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  1. mikeiones32

    Not sure

    Stop buying off random people on Ebay - use trusted dealers or sellers from this site - you can get good deals from honest people! 👍
  2. mikeiones32

    completed Mexico Proof Silver Libertad 3 Coin Set- Reduced

    1964 Proof Set: £20 Posted first class I will take that one if its available
  3. mikeiones32

    What Should I do About This?

    yeah, embrace the toning and have it as a coin to handle as vand says, adds character
  4. mikeiones32

    Somalia - 1000 Shillings African Wildlife Leopard 2018

    Liking those 👍
  5. mikeiones32

    completed Ark, Brit & Elephants

    I'll take the 2 elephants
  6. If you do consider splitting down I would take 3 x Mermaid Rising 3 x 2018 Tree of Life at £14.63 each coin + Delivery PM me if you are interested....
  7. mikeiones32

    Royal Mint 10 oz and 100 oz Silver Bars!

    Looks like Atkinsons should be doing these from an email I just had: Coming soon! Royal Mint Britannia 100oz & 10oz Silver Bars Keep your eye on our website for these beautiful silver bars featuring the image of a classical style Britannia design, available in 100oz & 10oz sizes.
  8. mikeiones32

    Books about gold and silver investing

    Check out Amazon for this title - might be of interest: The Definitive Guide to Collecting, Investing & Stacking Silver Bullion: 2018 Edition
  9. Very interesting little series that was, I actually learned something
  10. mikeiones32

    Today I Received

    I bought a 5oz pre-owned bar from Atkinsons, with no idea what I was getting. Today a nice PAMP bar in plastic case arrived which I am made up about as I like these but always seem a high premium, but this worked out @ £15 per oz 😊
  11. mikeiones32

    Age of a stacker

    47, started last year when coming to terms with my pension not going to cut it and wanted another way of saving for the future
  12. mikeiones32

    My search for a box fit for my collection...

    Great Idea 👍 I am going to give that a go as well!
  13. mikeiones32

    PM - Meetup?

    Hope they gave their consent for that
  14. mikeiones32

    BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Wow, what a nightmare, I would be having a mini tourettes attack if that happened to my account 🤔 Hope you get it all sorted out asap
  15. Looks well made, but £ 845 ?