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  1. Thanks for replying - not a problem to do that. Will get back in touch when you are taking orders and check stock they have at that time ATB Mike
  2. Just been checking out the site and there is plenty of interesting stuff there at good prices bit of an eye opener....... Is there any requirement before being able to join in the order (being a newly registered member and all) ?
  3. mikeiones32

    Today I bought.....

    A couple of pre-owned 1oz Anubis bars from Atkinsons:
  4. mikeiones32

    Hello from Devon, UK

    Yey more new members from Sunny Devon
  5. mikeiones32

    Hello from another new member

    Thanks all for the kind words
  6. Hi all from sunny Devon, Been lurking around for a while reading info. so though I should register an account as always found some good info. here! Since October 2017 have been buying some silver and fractional gold as a retirement / savings plan for 20 years time or so, as saving cash money has never been my thing😁