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  1. In the 2020 stacking goals thread I wrote of my desire to add at least one each $5 and $10 Canadian gold coins minted between 1912 - 1914. These coins were among the first to really appeal to me when I got in to collecting in my late teens yet they've always felt out of reach. Today I took great pleasure in receiving and unwrapping one I had recently bought. I love everything about the design of these coins and will very much cherish this one.
  2. Was nice to see the EU mint sending out a truthful email regarding the ability to carry on buying VAT reduced silver. I like them but their previous emails were cheaply dishonest and misleading. I'd be interested to see what other dealers there are. I've come across a couple in Germany but sadly nowhere that offers the prices others do.
  3. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Canadian PMX

    For anyone in the Toronto area this shop is a must see. Located on Younge Street in the Richmond Hill area of Toronto transport links are good so its easy to access with public transport for those just visiting the city. Their selection is amazing and the way the store is laid out is simply stunning. They have many, many more products in store than what is listed online so ensure to leave some time for browsing. The staff are friendly, welcoming and up for a chat. Prices are hit or miss so its good to have firm grasp of what items are trading at before buying.
  4. Made my first purchase from HGM yesterday which I received in hand today less than 24 hour later. Very pleased with the service. Coins were well priced and arrived as advertised. 2 x 2017 bullion Sovs
  5. I looked in to this as a possibility some time back and for me personally I found the risks of bad tenants to not be worth it. It was just too easy for any potential profit to go out the window due to one really bad tenant of which there are many, many out there. I imagine if you have enough money to have dozens or more properties then you can probably balance the good with the bad and still come out on top but with just one or a few properties it will just take one really bad tenant to cause you financial misery.
  6. Value is generally based on what the item cost to buy - not something like melt value.
  7. Very much and there are very big players that have invested in the market where it is legal including Coca Cola as well as the parent company of Corona who invested $4 billion in Canada's Canopy Growth. Big business indeed. When I was last in Canada I happened upon these. These do contain THC... rather more than expected I have say! I think its a shame the UK have adopted the stance they have with regards to cannabis. It is a booming business and the UK is missing out on that side of it.
  8. Sorry to hear this was the case. My one arrived yesterday and to the naked eye (well my naked eye anyway) it looks fine. When I zoomed in on photos I took I could see a couple of minor black marks as has been reported here in this thread by several others. Someone could have returned it on those grounds I suppose but I'll never know. I don't know how a coin with marks or especially dents could possibly make it through QC. Boggles the mind
  9. Yeah that is a very good and true point. I have noticed a couple coins on there actually cheaper right at the time of release. I think if I decide to move forward with the rest of this series I may plan things better and try for that route.
  10. Genuinely surprised and sorry to read this. I suppose this confirms what was speculated about in another thread yesterday - the mint will indeed resell rejected damaged coins. The more I come to understand how they operate the more I can understand why people pay the extra that somewhere like The Coin Connection charges. Very sad state of affairs.
  11. I'll let you know when the one I ordered arrives I do hope that what has been said in the other thread is true. I'm pretty risk adverse to this type of coin. I did try to get the Victoria sovereign earlier last year as that one I thought would do well but had no luck. Anyway I do have my fingers crossed that this is just extra stock and not unwanted coins littered with black spots. Will find out in a couple weeks I guess
  12. I think I got the last one
  13. I am no expert and still only own a hanfull of sovereigns (including a couple 1/2s) but I think buying something that doesn't seem in demand now is a better strategy than buying something that is at the peak of popularity now. Collecting like anything can be driven by trends and what is popular today might not be so popular tomorrow. Whether that applies here... I have no crystal ball to say but I like your way of thinking.
  14. Simple one here... I'd like to finally get my hands on one or more of the early Canadian gold coins - the $5 and $10 coins minted between 1912 - 1915. I've always loved the design of these going back to when I first developed an interest in coins when I was in my late teens. Its about time I have at least one of each in my collection.