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  1. niklassthlm

    Has anyone ordered this week from GS.be?

    Hi, Contact them by using the Contact button on their webpage, when i try and email them from gmail i never get any replys but Always when using their "Contact" option. Don't understand why but.. It usualy helps to start the email with "Dear Christine" :-) Now I have the same "problem" as you i have payed 2 orders yesterday but my order history has not been updated.
  2. niklassthlm

    Who are the leading British online dealers?

    check out the official forum sponsors https://thesilverforum.com/forum/22-official-sponsors/
  3. niklassthlm

    July 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    congratz ?
  4. niklassthlm

    Premium problems

    Yes, i understand, i have done that a number of times now, i used another card and now it worked! Thanks /Niklas
  5. niklassthlm

    Premium problems

    Hi @ChrisSIlver Thanks! I have compleated the payment a number of times, i get this reply (se below) but then nothing, please advise. /Niklas Payment Processing This page is secure Thank you for your order. Your payment is currently processing. You will receive an email when your order is complete. You can keep track of the status of this order in Your Orders Order Review Print Invoice Order #2604
  6. Hi, im trying to activate my premium membership but it does not work it seems. Who can help me. I have payed but no joy. ?
  7. niklassthlm

    New member from Sweden

    Hej, tackar. Ädelmetallforumet? Bara lurkat och läst än så länge men kommer regga mig där oxå, kalas forum. Thanks everyone!!
  8. niklassthlm

    New member from Sweden

    Hi all, new to the forums, 43 yo from Sweden, Stockholm, been collecting 1oz coins off and on for quite some time. Glad to have found you :-)