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  1. mikeiones32

    for sale U.S. 90% Silver

    Hi, I will take 20 x Mercury Dimes if you still have them
  2. mikeiones32

    My Mexican stack

    Good work - I've got a long way to go to match that lot Oh man - that 20 pesos I want one of those..... maybe this year 👍
  3. mikeiones32

    Today I Received.....

    Sounds like we need a pic of that I have been buying a few, only 2 and 2.5's though - but I do like those
  4. mikeiones32

    completed Firesale Scottsdale 2017 Leopard £14

    I'll take 2 please
  5. mikeiones32

    Capsules for Canadian 1.5 oz

    Cheers guys
  6. mikeiones32

    Capsules for Canadian 1.5 oz

    Hi all, I have some 1.5 oz Canadian silver coins I want to take out of flips and put into caps. I know the Queens Beasts 2oz will do it, but they always seem expensive (2.50). Are there alternatives for less ££ that will do the job?
  7. mikeiones32

    Lidl Coin Cases

    Yep they fit 1o/z fine on the larger trays - I've used a couple for this. Also, the red trays you find on Ebay will fit in these cases fine - you can get 24 x 45mm to hold 1o/z I'll be getting 2 or 3 more then on Sunday - thanks for the heads up
  8. mikeiones32

    GBP Plunges.

    Damn right
  9. The "New" triangle is also sooo wrong. It has perfectly straight edges on a packet thats crumpled and wrinkled
  10. maybe, but so are standards in photo shopping looking at that
  11. mikeiones32

    stacking silver exit strategy

    Some go in minutes - depends on the coin and the price and I guess to some extent the seller.
  12. mikeiones32

    completed Canadian Maples all sold thank you

    Ill take 4 of them if you still have some going
  13. mikeiones32

    completed 2015 Britannia coins price drop SOLD OUT

    Got mine today - many thanks :)~