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  1. Just a small something today 1st coloured coins I have bought - great service from Ash as usual 👍
  2. ewww thats creepy and fascinating at the same time 😑
  3. If it does thats great news - buy buy buy
  4. if available i will take 2oz Queens Beast Bull (milking and marks on cheek) - £28
  5. Seems like a good deal, 20 oz for a shade under £250 If I wasn't fixing up a kitchen I would have had it https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/various/pre-owned-cook-island-2011-lunar-rabbit-20oz-silve
  6. or some knob head from Europe telling you they have a "special place in hell for you"
  7. I will take those 2 with some 1st class signed for postage please
  8. This year my plan is to put more into mortgage overpayments than silver/gold. I made a nice little stack over last couple of years and now our fixed rate deal ends in 2 years or so. So I want to get that down now incase (when) the rates jump up, it's surprising how every £50 extra paid in saves approx £68 in interest over the term. Trying to get the term down so Im not working myself into an early grave