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  1. Yes - I received the three that I ordered right when orders first opened.
  2. If you know of bullion websites that you used back then you should be able to see saved snapshots of them using the Way Back Machine
  3. This is my fear too. Everyone is running around crazy fearing for the well being of them and their loved ones with the virus going around blind to the fact that death rates soar when people start losing their jobs, homes and futures. I've tried to spread the message myself for people to prepare and be more finacially prudent but its not getting through. I've even had people accuse me of only thinking of my wallet when I mentioned the economic fallout 🙄 *big fkn sigh*
  4. But better get it quick before the price shoots up to £55! Act now!!!! 🙄
  5. I think that'll depend on how long this goes on. Currently the supermarkets are having a good time as are I suspect online retailers. Courier companies it seems likely will have a good time as more people order stuff from home instead of going out. Manufacturing should do well especially medical manufacturing. If it gets worse though and full shut down commense... I dunno. Eventually this is going to catch up to most sectors I suspect. I can tell you who the first losers are. I spent most of my life working in the restaurant sector working up from the pot wash to managing multiple restaurants. Right now my social media feeds are full of people I've met and befriended through the years who are all being laid off one by one. There are millions of people working in that industry in this country. Millions who won't be able to pay their rent, mortgage or feed their families. Its already very dire for some.
  6. Country wide though US border still open. As a Canadian living abroad and registered with the relavant services I got an email from the government of Canada today which more or less read... if you want to come back to Canada do it now before the option disappears. Rather ominous.
  7. And down a further 20p in the time its taken me to look up prices for higher volumes. Madness
  8. A little while ago I had decided I was taking a break from buying silver coins. This morning I placed an order for 42oz and I'm weighing up buying considerably more. I can't answer this for you because I think we might be in the same place and I don't know what to do. Gold has also dropped quite a bit dipping below £1200/oz a few moments ago. What to do... what to do...
  9. I had this thought myself a few weeks ago whilst watching someone on the news explain how western countries no longer posess the ability to pivit manufacturing as they once did to make up for shortages in certain goods. I have every hope this will be the case - I think it is what is needed to safeguard the future of the west. I don't think it will happen though simply because the powers that be are so shortsighted and far too blinded by the wealth that can be generated today to care about what happens tomorrow.
  10. You're correct. You can see the spot price if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the main forum page or their are charts available from many sources. It is just the pure value of the metal by a specified weight - usually troy ounces.
  11. I considered this a little while back as well and then went on the hunt for platinum coins. What I found was a whole lot of really stupidly absurd premiums almost like the bullion dealers refused to take the hit on the price falling. On paper it seems a good buy - in the real world where you can't seem to get anywhere near spot it isn't so much.
  12. None. I bring back silver whenever I return from Canada. There are limits, of course - I think its like £390 worth of goods total. As long as your friend isn't bringing back a stupid amount of stuff and drawing attention to themselves there should be no issues.
  13. Yeah ebay can be good but only really when they are doing the £1 max fees listing periods. You'll lose too much in fees otherwise. Its always impossible to say how proof coins will do in the long run. Most do fail long term but some don't and some do completely crazy unexpected things like the gold Una and the Lion. There's a lot of James Bond fans around the world so that could see these keep their value but nothing is guaranteed. As ever with proof coins its best to buy them because you really like them. Added 0 minutes later... Get in touch with them. This sounds like the sort of thing they should be able to sort out for you so you're only charged once.
  14. Yeah I would say so. The hyped releases tend to get bought out almost entirely by flippers and then prices spike for people that really want them but it only lasts so long. Once those that actually want them get them in hand demand falls and prices with it. Most proof coins wind up being worth significantly less than RRP in the long term. I'd wait to have it but thats just my paranoia - I don't trust any order from the RM until it ships - they can cancel orders at any time.
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