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  1. Not just TNT last week had Royal Mail special delivery and the postman just knock on the door but I was paying serious attention (need to develop a spider sense) and when I open the door signed for the package I informed him that their is a door bell the response was hilarious “I did not notice the door bell and I don’t use it”. Like Taxi driver saying I don’t drive. I did not say anything else just let it be. Not worth mental energy or drain about something you have no control over.
  2. 1981 & 1982 full Sovereigns now sold only have 1901 and 1910 full Sovereigns left buy both free RM SD. Thanks
  3. Thanks @Goldmick I am offering free RM SD buy two or more coins.
  4. @5huggy released today by Shadow Stack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaEDJZ18sKY What You Will Need To "SURVIVE" The 2020 Global Recession similar themes video posted on Kitco. IMHO don't be surprised how far they can kick this can down the road.
  5. No because look price of Gold https://atkinsonsbullion.com you cannot buy it for the spot price and if you buy 2.5 gram Gold https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-bars/other-gold-bars/umicore-2-5g-stamped-gold-bar-in-assay paying massive premium plus delivery on smaller domination of Gold. Save your money buy Gold on the Silver forum being sold at spot once or twice a year either in Sovereigns or larger 1 oz Gold coin. Before even buy PM make sure paid off all high interest bearing debt. May even be financially more prudent to pay extra payments towards mortgage and pay this off first then you will have a larger disposable income to save in Gold IMHO.
  6. Can I have serial number 04 in the 5 oz Hammered Silver Forum Rounds (2019). Thanks.
  7. @Darr3nG your website even though relatively new beats the competition hands down here is a side my side comparison. I can only see it getting better and when you have time and inclined may want to include other popular government minted coins (American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, American Buffalo, Austrian Philharmonic).
  8. IMHO buying for the metal content of Gold then concentrate on the % above spot paying rather than 1 oz Gold or Sovereign. I know that @ilovesilverireallydo able to buy Sovereigns at spot from certain jewellers and you cannot go wrong when paying 0% above spot for Gold. @Darr3nG made brilliant website http://goldprice.eu5.net/ and if you have the funds to buy 10 oz Gold I would ring the dealers on the website and ask negotiate on price and you are only willing to pay 2% above spot for tube of 10x 1 oz Gold Britannia's. Don't forgot to look and European dealers (European Mint) and ask for more competitive price from them as well. The same rules apply when you go to sell don't accept the price dealers offering on their website phone them up and ask if they are willing to buy at spot. The closer buy and sell to spot value of Gold will reduce your transactional spread cost. Have look on YouTube Should You Buy Fractional Gold Coins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpwOEcpK3-g&t=458s Last point Sovereigns are great but nothing beats holding a 1 oz Gold coin in your hand. Look at YouTube videos of how both look and decide which one you prefer.
  9. My guess metallic terminator made out of Silver....
  10. Welcome to the Silver Forum if you were based in the USA I would disagree with the above comments and say stack both Gold and Silver with 50/50 split but because you are here in rainy, cold, freezing Manchester I would have to agree Gold is better bet, don't get me wrong I love Silver but saving for decades to come and you're in the UK buying Gold as close to spot in Government minted coins is you're best bet.
  11. Marvel is the series that just keeps giving. When think Endgame was the last movie they just come out with more and Tuvalu coins taken that initiative . I think plan was for six coins but because proving a successful series they have decided to continue it I have no idea until when but I happy continuing and looking forward to the extended series.
  12. Hi @TheGeneral happy to swap for 1 oz 2013 Gold Brit with both parties paying for RM SD. Send me private PM. Thanks
  13. Looks nice https://www.providentmetals.com/1-oz-silver-world-of-dragons-the-indian-round-provident-metals.html