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  1. Hi Nervosa1901, I haven’t heard from you on the Britannia bar in a couple days so I have picked up another one. Thanks anyway. I’m sure you will be able to sell it to someone else.
  2. Selling my Black Bull Proof PF69UC $110 includes OGP with free USPS USA Priority SFR shipping. PayPal friends & family. Open to trades. Will entertain international interest just not sure shipping costs.
  3. Hey Todd welcome aboard! I just joined within the last month. Awesome website. Yes there seems to be some great information and these people here are very knowledgeable. I am interested in British Sovereigns so lucky for me to have found this site???
  4. Hey Kevin thanks! I just subbed your channel!
  5. Hey Chris! Thanks! Looking forward to learning a lot from everyone here!
  6. Hey Jimmy! Thanks! This is a pretty cool site! Neat to know someone from my home state is on here!???
  7. Hey BYB, thanks and I have subbed your channel. Nice videos and information! Thanks CD!
  8. Hey Pete, no I’m south of Seattle. I live in Vancouver,Wa. Yep the other Vancouver. When I was in the service I would tell people I’m from Vancouver and they would say “British Columbia” my response “no the other Vancouver USA” Lol
  9. Hello to everyone! Just started stacking silver this year. Just bought my first gold sovereign a few weeks ago. Circulated 1930 SA. Really like them sovereigns! Hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far!