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  1. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Belarus.... here we go again

    I kind of like it. I really can't put my finger on why I like it but I can't stop looking at it. There is just so much going on there
  2. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Gillete advert

    One of the bits of coverage I saw on this controversy reported that Gillette did enough market research to establish that in the North American market most purchases were made by women (GF's, wives purchasing for partners, mothers purchasing for teenage sons, etc). Whether they got that right or not... time will tell.
  3. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Gillete advert

    As much as I am growing tired of the way the actions of a few get applied to a group as a whole (all men are scum, Leave voters are all racist far right bigots, Trump voters are all white supremacists, etc) I think the wrong side is getting upset here. This ad exists because someone in Gillette's marketing department crunched the numbers and came out with this as being a way to gain the company more exposure and revenue. Gillette may not even believe in the message as it is just a means to an end meant to bring in more sales. I really don't understand why so many seem fine with having their message and cause cheapened by a brand who is clearly just trying to cash in.
  4. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Best quality silver

    Now that Mintshield is a thing I'd vote for the humble Maple. It is often cheaper than most other 1oz bullion coins and comes from the Royal Canadian Mint which is held in high regard for its refining process. Before Mintshield I would have said something else but now that they have taken that step to prevent 2018 and newer coins from spotting I think they are tough to beat from a value for money perspective.
  5. AppleZippoandMetronome

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    Just the 2018 and onwards coins unfortunately. It is a real shame as it would of been nice if they started this with the first release of the 10oz Multi Maple. I initially wasn't going to buy it as I've seen a number of them with spots but once supply started to be exhausted I figured I might as well. Sure enough mine has spots on queenie's head 🙄 Still it is good they finally addressed the issue and nice to know coins from 2018 onwards will be fine.
  6. AppleZippoandMetronome

    completed Reduced Prices Silver Clearance

  7. AppleZippoandMetronome

    completed Reduced Prices Silver Clearance

    Could I get the three maples please Chris?
  8. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Brexit status ...

    Batman gets my vote! 😂😂
  9. AppleZippoandMetronome

    Are they really cheapest here?

    PowerCoin isn't the cheapest. There have been a number of items I've wanted to order and when I've checked them out they have been more expensive than other sources. For those of us in the EU (currently including UK) PowerCoin will often work out cheaper though because coins coming from dealers outside the EU will probably come with a nice hefty VAT charge upon arrival. As your location is given as Japan I doubt very much that this matters to you so I would suggest going with the place you find to be cheapest as long as that place is genuine and trusted.
  10. Given that an asset is defined as an item of property owned by a person or company regarded as having value - I would have to say that yes, a home is an asset. I certainly understand that a house can be a liability when maintenance and repairs are needed but the property as a whole will pretty much always hold some value which makes it very much an asset.
  11. AppleZippoandMetronome

    anyone stacking for SHTF?

    Life is too short for bad coffee... no matter the situation
  12. AppleZippoandMetronome

    50 years of 50p sets

    I'm with you. I really don't get it at all
  13. AppleZippoandMetronome

    50 years of 50p sets

    I am astounded to see the price that the Cupro-nickel proof set is selling for on ebay. There are quite a few that have sold for between £259 - £285. Madness
  14. AppleZippoandMetronome

    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    Jewellery counts as goods so same rules apply there. If you bring back thousands of £s worth of jewellery and you declare it or they stop you and discover it prepare for a nice bill. I would think so long as you could prove you didn't buy the items while abroad (had them with you when you left and brought them back) you'd get away with it but I suspect you'd be there for a while explaining that one. I am sure there are some ways to circumvent it. The easiest would be just chancing things and not declaring though if you are caught you will of course have to be prepared to face the consequences. When I first found out these rules I thought they were utterly absurd but sadly my thinking that has little impact on the reality of the situation.
  15. AppleZippoandMetronome

    **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint

    The £10000 limit applies to cash. PM's won't be counted as cash. They will be counted as goods. If you are flying in from outside the EU the current allowance for goods is £390. So you can bring in PM's up to a value (not face value but actual metal value) of £390. Above that you are liable for a charge.