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  1. Uksilverstackers

    So does anyone think Platinum will ever reach highs?

    Same as when people spend £20k on a new car that is depreciating by the minute and then worry about the price of their 2oz Gold "investment" LMAO
  2. Uksilverstackers

    So does anyone think Platinum will ever reach highs?

    Here is an interesting link regarding Platinum-Gold ratios for those that may be interested albeit from 2017... 46 Year Platinum-Gold Ratio
  3. Uksilverstackers

    Diesel and platinum

    I am desperately trying to find a link, but I am sure I have read somewhere that Platinum can be used for both Diesel and Petrol catalysts but Palladium cannot. Therefore its only a matter of time before manufacturers revert to the current cheaper option, ie Platinum, but what happens after that who knows....
  4. Uksilverstackers

    Brexit status ...

    I dont see any of the Euro criminals running around like Treason May, all I see are smug faces. I reckon all she is doing is sorting the Brexit "deal" exactly as she is being told to do by her EU handlers.... Complete farce
  5. Uksilverstackers

    Favorite Line/s From A Song

    "If you point your finger, because your plan fell through, There's 3 more fingers pointing back at you" Dire Straits.
  6. Uksilverstackers

    Today I bought.....

    Given the choice of Royal Mint or Coin Connection, I'd go with The Coin Connection. I have always found their service superb. I say this as a customer with no other interest.
  7. Uksilverstackers

    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    I am not quite sure why you feel you need to comment on a procedure that you are not involved in, which has previously been set up and proved to work, that lots of stackers here do not seem to have a problem with. If its too unclear, confusing and putting you off, why not just sit it out and carry on using your regular supplier. There are plenty of others who have no issue with with a group buy. You could of course just order something small and see if it works for you.....
  8. Uksilverstackers

    Queens Beasts collection

    " PS anyoneknow when the next 2OZ QB is due for release??" Info re next Queens Beast. Dont know when release date will be though. Next Queens Beast - Yale of Beaufort
  9. Uksilverstackers

    What platinum coin to get - or - Noble or no Noble?

    Platinum Queens Beasts, should make a nice set. No idea on mintages but I reckon they will be low, when done.
  10. Uksilverstackers

    Platinum - who's buying?

    European Mint now have in stock Platinum Unicorn. They also have Dragon at same price. Reminder to self - check when is next group buy?.... Platinum Queens Beast Unicorn
  11. Uksilverstackers

    Drones at Gatwick

    If this directed energy was large enough to turn a building mass of concrete and steel into dust, were there records/sightings of other items of less mass that should have been affected earlier, ie destroyed. Would the energy force be directed with pin point accuracy in a narrow field directed just at just one building and then moved to direct onto others or possibly more than one energy emitter? What sort of power requirement would be needed to generate that amount of energy and where would the emitter have been located? Going to have a look at the Hutchinson effect see if there are any answers there.
  12. Uksilverstackers

    Grand Solar Minimum

    Wont take much for there to be a major issue in the UK. We produce no where near enough food for the population. Just a blockade at the ports/shipping/fuel interuption and we'll be mullered. Just look at the media panic re Brexit.
  13. Uksilverstackers

    Drones at Gatwick

    The thermal imaging camera on the police helicoptor would detect the drone, where it landed and the person(s) waiting to retrieve it and followed them to their hideaway. How difficult can it be! Unless of couse it was supposed to be a set up. Regarding reverse engineering a UFO.... They transverse across deep space, through all sorts of radiation and hazards, at speeds way beyond our imagination, possibly a time warp type of thing, encountering different gravitational forces, fuel etc and we can make a UFO from readily available resources on this planet. I reckon we may have a few bits missing. UFO's Definately, Reverse Engineering one to fly may be a while.
  14. For once the Russians actually did it. Be interesting to see what these realise at auction in January.... 3 Platinum Coin Auction
  15. Uksilverstackers

    Platinum as an investment

    I dont know about mining, but I guess that the other 9/10's potential are just too expensive to get out of the ground at the present price especially with supply/demand. Also whilst there may be as much Pt as Au, how much rock needs to be shifted to get at it ie Grams per Tonne? There are a lot of commodities still in the ground, getting it out profitably will dictate if it stays in the ground or not.