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  1. This isn't at all helpful for you but TNT are a bunch of muppets. Once had a pallet of equipment I needed delivered by them and at the same time they dropped off a small pallet of smart phones. There were hundreds of LG smart phones on this pallet which comfortably got up to a 6 figure RRP valuation. You'd think a mistake like that would have been enough to immediately have them come back but despite numerous phone calls and my many attempts to do the right thing it wasn't until LG themselves got involved that they finally acted some nearly two weeks later. I couldn't believe how careless they behaved considering what that pallet was valued at. They really couldn't have cared less about it.
  2. I'll add with open borders it isn't just the NHS that suffers. One of the reasons why I felt leaving the EU was in the nations best interests is due to my own experience immigrating here. I had a job that was on the shortages list and an employer who was happy to sponsor me but it took nearly a year to work out due to what felt like unncessary nit picking. At the same time that I was trying to sort out my own situation I was surrounded by people from the EU who were here purely because there were programs that gave them free training including uni courses and all the benefits including housing, etc. So from my perspective at the time it really felt like favourtism was being shown to those who wanted to come to rip the state off but if you wanted to do things legitimately and just live to support yourself that was seemingly discouraged. It felt like backwards land and is the sort of thing that is in no way sustainable. I should state my above experience was in 2010 and they have shut the door on giving people benefits from day one of arriving here and also introduced things like an NHS surcharge for people immigrating from outside the EU. There are still loopholes though and I am sure folks that want a free ride are probably still able to get it sadly.
  3. What numbers are the 2017 100g bars and 2017/2018 1oz bars? This seems a great chance for folks who missed out to get in on these bars
  4. I'll take it off your hands mate. Will send PM
  5. I go to Canada yearly usually and always bring back silver in my carry on - never had an issue. You are making an error though which could land you with a big tax bill. The limit isn't $10000 - its £390. Any silver purchased will count towards your goods allowance since it is not seen as currency nor is it valued at face value. Anything under £390 in total value is tax free. Anything above you are obligated to declare and pay the 20% VAT. You can of course try to smuggle in excess but that isn't without risk. https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/arrivals-from-outside-the-eu
  6. The problem with any high premium coin (or any other collectable for that matter) is that you need to be super cautious of fads. People see items become more and more valuable and assume that it is a trend that will go on forever but it generally doesn't and before long what goes up usually goes right back down again. I'd also be cautious of the amount of low mintage releases. Sure limited low mintage releases sound nice but the more that get put out this way the more diluted it all becomes. I remember watching the same thing occur in another collectable market that I was invested in some years back. Some companies started putting out these very limited run items which were super popular but that popularity in turn caused more and more of these releases to be put out which led to over saturation and a collapse in value. I think the coins are nice but I wouldn't touch them in the secondary market after prices have gone up. What goes up generally will go back down.
  7. You're still likely to get done for VAT and handling charges on import. Your friends could try to hide it or undervalue it but that may or may not work. The threshold for goods coming from outside the EU that are subject to VAT is very low.
  8. Mental health is a big one for sure - something that I am confident affects most of us at some point in our life. As for health generally... I have avascular necrosis in my right shoulder. Its bone death essentially and means instead of having a nice round humeral head to fit in the socket it has collapsed and is misshapen. The pain is constant and intense and there isn't anything they can do for it since I'm too young to qualify for joint replacement. Its the end result of a road traffic accident caused by some muppet that simply wasn't paying attention to what they were doing. It ended my career which was a tough blow at the time but I thankfully managed to bounce back starting a business and have at least maitained my own income. These days the hardest part to deal with is the invisible nature of the injury. I've always been a big strong guy and outwardly that appearance persists but something as simple as reaching up for an item can cause such intense pain that I need to withdraw and rest for a while. People generally just don't accept things like this the same way when they can't actually see the problem.
  9. I'd recommend keeping an eye out on eBay just ensuring you can spot the difference between the real ones and fake ones on there. Alternatively you can set up a wanted ad on here. I see what you mean about Bullion By Post's prices... they are all over the shop for those 1oz maples. I find the price of the 1997 one especially amusing as I've seen that coin sell for more than that on eBay numerous times due to the demand that exists for it.
  10. The standard 2013 silver 1oz maple shouldn't command much of a premium at all - there were over 28million of them minted so there's no shortage out there. There are a number of privy maples from that year which will command more of a premium and the "25" ones were also out that year which have a slightly higher premium. The only standard 1oz silver maples that you should expect to pay a higher premium for are from around the mid 90's. In particular 1997 as that has the lowest mintage by far at 100970.
  11. Another happy recipient here and everything is awesome. As ever thanks so much @BackyardBullion and Mrs BYB!
  12. As soon as I read the title of this topic I was confident that this must be inspired by a Royal Canadian Mint product 😂 They do love to churn coins out for just about everything. I agree that it is a very nice design though.
  13. Nope - just attempted to track a few items I know were delivered and getting the same error message each time. Must be having some issues on their end.
  14. My go to's are Canadian PMX and Bullion Mart but there are a lot of dealers and coin stores in the downtown Toronto area as well as the greater Toronto area. Generally some good coin shows too in some of the greater Toronto area cities like Brampton. Well worth a look.