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  1. AppleZippoandMetronome

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    A busy day meant I didn't really have a chance to check the shiny goodies until late last night and what a moment that was. The 10oz coins are even more impressive than I thought they would be - the size does so many favours for all of the detail in those coins. I'm also in love with my 100g Silver Forum bar - feels just as great in hand as I thought it might. As others have posted the packing was exceptional - the effort to ensure coins were all bubble wrap and loose ones weren't rubbing against each other is very much appreciated. I appreciate all the effort that went in to this! It has been a fun thing to participate in
  2. AppleZippoandMetronome

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Another happy recipient this morning. Really brightes up a day opening a nice box of shiny silver!
  3. AppleZippoandMetronome

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Yeah though equally I can understand the desire to want to get it done and out of the house ASAP. I would be paranoid AF with that lot sat on my kitchen table - and not just because I doubt my kitchen table could hold it 🤣
  4. AppleZippoandMetronome

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Love the vids. So amazing seeing it all laid out like that!
  5. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Explain your Handle/Member Name

    I've never been great with display names and wanted something fairly anonymous for this forum so it is just a lyric from one of my favourite songs from my favourite band. If we ever get home Let's don't compare Let's relinquish all our holidays And drive in premieres If we ever get home I'm going to have me three children Apple, Zippo and Metronome That's what I'm going to name them
  6. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Today I Received

    And one sugar Maple Damn that is an impressive pile!
  7. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    eBay.co.uk is doing another day of discounting though only 10% this time. Still I am sure there will be deals to be had. Seems the same TACOS as before - Min £20 Spend - Max £50 discount - Use discount code PERKS Happy Spending
  8. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Has the price of The Queens Beasts increassed?

    Yep I agree here. I too remember that. These days it seems if you want the worst deal go straight to the manufacturer
  9. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Why do you buy silver?

    I voted for pension as that is pretty much the plan but I also fall under the hedge against fiat as I think the silver will hold up a lot better by the time I retire compared to saving cash or traditional pension plans, etc.
  10. AppleZippoandMetronome


    The problem I can see you having with that is the 20% VAT that gets tagged on when it enters the country plus the Royal Mail/Courier Surcharge (£8 - £16)
  11. AppleZippoandMetronome

    My plan to stack PMs

    Last I looked in Canada when you sell (at profit) the CGT is the same for bullion, bars and coins. There isn't an advantage to the coin being in Canadian $ or any other legal tender
  12. I'm not sure about hyperinflation but things could get bad. The potential big problem as I see it for the UK is not getting a good enough deal for businesses to stay here. If you start seeing business leaving en-masse the financial repercussions of that will be hard to recover from. I have trouble seeing how the EU will hang on over the next few decades. I first thought that after the initial Greece financial crisis and I think it even more now that you are seeing the rise of far right parties in one EU country after another. In many ways I thought Brexit could be a good thing as I figured it would give the UK the chance to create ties outside of the EU which would give it strength if the EU fell apart. Unfortunately I never counted on the complete incompetency of the current government. At the moment it is really hard to guess what the long term will look like for the UK as so much of it depends on how the next few months go. If they can create a good enough deal that keeps business here and people employed than any temporary Brexit hit will be weathered and the country will be free to move forward with international trade and new partnerships that should see the country do well. If they can't get that deal and business leaves en-masse... dark times will follow.
  13. AppleZippoandMetronome

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Agree with all the above comments that there are no worries on the timing as the work is very much appreciated and the delays are very much understandable. Also couldn't agree more with @silverdocket 🍻🍻
  14. AppleZippoandMetronome

    QB Falcon BU

    That is very nice looking and such a good price on goldsilver.be Might have to add this to my list!
  15. AppleZippoandMetronome

    buying many, get great discount...(sure?)

    It is an annoying technique for sure. I don't know why the online shops deploy those tactics as surely it only creates annoyance once the ploy is revealed. There was another site I was browsing the other day that didn't bother feeling the need to add the VAT on until I had gone 90% through the check out process - that one really annoyed me. The answer though is to just not use these sites. If they can't be upfront about what you'll actually be paying they aren't worth giving your money to. As for your question about the group deals - now that I am familiar with goldsilver.be, etc and as my partner and I stack together we'll be placing regular orders ourselves. Once we split the shipping and you factor in the lack of VAT it is by far the cheapest way to buy. Other than that I will buy from members here when there is a deal I like and continue to look on eBay. There really is no need to pay the extra that the UK dealers have to charge.