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  1. When I made this purchase last year I DID compare unit price of the coins with other dealers, but it did not occur to me to compare unit price for the monster box vs. the same loose quantity of coins from the SAME dealer. That was the problem. Also I was a complete newbie at the time, hence some of my other questions about the monster box potentially having a premium due to the fact that the coins are all sealed and have not been picked-over by the dealers to extract the pristine examples, which I doubt is how it works, if you order 400 2oz (or 500 1oz) "loose" they will presumably just dispatch a monster box if there is one to hand.
  2. I have a couple of Kangaroos and one had milk spots from the dealer - I think it was a 2017 like the one in your picture. So they definitely do spot. But it is not something that I worry about.
  3. I think I paid £1 each for these from an antiques shop, only 50% silver content:
  4. A couple of pickups from my local coin shop
  5. I read that criminals use fake eBay listings to get the home addresses of gold and silver collectors
  6. There are silver and gold coins on display in the Stanley Gibbons shop on the Strand and upstairs is Baldwin's which is not open on the weekend and I was there on Saturday, but the woman downstairs told me they have a large selection of coins to view. I have made a note to visit that shop in the future. Has anyone been there, is it worth a visit?
  7. Picked these up from a dealer at the Anarchapulco conference here in Acapulco, Mexico. High premiums, but I could not resist these beauties …... 2 oz Freedom Girl round, 2014 1 oz Pegasus Freedom round 2015 2 oz privateer round - the Siren - incredible high-relief detail.
  8. As promised, here are some pics from my recent visit to the Museo Numismatico Nacional in Mexico City. It is located at one of the old sites of the Casa de Moneda, with all of the original machinery, furnaces, etc intact. And a display collection of Mexican coins from earliest through to the most recent. An incredible experience. Free entry to the public, but you have to pass through heavily-armed airport-style security.
  9. I am currently in Mexico City. There are at least three coin shops in the jewellery quarter near the Zocalo. I went a bit crazy, picked up some fractional Mexican coins and some old libertads. Prices seem comparable to US / eBay. P.S. the "$" is Pesos, not USD !
  10. Proof set now available, mintage 500. I've ordered one ….
  11. Yes, I do think that is a real risk, maybe better to keep this all off the radar of the b******s.