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  1. Problem with NGC is that sometimes the picture quality in the certification is really bad, that it is difficult to counter check with the actual coin... PCGS is better for the picture quality though 😉
  2. Quarter ounce gold proof Yale available in APMEX. 10 pcs available for now... https://www.apmex.com/product/189385/2019-gb-proof-1-4-oz-gold-queens-beasts-yale-w-box-coa
  3. It's a one year only special effigy of Her Majesty, and only on the proof version, probably some added value in time to come...
  4. 2013 Silver Fiji Taku. I prefer the name Takus over the recent Turtles... 1838 Bronze Queen Victoria coronation medal. Gorgeous high relief medal, but could not afford the silver ones which look even better... Anyone know the mintage number for these bronze medal?
  5. To make thing worse, some seller confused the shiny surface of the modern sovereign as "proofs" 😉
  6. Seems like there is a Piedfort version for 2019 too? https://www.apmex.com/product/177776/2019-great-britain-gold-sovereign-proof-piedfort " Coin Highlights: Maximum mintage of 1,620. Contains .4708 oz of Gold. Obverse: Displays an effigy of Her Majesty Elizabeth II as well as the date. Reverse: Features St. George and the dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci, an image that has endured for almost 200 years."
  7. Anyone can share what is the estimated pricing for a 1989 1Sov in PF70? Saw one seller selling it but the price is...
  8. While the blue colour PCGS box fits nicely the PCGS holder, it doesnt fit the NGC holder. The box lid cannot close when NGC holder is in it. I saw some forum member customizing wooden boxes for capsuled coins, perhaps an idea to customize one for universal NGC & PCGS holders 😉 @ Martlet, thanks for the tips on the anti tarnish strip and silica packs.
  9. Hello all, i am quite new here with coins in NGC / PCGS holders. How do you store you NGC / PCGS coins? Any additional zipper / ziploc bags needed to keep out air and other contaminants? Cheers.
  10. Looks nice and consistent with the series... 😉
  11. Thanks for the info on the earlier submission without pictures. I only learnt about the apps after that where i can scan the barcode easily at shows or shops. And now, i keep having the thought whether the coin i bought is genuine since the are no pictures 😉 Also for Numi, i learnt alot from your youtube videos! 😀
  12. Sounds scary. I bought a NGC graded gold eagle some time back at a coin show and realize only after, that the NGC database has no picture of the coin. The number and bar code can be searched though. Anyone knows why there are no picture of the coin in NGC database?
  13. leaunshu

    1825 shield

    Nice! The George IV bare head sovereign seems to be quite hard to find?