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  1. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Brexit No Deal - what are you doing to prepare for it?

    I was having this conversation with a friend the other night. I agree entirely. I first thought this a few weeks ago when the movement for a "peoples vote" really started to ramp up just when it was looking like there wasn't going to be any kind of deal. I wondered how much that fear was feeding the movement and just how deliberate that was.
  2. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Brexit No Deal - what are you doing to prepare for it?

    While the hype is overblown it is to be expected that any event which causes uncertainty will result in at least short term negative effects. I'm not stockpiling beans and rice but have moved liquid assets around a bit to be shielded from further £ dips. I've also put off long term plans to buy a house here. As much as I was hoping to finally have a UK property to call my own this year with the uncertainty I'd rather just wait. I have to add that I fear the general knee jerk reactions to any temporary uncertainty more than a "no deal" Brexit. I fear it could become a struggle for people (government, business, public, etc) to hold their nerve and weather the storm until we come out fine on the other side. The hype and the fear could just become a self fulfilling prophecy if knee jerk reactions lead to government toppling, Corbyn being elected and spending plus taxation going through the roof at exactly the wrong time. If that happens I'll reconsider the beans and rice.
  3. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Good to know. There seems ot be no shortage of confusion over there surrounding these
  4. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Think I might be in this situation as well. Credit card had been showing a charge for three as pending but that completely disappeared. Account still says the order is open but no idea why they would charge the card and then cancel that unless the order was cancelled
  5. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Britannia's overrated compared to cheaper offerings?

    I think the Britannia coins fit in exactly where they should here in so far as I would expect a countries bullion coin to be the most popular in the country it is from. As it is a national symbol it will likely always be popular and in demand here - that popularity drives the premium (though as others have pointed out you won't get that premium selling to a dealer). I don't think it is any better or worse quality wise than the other generic bullion coins - pre 2018 maples are notorious for spotting as an example though it will be interesting to see how the Mintshield technology holds up long term. If that works out it could certainly give maples and other RCM bullion coins a future advantage though that being said the maple will never be as iconic a symbol in the UK as Britannia for very good and obvious reasons. If you are purely in this to stack weight then your best bet is to just get whatever bullion coins are cheapest. I agree complete with @sixgun with regards to CGT.
  6. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Brexit status ...

    I am in my mid 30's so no offence taken 😋 It was the first time I could legally vote as a UK resident. I am a Canadian citizen and the Brexit referendum was the first time I was registered on the electoral role.
  7. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Brexit status ...

    This very much mirrors my own thoughts. I voted under the expectation that there would be short term turmoil (as there inevitably is when a big shake up and uncertainty happens) but we'd get through that and then the country would be free to make its own way in the future. The Brexit referendum represented the first time I could legally vote in the UK and for me it came down to what I genuinely thought was in the UK's interest LONG TERM (emphasised because everyone seemed - and still seems - focused only on short term). What is coming out isn't what I voted for. I've seen governments and individuals within governments do some very questionable things both here and in Canada but I've never before seen such a pathetic display of people fighting and focusing purely on their own self interest as opposed to collectively doing what needs to be done for the future betterment of the country.
  8. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Royal Mail “Progress”

    @Goldhooked beat me to it - the Post Office is a separate entity from the Royal Mail. Personally I agree that the Post Office's idea of progress is shockingly bad. I live in a village where our local Post Office was shut down and replaced by a kiosk in the local shop. Every aspect of service from mail delivery to buying postage has been detrimentally affected. Until the closure of the Post Office we had two local Postie's that live in the village. They would go down to the Post Office - sort the local post then do the round. Mail was always delivered in good time and always arrived where it should. With the closure of the post office we now seemingly get a different Postie every day who have no idea where anything is in the village and constantly mis-deliver post. The Kiosk in the village shop is also incredibly inadequate for the needs of the village and the small businesses here. It has gotten to the point that I'll often drive a few villages over to drop off my own business's parcels and post because it takes less time going to a proper Post Office than standing in line at the local kiosk. Also as a result of them only having a kiosk and no real space parcels waiting to go out or waiting to be picked up by the local villagers are just stacked up on the floor in the shop. Whilst the village is a very low crime area I dread to think what people with bad intentions could do if they decided to pop in to the shop and just stated grabbing handfuls of boxes. It is a real shambles. Its all well and good for a business to want to cut costs but what happens when they cut services so much that they no longer adequately provide the service they were set up to?
  9. AppleZippoandMetronome


    I would imagine (though am not 100% sure) that they technically count as counterfeit goods so should be banned under that umbrella already anyway. The problem with any counterfeit goods is the resources that are given to go after them and prosecute people selling them. Unless and until more resources are given to that effort not much will be change and - honestly - I just can see them getting those resources. One thing I would like to see which I think is within reach is eBay taking more serious action towards counterfeit goods and coins in particular. I think it is incredibly rubbish that you can report a coin that is very obviously fake and nothing happens. While I understand the argument that whoever checks reports can't be expected to be an expert in all coins I think it can be agreed that they could at least be given a sheet that covers the most common faked coins and how to spot them. It would be nice to see eBay do more to clean up its marketplace.
  10. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018

    Huge congrats to all the winners!
  11. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018

    Absolutely fantastic job organising this @BackyardBullion Such an amazing result!
  12. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Coins at car boot sale

    There have been a few times I've spotted coins at a car boot. I've always had a look but never bought. I've got a pretty strict rule of only buying coins I've done research about/know well. This does a good job of keeping me out of trouble and keeping fakes out of the collection. If I ever spotted a coin I recognised at the right price I would definitely have it.
  13. AppleZippoandMetronome

    completed Canadian Maples all sold thank you

    Hard for me to resist cheap maples. I'll take 4 if at all possible
  14. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Yeah was told it could take up to 21 days. The odd thing for me was being told that they'll put me down for three but they might decide to limit it to 1 per household if demand continues to be high. Guess that'll be a guessing game until my card is charged
  15. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Yep that's right - the person I was on the phone with said specifically black box and no coa when I asked how it is packaged