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  1. I would like to swap a gruffallo for a snowman. Not buy a snowman thanks though.
  2. Same here I’m not after flipping I want to do a deal to swap one for a snowman which I missed out on. So I have both.
  3. Would anyone be interested in swapping an unopened snowman silver 50p for a brand new unopened gruffalo silver 50p. They seem to be worth the same money looking at eBay please pm me if interested one for one each person pays tracked postage. ‘Lets have a deal
  4. I’ve got one £325 delivered like new in capsule
  5. My mother took the photo as I’m in Spain and won’t get to see it until May. But looks good and arrived within 3 days.
  6. Got mine today in a nice capsule with a gasket. Very nice looking sovereign.
  7. It worked for me 3 hours ago that paragraph was from an email recieved from the company
  8. If you enter the code E124064C into the search facility it will take you to the correct page and you can then continue with your order.
  9. Gold was 25000 mintage for 2018 i got one it looks great
  10. I asked at the European mint. They said they will have the 2019 dragon bar in stock in a few weeks
  11. Thanks just want one for my nephew i had to tell him the fun is in finding them not just paying for a full set. Hes only 8 but has a good little silver stack
  12. I’m looking for a Jemima puddle duck 50p condition unimportant it’s for my nephews collection. Anyone got one for sale please. Pm me.
  13. Anyone have a Jemima puddle duck 50p condition doesn’t matter let me know please.
  14. Does my pf 69 ultra cameo add anything to the value or was it a waste of time. It was my first time gradeing. I really just wanted to see how the process worked. Mine was the 2018 1/4 sovereign jubilee