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  1. Worse could happen to you is getting beaten by a police, tear gassed or shot with by an arrow from a protester. Oh may I say you may be accused of being an CIA Agent aswell. This said I think an expat had a gas canister hit him right near LPM yesterday 🤣 not a big deal.
  2. Were gonna have another soverign soon 🥰
  3. Coincinnection is at 750, anyone willing to give it to me for 750-800. Including shipping to Asia
  4. Anyone willing to sell one for 700? including postage that is
  5. Not a proper bullion OZ tho. They should because it’s such a beautiful coin.
  6. Well, I’m not really sure about it. But I rather this than having the 2018 version just with a 2019 stamp. Atleast it has a slight change and still stuck with the oriental theme which is hard. So it is starting to grow on me.
  7. £1,100-1,200 is a rough range, most probably on the lower end of the range too.
  8. If I’m not wrong, the Perth mint did not make any gold issue for the line. (Only the discover Australia- which are not really in par with the the series) if you do like them it’s best to go for silver. You could start a different series if you like gold. The swans from the Perth mint are very popular with silver ones going very fast. So definitely the gold version is a good series to collect if you like these type of coins. Only 2 years into it.
  9. 2019 Oreintal Border silver 100k mintage Gold 5k mintage What are your thoughts on this? You can see a slight variation to the boarder.
  10. I mean receipt date September 5, 2011, In gold pandas. Roughly 500 ish, I live in Asia so we don’t play with tax and that stuff
  11. I bought $1,000,000 worth of gold in 2010 at $1,800 per ounce. Around 550 ounces. if I were to sell that today is get back $660,000. You do the maths. Golds the worst Investment out there.
  12. This is the reason I don’t buy coins from you hahahaha