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  1. @richatthecroft are they proof or bullion Libertads they do look very nice. Thanks
  2. 20th March GMT 6pm macro economic new from The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) moved the price of gold and other financial instruments At 6pm 36,100 futures contracts traded (data obtained from Interactive Brokers) on Gold during that spike higher in Gold price not unusual. The contracts traded could have been new longs or stops triggered not possible to know how many new longs/stop triggered. Making assumptions I don't see anything wrong with the charts, volume, price action in gold yesterday.
  3. Gone long GBP/USD today 1.3215 9am GMT. See on the chart GBP/USD pair trading lower with series of lower lows and lower highs overnight and GBP/USD broke yesterday low YL on the chart below. Unless counter trending makes no logical sense go long when you did. Did go long then your stop should below 1.3210 based on market structure or when price moved in your position into positive the stops should have been moved to break even or small profit. Another famous trader who takes short/long position and waits for the market to reverse to prove them right he now out of prison maybe you guys need to meet and discuss trading strategies he is called Nick Leeson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Leeson Even looking higher time frame 240 minutes no way anyone trading be would foolish enough to have a Stop of more than 200 points.
  4. Eight out of the ten Britannia bars I have purchased are from @SilverStan. I don't stack bars but could not resist these bars all arrived very well packaged in direct fit capsule. Just in case your still on the sideline if you should buy this bar few more photos.....
  5. Any central bank can create billions Dollars/Yen/Euros/Pounds not getting cheaper to create fiat it the same price as it has been for a while a stroke of a keyboard. A lot of trust and faith in fiat because the government has citizens/business it can tax. Government debt highest rated bond because guaranteed revenue stream through taxation. During the next recession / financial crisis / interest rates need raised significantly the Federal Reserve and other central banks can provide governments interest freeze suspension option and buy all the treasury notes/government bonds held by commercial banks. How can a government go bankrupt paying zero percent on its debt? All QE taken place inflated stock/property markets but failed to have impact on inflation for day to day goods and services (yes the numbers manipulated even so). Central banks don't want any competition with their fiat currency and with this level of power one must ask the question will PMs ever see their true intrinsic value?
  6. What is not a myth is that technology, automation and robotics will have a major impact in every industry in the next 10 years that includes the mining industry. What will be the price/purchasing power of PMs in 2030 anyone guess. Not everybody stacks PMs for a lot of individuals is just a hobby and are collectors. PMs insurance policy I would rather have them and not need them than be in the other boat. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gregsatell/2016/08/12/5-technologies-for-2031/#6053966a334f https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2019/03/01/tech-experts-predict-13-jobs-that-will-be-automated-by-2030/#5b919d5122bf
  7. Abyss

    Goals for 2019

    Goal remains unchanged 2019/2020 allocate 10% total net worth into PMs with ratio 25-30 oz Silver for every oz of Gold. Waiting for lower spot price in Gold/Silver higher GBP/USD before making the next large PM purchase consist of Silver (2 oz & 10 oz) & Gold (1 oz) Queens Beasts Yale of Beaufort + White Lion of Mortimer + White Horse of Hanover + White Greyhound of Richmond. Once QB series finished my full position in PMs established and I won't be making any further larger purchases in PMs BUT gold go below $1,000 it is at that point I would start seriously considering bringng back funds invested in Government Bonds/Mutual Funds in India and doubling down on Gold via purchasing from the European Mint. Goal after 2020 remain in cash signs that a global recession happen next couple of years and asset prices should significantly fall. I do believe that we may have one or potentially two merry go rounds where central banks carry out QE and zero interest rates to reinflate stock/property market could represent buying opportunity for those who remain cash liquid. As always the goal be vigilant of inflation where ever holding your investments and know that gold is money and everything else is credit have a strategy move assets into physical Gold quickly as possible if the circumstances should arise.
  8. When it comes to the QB series European Mint more competitive. They don't have it on their website but for comparison 10 oz Silver Unicorn GS.be €166.24 European Mint 160.90
  9. When look at two extremes often need to balance them out to find out what the median is $50 - $4 / 2 = $23. Twenty pages discussed and chicken dinner we finally have an answer. Looking forward to $23 oz Silver in the next couple of years.
  10. The Britannia bars sold by @SilverStan came with capsules but I had several bars purchased another supplier with no capsules and bought some additional empty capsules from @SilverStan as well. https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/product-page/10oz-bar-capsule-air-tite-brand-for-10oz-silver-bars
  11. Thank you @SilverStan for the 3x 10 oz Britannia bars and 3x rounds from Intaglio Mint. Managed to complete set of 10x 10 oz Britannia bars. @SilverStan website https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk
  12. Land of the free until the federal reserve next round of QE and zero percent interest rates kick in. European dealer prices not that bad in comparison 167 euros GS.be £143 plus postage.
  13. GS.be €1450.95 (out of stock) £1239.99 https://goldsilver.be/en/gold/1068-1-oz-gold-queen-s-beast-2017-red-dragon-100.html Auragentum.de €1460.00 £1247.8 https://auragentum.de/1-unze-goldmuenze-queens-beasts-red-dragon-2017?number=9202000 bleyerbullion £1,336.71 https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/1oz-gold-queens-beasts-dragon-2017 Gold £1,261 https://www.gold.co.uk/gold-coins/gold-queens-beast/1oz-red-dragon-gold/