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  1. Thought this was good.......Mint Shield Technology...
  2. I just sold the Mona Lisa version for £475...to US guy....Do you think the value of these coins decrease in the future? I paid £ 275 in 2018.
  3. They may have some spare..I phoned..they said ...processing...will give it a few more days...
  4. Thanks...they are sending me a replacement.
  5. I will keep them for the time being. If there is a new Monarch in a few years then that may change things...
  6. The 2006 set comes with maundy money which alone is worth £200 as far as I know...
  7. Check out local pawnbrokers...I got a fantastic deal a few months ago..my guess is they didn't know the value.
  8. I just bought the 2006 80th birthday set 13 coins silver proof £177...and the 2016 Britannia set 5 coins £149.. Wise move?
  9. I will phone them & ask for a partial refund....don't think they have the experience in this type gilding work.
  10. Yes.. the gilding is off set as I look more closely...but no more available...may be worth keeping.
  11. I think there is a blemish. Can someone post a pic of their coin. Thx .
  12. I got $125 refund via paypal....so happy....
  13. Thought so....I 'll tell US mint...see what they say...
  14. Any help..got this today. Blemish is on coin..