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  1. Did a quick search, but couldnt find if this has been on before. Apologies if it has. Pretty impressive art. 1921 Silver Dollar this is even better The Trap with the Golden Bait coin and more. Another video showing more of this guys art. Coin Artist - Roman Booteen
  2. Uksilverstackers

    Today I Received.....

    After waiting a while, these Pandas arrived. My camera is rubbish, so stock pic at bottom, showing how they should look. In hand they are quite superb. Mintages: 1oz Silver 500 5g Gold - 194
  3. Uksilverstackers

    Royal Mail stock?

    Most people are at work all day and I typically buy and use the click and collect option which gets my parcel delivered to my local supermarket for me to collect. Whenever I get a RM delivery they leave a card si I pop down and the queue is always out of the door. Imagine the money and time saved if RM just offered a click and collect service at the local PO, because they are using resources just to deliver a card to tell the customer to collect!
  4. Uksilverstackers

    How Do I Pay Aurinum?

    I have used Aurinum before and have always found them ok but their operation a little slower compared to other suppliers.
  5. Uksilverstackers

    Buying silver for less - a practical solution

    I prefer my own "SmartHold Club" as probably do most on here....
  6. Uksilverstackers

    Gold tied with other PMs

    Also Gold is listed as a Comodity and be bought and traded via Futures market, but its not really the same as a commodity, in the sense that it does not get used up like wheat, oil, coffee etc. Hence the Paper price ratio. West (Paper) vs East (Physical) chart Also regarding the currency aspect, take a look at this chart of JPY/USD for a close correlation....
  7. Uksilverstackers

    Last song you heard?

    Telegraph Road - Dire Straits
  8. Uksilverstackers

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    Hmm, not sure, but this chart of Gold -,Jpy/Usd has been tracking pretty close and since August looks like its decoupling. But what do I know....
  9. Uksilverstackers

    Will silver spot go below £10 before xmas ?

    Apparantly, Platinum has been for ages, so has oil... No milk spots on Pt either and I'm thinking Pt is more industrial and small market so may be like Rhodium for price discovery.
  10. Uksilverstackers

    Royal Mints Britannia Minted Bars

    Pre sale here 10oz Silver Britannia Bar
  11. Uksilverstackers

    You'll be a man, my son

    Like Micky said, tough one.... But yeah, QB's in presentation box 👍😎
  12. Uksilverstackers

    What capsules? Argon? Vacuum sealer? ...?

    I think if you go down the Argon route, you are looking to remove the oxygen within the containment not mix with it. You could purge Argon though the containment to eject most of the oxygen then either vacuum or just seal to make air tite. A cheaper option would be to use Oxygen Free Nitrogen as this would probably yield the same result in a domestic evironment. Either way you are looking at handling high pressure / oxygen depleting gases! And for what gain. I'm not sure if they even use this in storing very high cost, very rare items long term in a commercial business. At a guess I would say a big vault is probably just dehumidified, if that. Some of the forum sponsers must use vaults for storing long term items. Maybe they can advise on the environment conditions (Temp/ Humidity) they would like to achieve within their containment or is it not an issue they just get it in and out as quick as possible? Alternatively its to just buy cheapest bullion you can get and forget about it and sell it at bullion price later complete with milk spots and tarnishing. Like fiveshotdon said above, the buyer will just drop it on the scales 👍😎
  13. Uksilverstackers

    What capsules? Argon? Vacuum sealer? ...?

    Have a read of this previous thread and it may give some more info. I use food grade vacuum bags and seal in a few coins if just BU generic. Special stuff gets put in a bag on its own. Just cut down the bag size for single coins (keep and reseal the cut off bit). I also seal twice along the edge. Cant say definatively wether vacuum bags work or not though, but at least it is air tight, as in air removed and not just the air within contained when it was put in a capsule. Milk spots - how and why Just trying these strips to see if that may help. Apparantly the Intercept ones are better than the 3M version. Early days yet on this as only read about these this month ago and just purcased some. Anti Tarnish Strips
  14. Uksilverstackers

    Has gold peaked?

    It will continue as is..... until there is a large enough supply shortage and the physical price detaches from the paper price. Apparently, currently the supply of 10kg of gold is not problem, but getting a 1 tonne + order already has delay issues. West - East Chart I reckon there was an issue with Platinum delivery a few weeks back. Royal Mint Signature actually said "out of stock" and Goldmoney premium jumped up from average £8 to £28 for a short time, I guess till delivery was secured then it went back to normal.... But what do I know 😳 Anyone on the forum who works for a company dealing in Tonnes of the barborous relic who can enlighten us all?
  15. Uksilverstackers

    Gold & VAT after BREXIT

    Previous thread you may find interesting..... Booze run to france for PM's