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  1. Tonyb959

    Sky News Metals Cock-Up

    Illuminati confirmed 🤫
  2. Literary figures seem popular, so I could see them releasing coins commemorating Arthur Conan Doyle, Tolkien, C. S. Lewis etc. Whether they'd be popular or not is anyone's guess, but I'd imagine a Tolkien themed coin/series at least would be sought after.
  3. Tonyb959

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Don't remind me, had my eye on a coin I've wanted for a while, and now I'm reconsidering 😢
  4. Tonyb959

    eBay Advice

    Not helpful now, but for future orders you could enable 'pay after delivery'. It gives you two weeks before you need to send any money, but that's reduced to one week if the seller provides a tracking number when the goods are dispatched. Great for buying, pain in the rear as a seller (I'm waiting until Sunday for funds to clear from some coins I sold on the weekend) 😒
  5. Tonyb959

    Today I Received.....

    I'm very tempted, depends on how much the older ones are going for though. I'll peruse ebay next pay day
  6. Tonyb959

    Today I Received.....

    Nabbed this from ebay. Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in one of the 'ugliest coin' threads ☺️
  7. Tonyb959

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    No email here either 😕
  8. Tonyb959

    my Victoria young head and George

    Prices look about right to me. The shield-back sovereign is a wonderful design 🙂
  9. Tonyb959

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

    I like it... 😅
  10. Tonyb959

    Dates on Welsh dragon £20 silver coins?

    The date gets changed. And yeah, only available from the mint store, or ebay, if you don't mind the inflated prices.
  11. Tonyb959

    Today I bought.....

    Picked up two of these silver £20 coins, since the mint is only a short drive away
  12. Tonyb959

    Hello from South Wales

    Hi, I'm Tony, came here after watching some of backyard bullion's videos. Been interested in silver and gold for a long time, bought a few sovereigns in 2005 and sold them in 2007. Oops. Hoping not to make that kind of mistake again! Anyway, looking forward to learning more about the bullion side of coins.