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  1. SouthCoastInvestor

    Money clip with Sovereign

    Carry your fiat paper currency around inside a clip made of real money
  2. SouthCoastInvestor

    Coin Dealers in Mexico City?

    Will do.
  3. SouthCoastInvestor

    Coin Dealers in Mexico City?

    I will be in Mexico City (central district) next month (and also later in Acapulco). Does anyone know of any coin dealers / shops there? Any recommendations on what kind of coins to look out for, something not commonly found outside of Mexico? Apparently there is a numismatic museum near the centre, I will definitely be visiting that. The national mint (Casa de Moneda) is located in a different part of the country as far as I can see, so I won't be able to visit that.
  4. SouthCoastInvestor

    2 oz Gold Britannia

    If it is bullion then I will definitely be interested …. Just imagining the weight of that in the hand ….
  5. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I Received.....

    1975 100 Balboas
  6. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I Received.....

    King Canute bar. Didn't get this today, I picked it up at the London Coin Fair earlier this year. A 2oz hallmarked sterling silver ingot, comes from a John Pinches set from the 1970s I believe.
  7. SouthCoastInvestor

    Isle of Man silver Angel coins?

    Here is a pic of mine
  8. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I Received.....

    I got the piedfort ones that I posted on here recently for £32 - £33 each from a seller on etsy,com, all in very good condition. I probably could have got a bit cheaper if I had shopped around, but I was very happy with the quality
  9. SouthCoastInvestor

    Isle of Man silver Angel coins?

    I bought two of the 2018 "PU" silver Angel and Noble coins earlier this year from Silver-to-Go. They are very nice coins. I suppose they could be called "proof-like" ? They are a higher quality of strike than standard bullion coins. They came in capsules which were sealed in a clear plastic sheet, this must be how they are packaged from the mint. Sorry, but mine are not for sale, too nice to part with …….
  10. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I Received.....

    1984 piedfort silver pound coin, in excellent condition
  11. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I Received.....

    Six German .625 silver commemoratives from the 1970s, some interesting designs on these, from a seller on etsy.com
  12. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I Received.....

    A couple of silver proof piedfort pound coins
  13. SouthCoastInvestor

    Today I Received.....

    1977 commemorative silver jubilee proof, from the local coin shop
  14. SouthCoastInvestor

    Queens beast 10-oz Monster Boxes

    Earlier this year I ordered 20x QB 10 oz Griffin coins from goldsilver.be. I received one complete sealed (i.e. with plastic strapping intact) monster box of 15 coins, and a second opened monster box containing the other 5 coins. So perhaps if you order at least 15 coins you will get a monster box, but I suppose that is not guaranteed unless the item specifically says "monster box". I ordered a "loose" quantity of 20 and was very pleased to receive the two boxes as well. Apart from opening a few coins to spot check them, I left the remainder sealed (they come as strips of three which are shrink-wrapped onto a cardboard layer) - I did not try to fit more into the monster box - which you could do if you separated them -because I wanted to keep them sealed up for long-term storage.
  15. SouthCoastInvestor

    Brexit No Deal - what are you doing to prepare for it?

    I brought forward the purchase of the 1oz gold Falcon coin - I got my order in earlier this week before sterling fell, so I saved a few quid. I was going to wait until the new year to buy the next coin. In the event of "no deal" I would expect further falls in sterling, so I will be bringing forward a silver purchase too since "no deal" is a distinct possibility now. But I wonder to what extent "no deal" is already priced into the markets - it will not come as a shock as did the Brexit referendum result.