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  1. With a mintage of 100,000 coins why is the premium over spot so high with 1 oz Gold coin released in 2017? I believe this proof finish instead of regular bullion may account some of the premium but this is still very high above spot? Just curious what price was when the coin was first released.
  2. The Silver and Gold Summit YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9T_qxz0g7FKhj6sXz2LKyQ The Fall Of The US Dollar: Is The Return To A Gold Standard Inevitable? I found this presentation very interesting.
  3. Abyss

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    Can I have the serial number 4 and 5 please for my two 3 oz silver forum rounds. Thanks
  4. Abyss

    Queens beast 10-oz Monster Boxes

    I think you are right there is only one size fits all Royal Mint (RM) Monster Box, I can fit 20 RM tubes into the RM Monster box that holding my 10 oz Silver coins. I thought they were different because I never purchased a Monster Box of silver before. The cheapest price I can find Royal Mint Monster Box (empty) 9,68 € https://goldsilver.be/en/accessories/1319-box-rm-black.html
  5. Abyss

    Queens beast 10-oz Monster Boxes

    The European Mint will give you free Monster Box(s) for the 10 oz Silver coins they sell provided buying 12 or more at one time (but you need to call them/email them to confirm before placing an order. BYB kindly negotiated discount code for Silver Forum Members and European Mint will price match other bullion dealers see the following thread. For reference the monster boxes that I have both come from the European Mint. If you remove the protective foam at the bottom of the Monster Box you can fit 27 10 oz Silver coins and even a tube of 1oz 2018 Silver Dragon Perth Mint bars. These Monster Boxes not the same regular Royal Mint Monster Boxes for 500 Britannia or 200 Queens Beasts 2 oz Silver coins.
  6. Abyss

    Today I Received.....

    A low 5,000 mintage and most dealers out of stock (I have checked) they should not only hold but appreciate in premium. I have 10 of them in Silver in my stack but Gold looks amazing.
  7. Abyss

    MMTC-PAMP The Great Hornbill 999.9 1 Oz Coin

    @youngmetalstacker sent private PM to you.
  8. The broker I use is Interactive Brokers (IB) and they offer options The Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) list for IB https://www.interactivebrokers.co.uk/en/index.php?f=567&exch=bex that contains both GDX & GDXJ
  9. I have done some research into GDX/GDXJ (VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF/VANECK VECTORS/JUNIOR GOLD MINERS ETF). I have them listed in my broker account But I view them the same as any another other ETF such as SPY/QQQ (S&P and NASDAQ) On a percentage terms GDX/GDXJ will outperform Gold both on the up and downside relative to spot. The question not is it worthwhile or not but are you comfortable and can you manage the associated risk? Do you have understanding of technical analysis the ability read price action on a chart? Do you know about stop loss and target price, support and resistance levels? I have not traded GDX/GDXJ but some point in the future I will have position in these. But please be careful with all ETFs/Commodities/Futures/Currencies traded with leveraged paper and you can very easily lose your shirt.
  10. Abyss

    GBP Plunges.

    Critical GBP/USD support level weekly chart and if real bodies break below 1.25 we could head south to next major support level between 1.17 and 1.19.
  11. I came across the following interesting videos
  12. Abyss

    Queens Beast griffin with damage - any value over melt?

    That is a good deal. Glad you went back to the dealer ask for a further discount and the bullion dealer was accommodating and reasonable to deal with. Best outcome considering dealer had no more stock.
  13. Abyss

    Silver Deals.....

    Be careful I have family in the states and they would happily post me silver BUT i know that customs would sting me with an import fine (I have not tried) but I remember many years ago I ordered DVDs from Amazon.com instead Amazon.co.uk by mistake and had to pay import duty. You allowed to import 60 oz silver per adult from the states to the UK with declaration or import charges when you returning back from the US to the UK.
  14. Abyss

    MMTC-PAMP The Great Hornbill 999.9 1 Oz Coin

    Thanks @youngmetalstacker still work out £1083.33 an once gold . I know European Dealer that will price match Baird & Co on their 1oz Gold Britannia provided buy minimum tube of 10 £952.18 per coin. Just my opinion but the best place in the world to buy bullion closest to spot would be USA then followed by Europe and then the rest of the world. Looks like I am going to stick with some premium Silver coins when I visit India . PS. If I took my collection of Queens Beasts Gold Coins to India I pretty sure I could flip them for decent profit..... (provided customs did not steal them off me before I could enter the country). Thank you all your help.
  15. Abyss

    MMTC-PAMP The Great Hornbill 999.9 1 Oz Coin

    Thanks for sharing although not purchased any coins/bars from India Coinbazaar ok if you after unique premium coins. Wanted to buy gold or silver in India as close to spot with the least amount of premium where would you recommend? Even Gold Bar on CoinBazaar 100 Grams 24Kt Gold Deal Price र 330,998.08 / 94.3825 = £3506.98 Gram (g) Troy Ounce (oz t) 100 3.21507 £3506.98 / 3.21507 = £1090.79 per oz t very expensive https://www.coinbazaar.in/buy-100-gram-gm-100gm-gold-coin-bar-biscuit-online-price-rate-india-today/1876-gold-bar-100-grams-24kt-gold-999-purity-fineness-100-gm-100-gms-.html