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  1. @Branman1986 regardless what says on the CME website https://www.cmegroup.com/education/courses/introduction-to-precious-metals/what-is-the-precious-metals-delivery-process.html future contracts in Gold/Silver settled in paper. You need seat on the exchange want to take physical delivery. Buying future contracts then going through a broker and ever broker regardless what traded (sugar/coffee/gold/silver/oil/wheat) settled in paper. Majority contracts always settled in paper and exchange has right to settle in paper on any physical delivery demands.
  2. Alerted that HGM have the 1 oz Gold QB Lion back in stock. Would not call it a deal as such but I setup the alert just in case the put it back into stock by mistake for under £1200.... https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/1oz-gold-queens-lion-coin
  3. Abyss

    Where to sell

    Where to sell big question and something that I have been debating myself. Preferential choice always The Silver Forums and without the TSF I would never been able to backdate Gold 1 oz QB series. Selling and buying on the TSF close to spot easily done but sometimes selling coins appreciated in premiums harder to achieve. When it comes time to sell I would be selling on TSF but also putting items up for sale on eBay / maybe even amazon (cheaper TSF no associated fees). TSF has trusted well established community impossible to replicate elsewhere but the downside to selling on TSF is that it only has 5,000 members and the number of visitors to eBay / Amazon on daily basis runs into tens of millions. Regardless where selling always carry out due diligence. In the past when selling 1 oz Gold QB Lion on both TSF/eBay had inquiries on eBay asking for a cheaper price allowed me to direct potential buyers to TSF wanted to buy from here instead (hard to achieve but if you have good feedback and reputation it is possible). All photos should have eBay and TSF handle name trying this method.
  4. @MancunianStacker had a number of conversations about Venezuala style hyperinflation happening in developed economy (currencies listed below) and the chances of this happening slim at best. Another financial crisis most likely outcome rather than Government bailout will be haircut on all deposits held at banks. Hyperinflation will destroy the economies of the develop countries and governments will do anything to prevent it. Belief that debts cannot continue to grow and in the future there will be a tipping point but Governments can adopt modern money theory and adopt zero percent interest rates (or negative). You cannot go bankrupt if you have the good fortune of paying zero percent on your debt and the longer it takes to pay the debt inflation will help reduce debt. EUR/USD Euro and US dollar Fiber USD/JPY US dollar and Japanese yen Gopher GBP/USD British pound and US dollar Cable USD/CHF US dollar and Swiss franc Swissie AUD/USD Australian dollar and US dollar Aussie USD/CAD US dollar and Canadian dollar Loonie NZD/USD US dollar and Canadian dollar Kiwi GBP/EUR British pound and euro Chunnel EUR/CHF Euro and Swiss franc Euro-swissie EUR/JPY Euro and Japanese yen Yuppy
  5. Jim Rogers acquired a lot of gold at much lower prices over last several decades so price never retraces from current levels and continues to accelerate higher he already position and hedge. One of the reason why Jim Rogers waiting for lower Gold prices because a recession is coming (uncertainty of when but it is coming) and will result in a stock markets followed by housing markets falling in price which are deflationary and should also have an impact on mining shares and the price of Gold to go lower. He is simply waiting for this part of the cycle before converting the remainder of his paper money into Gold. The strategy makes sense to me but timing such moves very hard to achieve.
  6. The YouTube video mentioned on GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) Premiered Jul 10, 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkU8fdQv8E4
  7. I do like Jim Rogers and advice given is sensible IMHO. Interview Ktico on the 10th July 2019.
  8. Thanks for the video many advantages to owning physical and paper Gold/Silver. Paper PMs spreads in the futures market most attractive GC Gold August Futures $0.10 / SL Silver August Futures $0.01 cent / PL Platinum October Futures $0.10 cent but be careful of the The Power of Leverage https://www.cmegroup.com/education/courses/understanding-the-benefits-of-futures/the-power-of-leverage.html Start trading paper PMs with leverage simply speculating on future price movement. Once start speculating with leverage then it does not matter if it is PMs, or other commodities Oil, Natural Gas, Wheat, currencies, bonds, stock indexes what matters most is controlling exposure to risk. Be very careful when speculating in paper leveraged products that includes Gold and Silver.
  9. Jim, I don't have a single graded coin but IMHO grading silver is not worthwhile. Grading Gold that has historical significance is another matter. @Numistacker should be able to offer better advice because of his involvement in grading and coin auctions.
  10. @cameroneod love this idea. My son almost three years old about start full time nursery great incentive scheme rather than sweets/chocolates or paper money. Going to back to do the same.
  11. Interesting YouTube video from No Nonsense Forex someone talks very little about precious metals in his channel what he is advocating in this YouTube video about PMs.
  12. I am waiting for the next swing low in Gold price and waiting for confirmation last swing low $1160 holds in price. Price moves in waves and in the last three years two major sell offs in the Gold price unable to take out the previous swing low. $250 sell off in price July 2016 and $200 sell off April 2018. Waiting next swing low in Gold at least $150 lower and historically this has shown to be a good time to buy. The downside to this approach it is difficult having the patience to wait and timing the move. While waiting allways the possibility of economic and geopolitical uncertainty and further spot increase in price Gold as safe heaven asset.
  13. @Michael when I was initially buying PMs I thought exactly the same but a stock market crash followed by a recession and housing market crash which is deflationary in nature and the price of Gold/Silver initially should go down in value and should present a very good opportunity to buy in bulk. Will the next recession be the great depression? If the next recession is not a result of a black swan event or sovereign debt crisis then where is the flight to safety in PMs and subsequent price increases in spot? Don't underestimate how far down the road governments/central banks can push the can down the road. The question is not "It takes nerves to continue collecting silver" but do you have strategy of the physical amount PMs want to stack/collect and what is represent in percentage overall to your portfolio what type of PMs (just generic bars/rounds or a series has potential grow in premium and offset any negative prices in the spot market). Silver unlike a stock cannot go to zero and historically price is cheap but can it get cheaper? I have no issues continuing to buy silver below $15.00 and if price beaks above triangle pattern created since 2016 then $20 silver can be easily achieved and we may never see $14 silver again.