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  1. Its a nice thing... I like the artwork and what they've done with it but it is far too expensive at $339.95 CAD. I appreciate the mintage is low but it has been on presale on the RCM's website for a little while now and doesn't appear to be flying off the shelf. It might be a popular item that does well or it could be like 98% of what the RCM sells and tanks after release. Here is the direct link for anyone interested in more information: https://www.mint.ca/store/coins/3-oz.-pure-silver-coin---the-canadian-landscape---mintage-2000-2019-prod3570042?rcmiid=link|categorypage|3_oz_Pure_Silver_Coin_-_The_Canadian_Landscape_-_Mintage_2000_2019|Shop-New_Releases_&
  2. This was posted previously by @au79. I still think the same... its potentially useful for higher value items where the fee won't matter so much but will do absolutely nothing to stop the vast trade of cheaper counterfeit coins. No one will pay for this to prove a 1oz bullion silver coin is legit, for example. Nice thought but I imagine ultimately useless against the current counterfeit coin trade on ebay.
  3. This has been a thing for a while for YouTube content creators and something a number of folks I follow have been penalised for. Sadly it seems very common for once open licenced music to get bought or otherwise transfered to another entity who then decides they don't want to allow use of that for free. One thing that should be understood though is that this process is automated. The copyright holders are not going through videos looking for uses of music and reporting them. Rather YouTube will be made aware that the music is now protected and it will automatically issue content stikes against examples it finds. If they have explicitly stated that retroactive cases are exempt then you should be able to appeal the content strike.
  4. There has certainly been a sharp decline since the first time I came here then since having moved here. I first came here from Canada for a short period in mid 2006. At the time £1 cost me $2.23 CAD to purchase. I moved over here then in early 2008 and at that time £1 cost me near enough to make no difference $2 CAD to purchase. Fast forward to today and if I were buying £1 with my Canadian $'s it would currently cost me $1.64. Everytime I have gone to Canada to visit friends and family the £s I have exchanged have bought fewer and fewer dollars. Obviously the Canadian dollar will have had its own ups and downs in this time period but the £ is clearly consistently down over the 13 years I've been paying attention to it. Unless you regularly travel and exchange money you might not have a real appreciation for this but it is certainly worth noting.
  5. Good step in the right direction for coins with numismatic value but sadly won't do anything for all the generic 1oz silver fakes and fakes of other lower value, lower margin coins.
  6. Sadly I don't think that has been an option on ebay for a long time and even when it was in use it was down to the discretion of the seller whether to show it or not. I've seen a countless amount of fakes since I started this topic. At this point I've given on reporting - ebay doesn't seem to care and I've yet to see a seller pull an item that I've questioned voluntarily. As ever avoid ebay unless you know the coin(s) you are after well enough to spot the obvious fakes.
  7. Thanks for this. I could see the scuffing on the rim but thought I'd ask more in depth. Good information and appreciate the answer.
  8. Valiant 1oz look great - really nice coins. Curious what you found the condition of the 2017 150 Voyageurs to be? I've been debating ordering a tube but the description has put me off thus far.
  9. I think this is the key. I looked in to all this with my own business several years ago - the implications of going above a certain turn over and what that would mean for me and the business. I opted not to go there. In a way it is a shame as what I do is easily scalable - I could rent a bigger space, hire a couple people, etc but as you've experienced it would take away the joy for me. I'm happy with what I do and the living I earn is comfortable enough. Things should probably be differnt and the system should reward growth as opposed to seemingly punishing it but at least you know now and can get back to focusing on the joy in what you do.
  10. Traditionally bulk shipping is done on an individual negotiated basis. You open up an account with a courier/USPS/any random shipper and you'll have an agent you negotiate a rate with. Essentially the more you ship the cheaper your rate is. I don't know all the services that will be open to you in the US so I'll stop short because my UK examples likely won't apply. But that is the essence of it. The more you ship the cheaper it is. EDIT - because of the above you aren't going to be able to get a realistic idea of what a dealer would pay to ship a monster box. You could try sending them emails and asking them but they might not answer. The only pricing information that will be available to you is consumer level one off pricing. That being said you could phone up or email the couriers or USPS and enquire about business pricing. That should give you a decent amount of information and let you know how much you need to send before certain rates are available to you.
  11. Just to add - I asked some family and friends the time it takes currently to send money from PayPal to a bank account in Canada and it still takes 3 to 5 business days which easily turns in to a week if a weekend is in the middle. Its just regional down to how the banking systems are set up - Adyen isn't to blame for that delay. Its a surprise to me that they haven't sorted this out yet.
  12. This could be a regional issue. In Canada it would take around a week for funds to move from my PayPal account to my bank account. When I moved to the UK and opened up my UK PayPal and bank accounts it was instant - the system for trasnfering payments is just far more advanced and superior here. I know this persisted up until 2010 or so but thats when I stopped bothering transfering anything from PayPal to my Canadian bank account so can't say for sure beyond that. Personally I think the warnings against Adyen should be that I just expect you'll see more of the same from them. Transaction fees I don't expect will differ very much - PayPal's for example are in the standard range for a payments processor and Adyen's will fall in that range too. They'll face the same legislation here that will force them to not take chances and take a safe (for them) approach with regards to closing accounts when something looks suspicious and the drive for profits will likely result in customer service being minimal. My personal expectation for Adyen is for more of the same with just a different name.
  13. One thing you could try if you wanted to still sell on ebay again is just open up another account but don't register a bank account with it. Sell your items, accept payment to that new account and when you have the funds transfer them via F&F to a close friend/family member who can then send them to your account. I had to do this for a few years when I had a similar problem with PayPal. When I first moved from Canada to the UK PayPal wouldn't let me have one account with my Canadian bank information and my UK bank information - they told me I had to open another account for the UK. So I did and when I began transfering money between them they caught it as suspictious and closed both my accounts 🙄 Anyway - my sympathies. People unjustfiably complain a lot about PayPal but cases like this are very much deserving of complaints and a desire for change. If you still need to sell you can use the above method. Hopefully we aren't too many years away from a proper competitor being rolled out here. They really need competition so they can't get away with things like this.
  14. I think its mostly done for the sake of reselling. A coin in good condition is an easier sell than one in bad condition. Also there is the chance to recoup the premium paid if the coin is kept in good condition provided you are selling the coin on the secondary market yourself and not to a dealer.
  15. The ones that I happened upon seemed largely to be done by people that were either trying to sell books or sell silver. You have to question how much they actually believe what they are saying vs how much is being said to fuel sales. Some people will keep on believing them but they certainly lose what small amount of credibility they had as time passes.