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  1. How much does this bring the total to so far?
  2. Andyj0502

    First gold purchase, what should i have?

    iv asked myself this a few times. What is the difference between the sovereign and a 1/4 oz gold coin?
  3. If I was to order 25 brits do they come in the tubes?
  4. Andyj0502

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Are these orders done on a monthly basis or adhoc? Would love to get involved in this!
  5. Andyj0502

    for sale Various Silver coins

    2014 kook still available?
  6. Andyj0502

    SECOND hand silver

    Hi. I’m new to stacking and recently made my first silver purchase. I’m wanting to expand my portfolio further but not wanting to pay the premiums from online dealers. Iv read in a few other threads that people buy second hand. Just wondering if you guys can give me a heads up about where the best places are to buy second hand silver. Thanks in advance