sale Wooden coin boxes

    Received my boxes this week Alun and they are superb, exactly what I wanted... I do like the Four Horseman too. Much appreciated.
  11. Uksilverstackers

    The Booze run to France - for PMs?

    Result - If anyone would know it was you BB ??. Great info there.
  12. Uksilverstackers

    The Booze run to France - for PMs?

    I understood that although there is no £10,000 limit, anything over that needs to be declared (Money Laundering/ Terrorism etc) I guess HMRC then decides if there are any charges incurred. Ie if bringing in £12,000 it has to be declared otherwise it could be confiscated. I guess with HMRC that could mean the full undeclared £12k gone and not just the £2k over... ? I may be totally wrong on that though BB. Definately need to check if anyone thinking of loading up the van in Belgium...
  13. Uksilverstackers

    The Booze run to France - for PMs?

    Bring back Britannias, they are legal tender with face value of £2, so theoretically you could bring back 5,000 within the £10,000 limit... whoo hooo 10 Monster boxes!! Not sure I'd want to be arguing with the HMRC representative in Dover though ?
  14. Uksilverstackers

    The Booze run to France - for PMs?

    Strange one Guernsey as when they post to UK, they add the VAT (not Gold), and on ferry I'm sure it says anything purchased over £142 is declarable. Its been a while so more research needed on that one....
  15. Uksilverstackers

    A shift in public sentiment

    I feel nothing will change until there is a greater physical shortage. Paper prices will detach from physical prices and then maybe it will change. Until then, given the current global outlook, if that still cant move the prices much, then I think only a shortage will. Indeed if everyone in the East is buying up everything as per reports, then there may come a time when a physical shortage will happen. Reports are, that buying a few kilos is currently not a problem, but if you wanted a few tonnes, that is not readily available. Wish someone involved in the Tonne sized purchases business could give us an insight if that is true or not. But like KDave said, its been going on for years and given current global turmoil, its resulted in lower prices, what mega event might move it. I'm just hoping a physical shortage will be the catalyst Edit: Forgot to add this indicator of West/East prices... West (Paper) / East (Metal) Prices