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  1. Always have take any advice given by a dealer with healthy dose of skepticism but James Anderson from SD Bullion makes some very interesting points when physical demand outstrips supply and exchanges cannot simply cover up the difference with paper contracts.
  2. When I sell or buy PMs regardless if it is on TSF / eBay or from dealer I do a video boxing/unboxing as evidence of what I have received or sent. From my personal experience been a case where received four 1 oz Gold Griffin placed in a single plastic sleeve and the condition of the coins when received were dented and damaged but due to my unboxing video the dealer had no choice but to replace all my coins. Video recording of PMs sending and receiving will help you if you need to provide evidence to support your case (damaged items, lack of duty care of packaging, downright fraud).
  3. Abyss

    Gold buying strategy

    Buying secondary market Gold from dealer advisable to inspect the quality of the coins and what coins buying rather than leave it to random fate. You could end up with coins have major scratches and dents then may only get melt value when it is time to sell.
  4. Abyss

    Gold buying strategy

    Chards 1.1% over spot for 10 x 1 oz secondary market gold coins with the ability drive to Blackpool see them in person and grab some Blackpool rock on the way back is one of the best deals on bullion gold.
  5. IMHO looking at Gold chart on dealers website not best way to identify trends/patterns add indicators and try judge for yourself where the price level of Gold is heading. Free charts available on https://in.tradingview.com/ type in the ticker GOLD bring list of Gold price in various currencies. As for what causes sharp drops in the price of Gold it is traded like any other commodity on the exchange oil, natural gas, currencies, etc and these fluctuate (sometimes sharply) because of economic data, politics, trading, manipulation, etc. Everyone who has bought at lower price than the current spot price has benefited but those benefits do not materialise until you have sold.
  6. I am looking for these for a while now and then all of a sudden they show up on the forum . Can I have five of them please. @MikeSol please send me PM with payment details and regular 1st class postage costs. Thank you.
  7. Nasdaq all time high closed 9090 may see further gains to 9500 but market has gone parabolic. When Nasdaq pops going to take every other stock market in the world with it. Seeing slight drop in the Fed balance sheet I am significantly positioned into the the Nifty 50 but contemplating switching the majority into bonds. The risk to reward ratio to continue to have exposure to any stock market minimal IMHO.
  8. The key is who manages your properties. The rental properties I have are managed by a six foot ex-navy handy man with a van with some very interesting tattoos. He manages 150 properties for landlords in Manchester includes all of mine. Charges for repairs (reasonably priced) sources all tenants (charges reasonable fees) but no ongoing maintenance fee like a letting agent. Tenants pay rent direct to the landlord and one month in advance for DPS (https://www.depositprotection.com/) and one month advance for rent. He does the usual background checks but does not carry out credit checks (everybody missed a payment for something in the past six years). Sometimes get lucky and have tenants stay for couple years sometimes only six months. The initial tenancy always six months and the bloke that manages my properties friendly but you would not think that from first appearances (someone who the majority of people will not mess about with). As soon as a tenant misses rent payment he serves them 1 month notice period and even if tenant catches up with the rent payment the notice already been served for any future requirements. I have had all my properties rented out for above 48 weeks per year because property manager finds tenants and vets them fast. Letting agents slow, useless and waste of time and money IMHO.
  9. Everyone needs an exit strategy and my last option would be to sell to a UK dealer. Dealers in Europe/US/Australia offer closer to spot rates than dealers in the UK maybe worthwhile contacting them. My exit strategy involves selling over couple of months rather than trying sell the entire stack all in one go. To increase the number of eyeballs viewing items you have for sale list on eBay (plus PayPal and eBay fees) and same time put up for sale on the forum at a more competitive price spot plus postage (if it is just generic Gold bullion that has no premium). Link the sales thread on your eBay item(s) to the Silver Forum if anyone interested in buying without the inflated fees they can visit the forum. For this strategy to work you will have needed to built up a good seller reputation both eBay and TSF. An alternative don't have eBay/TSF seller reputation contact someone who has a large social media presence and very established TSF / eBay seller reputation (aka @BackyardBullion) and see if he would interested in selling your entire stack for predetermined handling fee. It has time take time to accumulate the stack and by the same token if you want to sell it for a competitive price than it should also take time to liquidate it.
  10. The last impulse wave taken gold from $1455 to $1615. As long price action reveals months of sideways price action and consolidation or develops into slow channel downward price movement without any major swings lower and the previous swing low $1455 respected then hold and wait until the next impulse wave higher. Everything read/watched my mindset hold onto the physical yellow metal for at least a decade. A lot of talk about safe heaven assets and Gold and the Dollar to rise together over next decade but ultimately Gold will be the overall winner.
  11. Just watched this Bullion Now YouTube video show the differences as well.
  12. Abyss

    Gold on its way up

    I think @Goldmick wants start a thread 40+ pages long . In November 2020 people still on this thread saying yes Gold price is still higher and now above £1500 how high can it go........
  13. Abyss

    Found Silver Coins

    Hang onto for dear life is my advice. Decide to sell then that is your choice and decision but make sure don't get less than silver spot value for it. You can find the value of spot silver on Kitco website https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html I believe your luck will only improve with time as we could be in bull market for precious metals (PMs) and in the next 5 - 10 years PMs be the best investment you make as young entrepreneur. I have stocks, bonds but decided to diversify into Gold and Silver and bought majority of my stack in late 2018 and it has outperform both bonds and stocks. You have been very lucky to find your treasure chest now sit tight and hold on to it.
  14. The age old question what should the Gold price be? The https://www.usdebtclock.org/ Gold priced in USD $9257. We have QE1/2/3 and now QE4 Repo market created trillions dollars in relation to Gold it could be significantly undervalued. IMHO Gold price is the sum of the trades placed by market participants in the future and options markets. The price discovery mechanism for Gold may change in the future.
  15. Abyss

    China's Gold

    YouTube video by Erik Townsend George Gammon talking about future government crypt currency and hyper-inflation of the USD and provide timing estimate next decade. 1 hour 20 minutes long but interesting watch.