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  1. I have 2018 1oz silver dragon bars for sale in the trade section cheapest around from what I’ve seen. 👍🏻
  2. No real photos yet but definitely a 2020 dragon bar for the collection
  3. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/world-coins/australian-coins/2020-1oz-dragon-rectangular-gold-bar/
  4. £10 price reduction per full tube now £370 per tube Works out £18.50 per oz. delivered
  5. Spanishsilver

    Group buying

    Check out the buy/sell page on here uk and Europe always some good deals and normally cheaper than anywhere in the uk
  6. the smallest I would go is 10oz otherwise the postage kills it for me. Let me know your thoughts 👍🏻
  7. 3 x Tubes of 2018 Dragon Bars 20oz Per Tube Free Tracked and Signed Postage only selling full Tubes £370 Per Tube. pm me if interested. Thanks.
  8. Put me down for two 1/2oz Winston Churchill 20£ coins in presentation pack from the royal mint thanks for doing this again.
  9. Yes in every tube 3M anti tarnish strips and as many silica gel packs that will fit had a good look today and every thing is tip top.
  10. Two more tubes of beasts to go in my monster box along with the Britannia’s and dragon bars no room for the phillys they will have to stay in the shoebox
  11. I ordered two tubes of Mortimers from the European mint paid about a week ago they are not shipping until 1st of November just putting the info out there