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  1. SouthCoastInvestor

    Queens beast 10-oz Monster Boxes

    Earlier this year I ordered 20x QB 10 oz Griffin coins from goldsilver.be. I received one complete sealed (i.e. with plastic strapping intact) monster box of 15 coins, and a second opened monster box containing the other 5 coins. So perhaps if you order at least 15 coins you will get a monster box, but I suppose that is not guaranteed unless the item specifically says "monster box". I ordered a "loose" quantity of 20 and was very pleased to receive the two boxes as well. Apart from opening a few coins to spot check them, I left the remainder sealed (they come as strips of three which are shrink-wrapped onto a cardboard layer) - I did not try to fit more into the monster box - which you could do if you separated them -because I wanted to keep them sealed up for long-term storage.
  2. SouthCoastInvestor

    Brexit No Deal - what are you doing to prepare for it?

    I brought forward the purchase of the 1oz gold Falcon coin - I got my order in earlier this week before sterling fell, so I saved a few quid. I was going to wait until the new year to buy the next coin. In the event of "no deal" I would expect further falls in sterling, so I will be bringing forward a silver purchase too since "no deal" is a distinct possibility now. But I wonder to what extent "no deal" is already priced into the markets - it will not come as a shock as did the Brexit referendum result.
  3. SouthCoastInvestor

    COin bars silver

    Another option to consider is the 10 oz coins. A few months ago I bought 20x 10 oz Queens Beast falcon griffin coins, and the price for that bulk purchase (from goldsilver.be) was comparable to the equivalent weight in coin bars - hence the best value bullion and VAT-free. I would expect 10 oz coins of a good collectable series (such as Queen's Beasts) to be easier to sell in the future (and potentially at a premium to spot) than coin bars, which have no numismatic interest. FYI the Royal Mint 10 oz coin "monster box" contains 15 coins, arranged as 5 layers of three coins mounted on cardboard and shrink-plastic wrapped. I put some anti-tarnish strips into the monster box, sealed the edges with strong tape and wrapped that in a bin liner for long term storage. The benefit of the 10 oz QB coins for UK investors is that they will be capital gains tax free when it comes to sell them (assuming the current law does not change).
  4. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    The other coins I bought from that dealer are genuine as far as I can tell, but those three fakes. I also bought some earlier-year Kookaburras from him, I need to check the dimensions of those for peace of mind, but they seemed OK with the magnet test. If there are more fakes among those I will be really angry. I don't know the name of the dealer, if I see him again I will have words. I just assumed that a dealer would carefully check all coins. I got carried away by the opportunity to grow my collection with reasonably-cheap bullion coins from the "bargain buckets", but in future I will be much more careful. I did actually have my suspicions about the Panda when I examined it on the train on the way home from the show.
  5. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    I bought several coins and negotiated a price for the lot, can't remember how much I paid, it was a couple of months ago. Would have been around £16 per oz,.
  6. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    yes, panda is too thick, meant to be 2.98 mm. This one is silver colour metal on the inside, not a plated coin. definitely one of the fake ones, I have researched it more.
  7. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    Confirmed - the Kookaburra is fake, that ain't silver on the inside . . . . .
  8. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    And finally here is the Panda. I am having second thoughts now about this being a fake because the measurements are within tolerances? But the ping does not sound right, and the magnet slides too quickly.
  9. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    ok, here is the Kookaburra, it is actually underweight, not overweight as I stated before. 0.986 ozt, - outside of normal tolerances? And the diameter should be 40.60 but it measures 40.03 - higher than the normal margin of error? The magnet slides off too quickly.
  10. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    ok, here is #1 - the obviously-fake Scottsdale bar. The magnet sticks to it, the troy weight is very close though
  11. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    I'll post some pics later
  12. SouthCoastInvestor

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    OK, after finally getting around to doing some testing on the dozens of silver coins I have bought from the last few coin fairs and some local dealers, I am ashamed to admit that I found three fakes in my collection, all purchased from the same dealer at the London Coin Fair as it happens. They are - 1oz Panda - magnet slides too quickly, slightly underweight, doesn't look right - 1oz Kookaburra - magnet slides too quickly, too overweight - 1oz Scottsdale Mint bar - magnetic! I never expected that a dealer would have fakes - surely they would all at least be tested before being put on sale. I see this as an important learning experience. I now know what coins are likely to be faked and what to avoid buying at fairs without rigorous examination (probably just best to avoid the obvious candidates). I now have a better idea of what the fakes look like. I will be taking my magnet with me next time. Maybe I need to invest in one of the electronic testers.
  13. SouthCoastInvestor

    gold queens beast series losing its charm?

    I bought what was probably the only gold 1oz bullion lion on sale at last week's London Coin Show . . . . mint condition . . . . for £1000, just over 5% above spot !!!!! It was worth getting up at the crack of dawn and queueing for half an hour to be one of the first through the doors ! I also picked up the griffin and the dragon for £1100 a piece at the BNTA show a few weeks earlier.
  14. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I bought.....

    Some tiny 50% silver threepence/sixpence, from the local coin shop.
  15. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I bought.....

    I bought this at my local coin shop, even though it has some toning and scratches on the obverse - it looks like someone has tried to buff it. But I love the design of this one, I couldn't resist it.