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  1. @NFStacker These are the type of prices you should be paying bro.
  2. Have a play with the site check out the buy sell section very competitive prices
  3. Hi pal I’m glad you have made it over. Many good people on here that can answer your questions
  4. If I had not other things on my radar I would of had that 160 1/4 proof. I don’t think you will go wromg😉
  5. Buy two vintage Rolex sea dweller 16600 best condition with all original papers and a Rolex sea dweller deep sea James Cameron edition probably cost about 24k NOS 36K OF BULLION GOLD 1O K LITECOIN 15K SILVER 15 K PLATINUM. THATS MY IMAGINARY 100K.
  6. I very nearly pulled the trigger on the 1/4 Gold and 1/4 platinum. But in the end I just didn’t like the design enough.
  7. I’ve decided to see how it goes with the 160 platinum 1/4 if I’ve got it wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time 🤩but I’m saving for more gold. At last my discipline worked. For better or worse.
  8. Is it easy to get a refund if you don’t like the flip price. Got to be honest that’s all I’m interested in. If they not a good flip just return them. I don’t buy from the RM often
  9. I’m thinking of getting one 1/4 platinum 160 mintage. What does everyone think 🤔
  10. Price drop to 425 pounds free shipping If it cannot make that amount I will keep it and hope platinum goes up in value. 😁
  11. Available to North American buyers please contact me if interested
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