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    SpainGold reacted to silenceissilver in Reputable dealers in EU,come help a newbie   
    I have no doubt all dealers you have mentioned are legit although I have only bought from the European Mint, from all of them. The two German ones are listed here, along with many others:
    There was a gold dealer test, the resolution is really low but on the left side you can still recognise who is on the list, if you compare it with the dealers in the link above.

    I don't speak Spanish - are there no big online dealers in Spain? (And no physical shops? - in Germany there seem to be many, in comparison to the UK)
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    SpainGold reacted to SilverB in Reputable dealers in EU,come help a newbie   
    bullionbypost.eu is the european branch of one of the biggest bullion dealers in the UK, they are very much legit  I've never had any issues when dealing with them, but then again i've only used their UK service so no comment on the .eu side.
    I do know that Auragentum are legit also, I've had friends use them with no complaints, and they have a physical store in Munich if you want to talk to someone face to face (bit of a drive from spain though ).
    No idea on the other one sorry 
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    SpainGold reacted to airmac in Goldsilver.be Tax identification   
    I had lately a document from my insurance wanting my NIF number. So naturally I contacted them and they explained it's 2 sides of the same thing. I'm sure some people heard of facts for us citizens to track all monetary movements and bank accounts. Well basically they told me it's the EU doing the same thing in the EU now to track everyone's money
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    SpainGold reacted to sixgun in Goldsilver.be Tax identification   
    @SpainGold The software is putting up the Canary Islands - this is not unusual. Canary Islands will be in the website software - goldsilver.be are not doing this deliberately. i just looked in my website to check and Canary Islands are there.
    For example in 'United Kingdom' you will find many 'different countries' coming up. The Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Western Islands of Scotland and so on and so on.
    Sometimes it may be important for the calculation of shipping costs. If you are in the Canary Islands you should put you are.