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  1. rob121

    Goldsilver.BE returning damaged item

    I emailed GS.be about this forum post and she sent the following message: Dear customer, We're not allowed to visit forums, I'm afraid. We know there's that one customer who wanted to return a kilo BU coin as he expected to receive a proof coin double the price instead maybe. Is this a lack of customer service, or a customer's expectation beyond a reasonable point ? Thanks for your message. Best regards, Eva Customer service if she didn't visit the forum how did she know who I'm on about, seems like a weird thing to lie about and the way she says "We know there's that one customer" comes across as rude.
  2. rob121

    Goldsilver.BE returning damaged item

    The way Eva talks down to you and assumes you know nothing about silver. same as Danny-boy I wont use them again out of principle.
  3. rob121

    John O'Neill

    just looked it up. if the women are fine with it why is he in court? he needs help because he gets urges to kill them so lock him in a psyche unit for observation.
  4. if anyone is interested in bet matching try profitaccumulator.co.uk was doing it last year and I made £800 over about six months. before anyone asks no I'm not affiliated with them in any way
  5. rob121

    Average for stack causing mental buying block

    I'm on £13.07 average but looking to shift some of my more premium pieces in the near future. I cant justify buying silver at current prices.
  6. rob121

    UK, Leave the EU?

    if we do vote leave and gets blocked then it might wake the sheeple up to the total farce the government is. believe me when I say the youth are waking up to what the so called socialists are doing to this country and it will just be another nail in there coffin so either if its blocked in parliament or not I see it as a positive step to vote out.
  7. rob121

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    they have had this sale atleast 3 weeks now. I'm thinking there trying to shift a lot of stock.
  8. rob121

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    did you use it before 10pm?
  9. rob121

    Hillary v Trump

    There a lot worse vices In the world than trophy blondes (as long as you don't marry them)
  10. rob121

    Hillary v Trump

    I'm sure someone will shoot him but not in the foot. The establishment don't like people rocking the boat too much but I could be wrong (I hope not) and trump could just be another puppet.
  11. rob121

    Elvis post accident

    Have you seen the hand!
  12. rob121

    Hillary v Trump

    @sovereignsteve The problem is when an American president really tries to make change he ends up falling on a bullet, funny that.
  13. thanks for the excel spread sheet. just going to have a play around with it now and add my figures in.
  14. rob121

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    thanks @mr-dead. I thought they would offer less but will check these sites more often in the future. been offered just over what Atkinson's would pay for the lot so was worth posting
  15. rob121

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I've got about 10 sovs I'm willing to sell for £200 each. if intrested PM me