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  1. Glad you have the full tube now. They are keepers for sure
  2. Last Tube of Dragon Bars 350 pounds free postage 20 oz Total. I thought these were sold but my friend went to get some STDS in Thailand instead so back for sale.
  3. A big thanks to @Lr103 and @zittergie for helping me get this looney tunes coin for my looney nephew I was hoping to win it in the Christmas draw but didn’t but the guys helped me do a deal to make my nephew very happy thanks again guys. And Happy New Year.
  4. Same here lol just went straight to the website from the drop down menu. I don’t mind it’s free and shipped to Spain for free so weh hey im a true northerner owt fer nowt lad. 😂
  5. just need 999 more for the OZ
  6. Thanks again to @Bullionbilly for sorting this years raffle. Merry Christmas 🎄🇪🇸
  7. My wife inherited this pocket watch this year it’s 18k gold and beautifully made I asked a company online what it was worth and they said scrap value for the gold. I couldn’t imagine tearing apart a working piece of history just for scrap. It must be worth more as a watch to somebody. Are any of the forum members collector’s of pocket watches and does anyone know it’s true value or is it just scrap. Thanks
  8. Big thanks to @RichmondStacker for my Christmas raffle gift A 1921 Morgan dollar A 1922 Peace dollar A Franklin half dollar and 3 x dimes makes two ounces of silver. Thanks again and merry Christmas
  9. @Hennypenny I am guessing you are asking this question because of the 5 ounce silver dragon bars you have ordered from me which are currently at Langley waiting for delivery. I am not sure if this is this your first purchase on this forum but please take a look at my feedback as I have told you to do in a message, I have bought and sold many times. I have already told you that if this item is lost then I will refund you the money, I am a man of my word. Please just have some patience like I have already asked you. If anyone I have already done business with could reassure @Hennypenny it would be greatly appreciated as he doesn’t have much faith in me. As much as I am a great person, unfortunately I do not have any control over the postal system, especially on a weekend 😊
  10. Cheers @Stu66 can’t believe I forgot after last year. ⭐️
  11. Dumb question but does my prize go to Richmondstacker and his to me.???