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  1. My go to's are Canadian PMX and Bullion Mart but there are a lot of dealers and coin stores in the downtown Toronto area as well as the greater Toronto area. Generally some good coin shows too in some of the greater Toronto area cities like Brampton. Well worth a look.
  2. I have a trip coming up to visit friends and family in Canada and was going to pick up some 10oz RCM bars while there. Been looking at my usual sources in the Toronto area and none seem to have stock. I found this odd but it follows the theme of the topic here. Be interesting to see what stocks the shops who don't list inventory online have in stock when I get there.
  3. The RCMP started as the North West Mounted Police. This was founded in 1873. The 1973 quarter and dollar were celebrating 100 years since this founding. However the North West Mounted Police became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920 so this 2020 2oz coin is for that 100th anniversary. Pictures of the 1973 quarter and dollar for those unfamiliar with them
  4. Nice throwback to the 1973 designs of the Northwest Mounted Police (later the RCMP) dollar and quarter. Lovely coin. Thanks for posting about it.
  5. This came up as a The Time article this morning however that one is behind a paywall so here is another similar: Backlash over Mark Carney's secret meeting with Facebook over plans for a new digital currency https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-7159767/Backlash-Mark-Carneys-secret-meeting-Facebook-plans-new-digital-currency.html Step one - visit Zuck to discuss new digital currency. Step two - push for new digital world currency to replace USD. I am sure there is no connection at all to the two... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  6. Good to hear the positive review. I've had terrible luck buying bags at lower price points and find generally something gives up before long - usually the straps. I would certainly consider something along these lines for leisure pursuits - days hike and the like. But I'd still strongly urge anyone looking for something to count on in a survival situation to consider an upgrade. If terrible hits the fan and you need to pack and go on foot you'll be glad you spent the cash. After a few miles something like weight distribution becomes a real issue. Even the most essential survival kit weighs more than you'd expect - I remember my weeks worth weighing 35 - 40kg ish. All that weight spread over just two relatively thin straps will seriously mess up your shoulders before long. You really want the weight distributed evenly with the aide of a metal frame over the shoulders (broad straps) and waist. I've had my bag 15 years now. Done hundreds of miles walking rough terrain in the Canadian wilderness and I also use it anytime I travel since it is so comfortable to throw everything in and put on. Easily one of the best things I've ever purchased. Worth every penny.
  7. My guess would be that this is just being used as a placeholder listing until more stock is acquired. This is a very common (though technically against the rules) thing on ebay and Amazon.
  8. At that price point I'm skeptical it would be good for anything other than light use. I used to do a lot of backpacking into the wilderness in Canada for weeks at a time. My first couple of trips were miserable lessons in what happens when you don't spend the money on proper gear. The pack I settled on wound up costing like £180 in 2004(ish). Made by Karrimor back when that brand was worth something. If you want something you know you can count on spend the cash. If you just want something for leisure then this might fit that bill.
  9. Sadly with the dangerous dogs laws such as they are in the UK you and the dog would be lucky to get away with it. I have a friend who recently went through the courts because his dog bit an intruder that was trying to break in. So far its been nothing but an expensive headache for him. Friend has had to spend lots of money ensuring there are two layers of fencing around the property to protect the public from the "dangerous dog" and the dog has to be muzzled in all public places, have liability insurance, etc, etc. It is a pathetically sad state of affairs.
  10. This doesn't surprise me at all. One of my loudest remainer friends expressed his relief when Boris got the job simply for the prospect of this finally ending one way or another. People can see the damage being done by the country continuing to be stuck in limbo. Even if they don't see the damage there is general fatigue. It needs to just happen.
  11. Yes, I am a big fan of Peli cases. I had some experience with Peli cases from using various pieces of equipment through the years and always appreciated them for the build quality and durability. Some months back (maybe even a year back) a member of the UKSS Facebook group posted a bunch of 1120's for sale at like £16 or £17 each so I snapped up a bunch. They are perfect for PM's... so durable and safe. The little ones are still pretty easy to hide away and can hold an impressive amount. I highly recommend them!
  12. I never had a set target but my goal was to buy as much as I could reasonably and confidently store while it seemed like a good bargain. I haven't got anywhere near that point yet but I am taking a break from buying. With price rises and the ever decreasing value of the £ the value propsotion just isn't what it was last year. I also have to remind myself that I am too new to this to be doing speculating when things seem shaky. I'll keep doing my usual bargain hunts and snapping things up that seem too good to turn down but I have no plans to add serious amounts for the time being. For now I'm happy to take a step back to observe and learn.
  13. Always lovely to stop by and see pics like this. Here's a couple of my own This one is of an absolutely exhausted rottweiler enjoying a snooze after a day spent hiking around the Pembrokeshire coastline And here is the old Shepherd having a snooze after positioning that cushion just so...
  14. I think the terminology doesn't really matter so much. Afterall going stricly by actual definitions you could consider silver stackers as collectors of silver. I think its important to enjoy what you buy. I mostly stack/collect/accumulate generic Canadian bullion (mostly maples) or Canadian 80% silver coins when I can get them as close to spot as possible. I choose those things because I like them. I stick with them because I am very comfortable with them and find spotting fakes easy - not they I've yet seen anyone faking generic Canadian 80% coins but pleny of fake maples out there. Every now and then I'll buy a proof coin that catches my eye and is at the right price. I won't spend too much money on these but if I like them and the value proposition is attractive I will buy them. I should note these purchases are on the secondary market and not new from one of the mints. With most proofs if you wait long enough you can snap them up cheap. If you like some of the beasts buy them. I would personally avoid the ones that are inflated in price as I think those aren't going to be good in the long term but any that are current releases look good value for money to me.