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    Any Queen’s Beasts Proof Gold Coins

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  1. Same as me committed. 1 oz Gold QB,s in Proof. I was always led to believe that a limited edition would always fetch a higher premium than an unlimited coinage! Can’t get my head around it! What a volatile Market. Regards
  2. Well back to Earth on this one! My personal view is stop when you start feeling uncomfortable! I started 2 years ago collecting the norm. I had no idea at all what the hell I was doing just placing my faith in Kruger, American, Brit 1oz Gold etc. Then discovered the QB,s as an alternative. Being a proud British Citizen decided to opt for them. I am a novice in this area. But I think I made the right decision. My norm Coins go up and down but the QB,s as collectibles just keep going up & up & up! I,ve sold my norm. Coins with a profit but the QB,s are just storming away. My Resümee or Philosophy being opt for a series of Coins that attracts that little more premium. 1oz of Gold =1oz Gold Price 1oz Gold Coin=1oz Gold + collectors Premium. And when one reaches the age where everything starts getting annoying, & boring, falling asleep at 14:03 after Lunch pack it in and buy yourself a journey into Space! Good Mooning wish you all the best. Howie
  3. Well I,m selling my QB,s 1oz Gold Bullion Coins, Lion, Griffin, Red, Unicorn & Black Bull tomorrow for €7200,00 bought for €6100,00 so I,ve got enough resources to purchase the remaining 4 QB,s in 1oz Gold Proof. Which I hope will be a super investment. Regards
  4. Exactly my thoughts. You’ve just made me a very happy collector. I had my doubts but not any more. Great advice.
  5. Degussa buying Degussa buying at around 1400,00 Pounds
  6. I wouldn’t sell at this moment in time if I were you. The QB,s is one of the best series the Royal Mint has ever designed and is destined to become a fantastic collectible. Hold on!
  7. I was replying to a post from DaKine he referred to one Coin I replied with the Grafik! Regards
  8. Exactly how I would hope it to be. I started collecting the Bullion 1oz QB,s then opted for the 1oz Proof Coins hoping that the premium would be that much higher. As an OAP I have to speculate to accumulate. Making the right decision isn’t easy in this market.
  9. Makes sense but the comparison 2017-2019 still stands as I believe the 1oz Proof Coins were priced in 2017 (Royal Mint) at 1880,00 Pounds and are still priced in 2019 at 1880,00 Pounds. Lets hope it stays that way!