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  1. Dollar index going down €¥£ going up.
  2. With reference to dealers being cleaned out of Gold, there is a difference with leasing rates as shown below. If there is ample supply the lease rates drop, if there is a shortage they rise. Not showing like that on Gold chart, but is on silver. This is a bit contradictary to what we are seeing with dealer availability for Gold.Can anyone shed any light. The red line is the 2 month rate. Even the green line at 6 months out is below the average on the Gold chart.
  3. “the futures market is like betting on a horse. people don't make bets to own part of a horse. their goal is for a winning payout. people take positions in the gold futures market with the hope for a winning payout, not to actually own any physical gold. so, now it's criminal to legally take bets?“ Ahh, not criminal to legally take bets, so long as the winning or losing horse does not determine the price of all the other horses in the world....
  4. The New Normal will arrive in due course. But yeah like you, am noticing changes already particularly with Air Quality, much improved.
  5. 5huggy - Not just Gold.... National shutdown in South Africa
  6. Wonger - how are the daily lease rates holding up? Serious question I guess with an abundance of Gold lease rates are lower than if it was scarce.
  7. Same thing going on in Gold which may also be being reflected in Silver. I am sure someone more knowledgable will advise. Got this from a dealer yesterday regarding spreads, not Spot Price, but may be related if things are going nuts..... Precious metals markets have now broken all boundaries and reached a surreal turmoil I have never seen trading 45 years. Normally the wholesale bid/ask spread for gold is $3.00. Today one wholesaler is quoting a $75 bid/ask spread, another $50. Silver’s normal 5¢ spread has widened out to 25¢. What’s happening? "London [bullion exchange] has announced it has suspended gold delivery gold for pool accounts.” My biggest wholesaler just told me that. Then he said, “That means all the rumors we’ve been hearing for 25 years about all the paper gold not being backed by gold are true.” I don’t know which “pools” this covers, but suspect ETFs and physical pool accounts will be among those deprived. The spread in London is $30, $1,614 at $1,644, and you can add $20 to that for Comex in the USA.
  8. Wow, there be some seriously low mintages in there. Thanks again Daca
  9. Maybe Adele at Coin Connection got some early info given the amount of business Coin Connection do with RM. As an aside, given the advanced stage we are at with everything (Financial/Virus /Stocks/$Trillions being pumped in/No PM stock/Mints and Mines closing) are PM’s seriously struggling to get enough thrust to overcome the gravity of the situation? Hope I’m wrong and we are just in the being transported to the launch pad stage.
  10. Kimchi - As of 19 March..... wow. Here is an interesting read that also picks up on the HCID aspect, among other things....
  11. New Zealand Mint has closed also Dear New Zealand Mint Bullion Customers, The New Zealand Government has issued a directive that all non-essential New Zealand businesses must close for an initial period of four weeks in order to suppress the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus. The shut-down will take effect from 11.59pm Wednesday, March 25th 2020 and will be reviewed at the end of the initial period. The New Zealand Mint premises will close at 4pm Wednesday, March 25th 2020 and we will not be able to arrange dispatch or physical collection of our product or safety deposit access for the duration of the Level 4 Alert. You can be assured that any product you have yet to collect will remain safe in a secure vault and is fully insured during this period. Our staff will be working from home and answering emails during this time. They will be able to offer limited trading in a reduced range of products. All the team at NZ Mint wish you and your families the best during this extraordinary time and we look forward to serving you in person again when the lockdown is ended. Share Tweet Forward Follow us on Social Media Copyright © 2020 - New Zealand Mint - All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: Level 1, 48 Greys Avenue Auckland - 1010 New Zealand
  12. Did I miss the bit about ceasing production in that release?
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